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Annabella Avery Thorne is a singer and also an actress who kicked off her career as a Disney star and also as a child model. Bella’s body has come under heavy scrutiny and critics are beginning to spread Bella Thorne plastic surgery rumors which the actress is yet to respond to but the internet witnessed her transform from a child to a star and conversations about what’s fake or what’s real about her started to pop up.

Her early exposure to the spotlight was actually what prepared her on becoming a very good actress as well as looking very hot and good when standing in front of a camera

There was one time a picture surfaced on the internet of Bella Thorne wearing a skimpy bathing suit alongside a guy and she was touching her breasts. This sparked up rumors that Bella Thorne must have been under the knife to enlarge her boobs just so she could look attractive to her boyfriend.

Besides the possibility of having breast enlargement surgery, the Bella Thorne plastic surgery rumors also include having butt injections, the use of lip filler injections and also the use of Botox injections.

Bella Thorne Plastic Surgery

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Bella has always been quiet about the Bella Thorne plastic surgery rumors being spread all over the internet but taking a closer look at the picture displayed above, it is glaring that while growing up, Bella Thorne was flat-chested and one day, she posts a photo which showed her having fuller and grown boobs and the internet has never stopped talking about Bella Thorne boob enlargement surgery since then.

Bella Thorne’s bra size is a 32B and that size is quite big for a person that is so skinny and this is why her fans actually think she must have had breast enlargement surgery.

The possibility of a Bella Thorne nose job is also something we would love to take a look at as her nose in the past used to have a blunt tip as well as a wider shape. Some years later, her nose looks totally improved and changed as the tip of her nose looks less prominent with a slimmer nasal bridge.


Fans however admitted that the nose job really improved her looks and if the rumors about a nose job are true the Bella is quite lucky because a wrong nose job could ruin her looks for life.

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A celebrity surgeon recently disclosed his opinions regarding Bella Thorne’s possible use of lip filler injections and Doctor Gary Goldenberg is one who doesn’t doubt that Bella Thorne must have tried out lip filler injections.

The doctor also disclosed that Bella Thorne’s shape of mouth seems bigger to fit into her facial anatomy as well as the use of lip fillers making her lips look a bit distorted. One thing Bella Thorne spoke against is bum implants or injections just to enhance the shape of her ass.

Bella Thorne is likely not to address the plastic surgery rumors labeled against her but her awkward silence concerning a breast enlargement surgery and the use of lip filler injections might as well mean that truly, she has been under the knife.

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