Probably gaming lovers must have come across the famous game “warframe”. It is one of the most impressive games available for Xbox, Windows, and PlayStation 4. This game was first launched in 2013, and soon after its release, the game has attained a huge response among gaming lovers. From 2013 till now, the game has grown better than any other concept-oriented game.

From the start, the company has been providing unique content to the gaming community, and because of this reason people still find it difficult to quit this game. At first, the players might find it easy to pass the initial level of games, and soon after hitting the harder mission, players might search for some pro tips and think of better strategies to clear all the missions.

New players could find it difficult to enter as there is no game tutorial, so it might be daunting for new players as the new mission can even create some setbacks from the start. Because of this reason, we have mentioned some basic tips that may help beginners pass through all the missions easily. Nemotrainer might help beginners in a better way to know some pro tips on warframe games.

1. Waiting For Weapon Seller Is Worthy


Baro Ki” Teer is one of the important traders in the game who sells many weapons and teaches you about some trade secrets. It is worth waiting for this trader for two weeks as he can provide you with some important tips and some main points. The main commodity of the trader is the primed mode, and this part of the game will be worthy enough to create some buzz for newcomers in the game.

But beginners might think that these gadgets will be sold as a part of the game, but the twist comes there. Players must have some ducat, which is said to be the own currency of the trader. Players might get some relics in prime parts, so anyone can easily trade this unique part to get some ducats. Anything from barons might help new players to boost their gaming speed and win missions without any issues.

2. Never Spend 50 Free Platinum For Purchasing Gadgets


Platinum is the premium money that we can find in warframe, but most players might spend it on purchasing some skins or gadgets that enhance the style of the gaming character. But enhancing the look might be attractive for that moment, but it’s not worth it. But if you invest that platinum in upgrading or purchasing new weapons, it might help you to clear some critical missions. By upgrading, players can get more weapons and some new warframe slots from which the leveling-up process can be done easily. So never try to waste platinums in unwanted gadgets to style up your game character.

3. Platinum Can Be Obtained Easily Without Spending Real Cash


Most games are built in such a way as to spend some real cash for getting the currency that is available in the game. But warframe is a game of strategy, and anyone can easily earn some platinum by using basic strategies. The company has enabled trading options to allow players to trade platinum through fellow players. By doing this, both can easily benefit as the platinum will be made available for both the players. Farming prime parts might also help players get some platinum, so anyone can do this via clan dojo trade and earn platinum without any issues.

4. Unlocking All Planets And Nobles


It might be daunting for newbies to unlock all the planets, but it is a must to unlock all the planets as soon as they enter the game to become a perfect space ninja. But most newbies might run around the solar system to pass the time, and it might create a lag in the gameplay, resulting in a slow process and late completion of missions.

Unlocking planets is a must because it gives you the essential resources to craft. This crafting is an essential part of obtaining higher positions in the game. Unlocking will also allow players to have unique weapons that specific universe bosses drop. Moreover, mid-ranged missions have to be completed by unlocking some specific planets. So it is a must to unlock some basic planets in the start by following some basic strategies.

5. Never Feel Shy To Open Up In Group Chats


The game enables Universal group chats to help players discuss the gaming strategies. Chat facility might help players discuss the main event and critical missions through which they can pass all the missions without any trouble. Newbies should accept that they don’t have any idea of how to start and where to start, so people with that motive can easily chat with their friends inside the game and know the exact strategy for the mission they wish to pass on. Some players might find it difficult to explain a critical mechanism in which they play so people with that motive can easily get into the game’s information centre and clear their doubts without any issues. So even newbies can get a clear idea before getting into the game.

Final Words

Hence to clear some fairy-tale missions, we have mentioned some basic tips and tricks to have a clean gameplay strategy. These strategies might help people clear all the missions without any issues, and unlocking the universe is one of the important factors that all the players must follow to get some new weapons that some bosses in the universe provide. One should always remember that passing missions initially will be an easy task, whereas passing missions after a certain level must need some basic strategies and gameplay techniques.