Riding a motorcycle is a sense of freedom, and the reason you use your bike can be for anything. It may be your daily way of travel to your workplace or to go for a short ride on the highway. Following the rules of the road and safety measures is vital to avoid accidents. Road accidents are a common sight nowadays since the number of motorcyclists is increasing.

When it comes to a motorcycle crash or motorcycle accident, the cause of the incident may be the fault of either party or both. Motorcycle accidents can happen for several reasons; accidents may be from a tire burst, mechanical failure, a motorist ahead, or the rider himself. It is essential to follow specific guidelines while claiming losses.

Top 6 Ways To Prevent From Getting Ripped Off By The Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Here are some best ways you can follow to avoid getting ripped off by the motorcycle accident attorney.

Case Analysis


Analyzing the motorcycle crash and the amount of damage taken is essential for claiming damage recovery for both the motorist and the vehicle. Often, motorcycle accidents involve multiple parties, and the time to recover from physical injuries may prolong, depending on the level of damage.

If the physical injury is serious, recovering and getting back to your usual life is going to take some time. You will be facing multiple medical bills and other expenses during the recovery period. Your injury may affect your earnings, and settling for early settlements is not advisable.

Facing legal issues when dealing with multiple parties and claiming insurance is a difficult task to do for a person who is not familiar with the law. So, it is always better to get professional assistance from an attorney who is experienced in handling motorcycle accident cases.

Getting Professional Assistance

Motorcycle rules and no-fault liability laws differ from state to state in the United States. If a motorcycle accident involves a truck, you have to face the company that owns the vehicle, the driver, or even the manufacturer of the truck.

Insurance companies primarily target paying less for what you can get, making low-ball cash offers to reduce the value of the vehicle with every tiny damage possible, refusing to recognize your pain and suffering, and refusing to pay for medical bills.

It is hard to trust any person when settling down for compensation. There are chances of switching sides for better payments without your knowledge. So, choosing an attorney with a good reputation and track record is crucial.

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Identifying the Liable Parties


When it comes to multiple parties, the attorney needs to analyze the case with the assistance of your attorney. The lawyer will identify liable parties who can be prosecuted for specific reasons, which is the most essential part of the case before appealing for justice.

When contacted by your insurance company regarding claims, there are chances of your call being recorded. You have to be careful while talking to an insurance company representative, as they might be building a case against your claim.

Contact your injury attorney before giving any information related to your accident. Insurance companies gather information from your conversations and try to pull out as much as they can, making the whole incident look like it is your fault.

Legal Processing

If you have no choice other than appealing for justice in court, a well-trained motorcycle accident attorney can legally face multiple defendants who have to be questioned when prosecuting, which is the most crucial part of winning the case.

A severe injury may lead to life-altering medical expenses and other things. You may be threatened to accept low-value offers and even say that they can prove you have caused the accident. Insurance adjusters doing such kinds of things is not surprising.

Building a legal strategy and doing what is necessary, and keeping in mind his client’s best interest will be of great help. So, choosing the right person for the job is vital to avoid getting ripped off by your motorcycle attorney.

Facing Trial


During the trial period, there are chances of you getting persuaded to accept total or partial fault of the motorcycle accident, and even a single word unfavorable will result in you getting nothing. You may be asked to sign forms and statements that can reduce your clime also.

Doing such mistakes is of great advantage for the defendant to drag the case and make it more complicated for you to claim your losses. No-fault liability law is another thing to look for because it is always in our favor.

These are the factors determining the chances of you getting the right compensation to recover from your losses and face medical expenses. A motorcycle accident attorney Kansas city who can guide you on the right way through this process will save you a lot of time and money.

Handling Your Insurance Company

When buying insurance for your vehicle and your health insurance, one has to go through the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and see that it covers all risks and damages and other issues related to the no-fault law.

Insurance companies may force you to sign medical authorization forms and deny paying for your medical bills. The medical authorization form gives access to the insurance company to go through your previous medical history and your present records.

So, when contacted by your insurance company regarding your claim, it is always advisable to consult with your attorney before disclosing details, signing any forms or documents, and pre-recorded information.

Bottom Line

When on a motorcycle, the foremost important thing is the safety of the person riding. Wearing a helmet and following the rules of the road and proper safety precautions are mandatory. If things go against you and the unavoidable happens, you have to be prepared to face the situation and recover from it. If the damage taken is minimal and if the claims can be done by you, it is fine. If the accident is major and the recovery process needs an attorney, you can follow these steps as guidelines, and save yourself from spending money for unnecessary reasons.