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Axl Rose Plastic Surgery – Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Everyone knows Axle Rose. He is the famous lead singer of Rock and Roll band Guns and Roses. Born on Feb 6 1962 he was interested to be a musician from the young age. His band was one of the greatest in 90s. After Slash the lead guitarist left the band, Guns and Roses lost its popularity largely. But the band is still celebrated by many fans. Until 2006, Axl Rose was quite out of the music scene.

When he came back, his face was bit different. He shocked the people with his extravagant hair and slightly modified face. He should have used some facial fillers, Botox injections, hair plugs, and Rhinoplasty to get through the old age. Axl Rose plastic surgery has made him look like a red monkey. Before and after photos are proof for that. Like he is freakish and addictive to the drugs and sex, he must have overused some plastic surgery treatment.

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axl rose plastic surgery

Well, as a musician for the most part voice matters. But Axl Rose is known for his womanizing songs and stage presence. So people would be surprised to see his face changed and badly. He has always been conscious about his appearance for mesmerizing the listeners. But as he is getting older, he had to rely on plastic surgery to keep a younger face. Unfortunately, the attempt has gone bit wrong and almost have turned into a disaster.

The most visible changes are on the facial looks of Axl Rose. It seems like he has taken various plastic surgery treatments. The first plastic surgery he went through gave him a reasonable appearance. But he strives for perfection and maybe he didn’t know that plastic surgery is not yet perfect in a natural sense. Now Axl Rose’s face looks stuffed, flat, and frozen. He is extremely tight and unnatural. He smiles less and his expressions are limited.

He might need another expert plastic surgery to modify his appearance.

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When confronted about the claims of him having plastic surgery, Axl Rose didn’t deny or even confirm the rumors that he tried out facelift procedures and also botox on his face but through a good friend of Axl Rose known as Sebastian Bach, this friend made some positive confirmations that Axl Rose was naturally a good looking man thanks to his good genes and not plastic surgery as some fans had thought or suggested.

Due to some comparisons of how his face looked in the past and now, it isn’t entirely out of place for anyone to think the musician has had plastic surgery. The work done according to fans has been termed to be a bad plastic surgery process as they claimed he looked so much better during his youthful stage. Even though axl rose plastic surgery might have turned out bad, one thing everyone knows for a fact is the man is still stepping into his fifties looking not so bad