Crooked teeth do not have to stand in your way of achieving a good smile. Orthodontics help transform your smile and improve your appearance by straightening your teeth. Besides, they improve your teeth function and oral health. There are various orthodontic options depending on your problem and preference. The treatments are affordable and provide effective results. Reach out to Carmichael, CA orthodontics specialist, to learn your available options. This post will describe what orthodontics involve.

Traditional braces

It’s an orthodontic treatment method that uses brackets, rubber bands, and archwires to enhance teeth straightening. The braces put pressure on your jaw and alveolar bone, enhancing gradual teeth straightening.

You can use traditional braces to address various dental concerns such as teeth crowding, misaligned jaw, widely spaced teeth, and overlapping teeth. They also treat overbite, crossbite, and underbite.

Usually, dental specialists recommend having braces at a younger age when your jaws are still developing. However, you can have them at any time.

Your provider evaluates your teeth and examines your oral health to determine whether you will benefit from traditional braces. Regular dental visits after getting your braces are essential to track your progress. Everyone responds differently to braces treatment, but optimal results may occur within 1 to 2 years.

Clear braces


Clear braces are like traditional braces but a bit different. Rather than the metal brackets in traditional braces, clear braces have ceramic brackets that blend well with your natural tooth.

Unlike traditional braces, they are not visible, helping you maintain your natural smile. You may also not experience any injuries from the metal brackets. They are easy to clean, do not require frequent check-ups, and have excellent outcomes.

Different factors may determine how long you need to wear clear braces. However, most people find optimal results within 12 – 18 months.

Clear aligners

They are an alternative to braces. Clear aligners are removable and fit over your lower and upper teeth arch. They put pressure on your teeth and jaw, straightening their position over time.

Clear aligners treat various oral conditions, including crooked teeth, crowding, gapped teeth, misplaced dental midlines, and a misaligned jaw.

Your provider takes digital impressions of your mouth and uses the scans to develop custom aligners. You visit the dental office every 1-2 weeks for check-ups, where you change into a new set of aligners to adjust to the improved position.

Treatment with clear aligners takes 6 -18 months or longer.



Retainers help you maintain your teeth’ position after the braces treatment. They prevent your teeth from going back to their crooked position. Your provider advises wearing retainers for up to six months full-time, to make the new teeth position permanent.

Wearing the retainers as recommended by your dental specialist, prevents relapse and boosts your oral health.

Different retainers are available, including clear and Hawley retainers.

You must clean your aligners regularly as your teeth. Other good oral habits apply too.

If you wish to restore crooked and misaligned teeth various orthodontic treatment options are available. Call Gaiduchik Orthodontics to schedule your consultation today or book online.