Barry Sanders was given birth to in the year 1968 in the city of Wichita in Kansas. His football career began at a tender age and he participated in school football with Wichita North High School and while he entered college he continued playing football with Oklahoma State Cowboys.

He made a name for himself by been the first ever individual to have the greatest season in the history of college football. He also surprised his country by averaging 7.6 yards in one carriage, 200 yards in one game and over 300 yards in four consecutive games.

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Despite spending most of his career with the Detroit lions, he has made a name for himself in the global sport and is included as a hall of famer for both college football and professional football. Before putting an end to a career in the year 1998, that lasted for over a decade he maintained an average of 1500 rushing yards in one season and could have broken the 1457 yards record if he had prolonged his career.

barry sanders net worth

He was an amounted net worth of about $28 million and is well decorated in the sport with 10 pro-Bowl selection, Pro selection for the first team on six different occasions, best attacker awards and also the most valuable player award in which he won on several occasions.

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Barry Sanders Net Worth


  • American

Date of Birth

  • 16th July 1968

Place of Birth

  • Wichita, Kansas


  • 46


  • American Footballer


  • 91 kg


  • 173 cm


  • Barry Sanders
  • Nigel Sanders
  • Noah Sanders
  • Nicholas Sanders

Net Worth

  • $28 million