Our skin is precious to us; it covers our entire bodies s it’s no wonder. This is why you need to take good care of it, and we sincerely hope you already do. It’s no wonder there’s a saying that goes something like this: don’t put on your skin something you wouldn’t eat first. Once you understand this, it’s essential to be extra careful when selecting what lines of products you are going to use on this part of your body. You watch out for what you eat, don’t you? Please do the same for your skin; it’s not that hard.

If you didn’t know, the FDA is in charge of deciding what is safe to eat and what isn’t. But, from time to time, they make a mistake or an omission. When it comes to beauty products, the control is even slimmer, and you don’t even know how toxic are some of the products we have on the market. Unfortunately, some of them we already used, or what’s worse, we’re still using. Don’t be afraid, but some of the products we’re talking about have a way of getting directly into our bloodline. This is terrible news, as our health can be put in danger without us even realizing it.

Big manufacturers don’t care too much about this, as they find new ways to create unsafe products and launch them onto the market. We’re talking about the products that are not high-end, but some are somewhat available to everyone—the mass-production ones. No one is even trying to regulate the stuff that finds its way to the shelves of the cosmetic stores. The good news is that you can! Not to regulate the market, but to watch out for what you are buying. In this article, we’re going to give you five reasons to avoid cheap skincare products. Let’s see what they are.

Artificial Colors


Now, the first advice is to go for the small print. Some of the products have written FD&C or D&C on them. Avoid these signs, as they suggest that artificial colors have been used on these products. They come in a combination of numbers and letters. Some of them are suggesting some really not good stuff. For example, when you see D&C Red 33, turn around and run in the opposite direction. This is the symbol for a synthetic dye that is created from coal tar and, what’s worse, out of petroleum. You can already understand that we’re talking about a deadly substance, which is a carcinogen. Products that contain this substance are banned in Europe, but you can get your hands on them in the US. It would be best if you didn’t!

Synthetic Fragrance


Cosmetic companies are massive in the world, and they hold a lot of power even beyond their domain. This is why they can come up with words and phrases such as synthetic fragrance. The word fragrance has been around for a while now, and today people associate it with scent. In the past, it wasn’t like that; the meaning of words changes, and this can be abused. Big companies use it to name their perfumes or experimental products, without even telling anyone what the product is and what its ingredients are. Big cosmetic companies will make flashy, good-smelling products from the cheapest ingredients to maximize profits, sometimes at the expense of the user’s health. Sometimes products that are applied to our skin can contain substances such as alkylphenol and methylparaben, both of which can influence getting our skin irritated, various allergies, and even respiratory issues.



Do you know what the main ingredient of synthetic fragrances is? It’s a Parabens. They’re also known as being able to stop the growth of yeast, bacteria, and mold. These three are good traits, but as usual, there are also bad ones. Parabens are known as very dangerous chemicals. Not something you’d like to have on your skin. Some people who have issues with obesity, fatigue, or infertility, can track all of it to Parabens. The reason is simple – once it enters our body, this chemical acts like estrogen, which causes all of the issues mentioned above. Women who had breast tumors also had too many Parabens in their bodies, and in some cases, it was even detected in the tumors, which were removed. The worst part of it all is that they’re hard to avoid considering they’re used in deodorants, shampoos, and body lotions.



Have you ever watched NCIS Miami? If you have, then you probably heard about Formaldehyde. This chemical is best known for its purpose in preserving dead bodies. If it only remained known for this. Instead, people from cosmetic companies decided to sue it in their products. You probably oversaw this, as it’s not listed under its actual name or form but in the form of its preservatives. The reason they put it inside of cosmetic products is that it is anti-bacterial. Little do they care that it’s also carcinogenic. The most common type of cancer they can cause is nasal cancer. This is in the worst-case scenario; in not so bad situations, it can cause allergies, skin irritation, and weaken our immune system. It is because of things like these that it’s essential to get your advice on cosmetic products from professionals such as the people from WomenPremiumBeauty.



Last but not least is toluene. This chemical is another on this list, which is derived from coal tar and petroleum. If the name toluene doesn’t mean anything to you, it’s also known as methylbenzene, benzene, or toluol. It found its place in the world of cosmetics, regardless of the harm it can cause. When you think that it is also used for dissolving paint, you get the point of its real danger and abilities. Because of the traits that make it great for dissolving paint, it is highly dangerous for our respiratory system. If you are exposed to it a little too much while being pregnant, it can also cause damage to your fetus. On a smaller scale, it can also weaken our immune system.


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