Is the online world good for the overall life of each individual on the planet Earth? The answer depends on how you plan to use it! Some people will only use it for entertainment. Of course, that is a relaxing activity, but if we practice it too much, it can become a waste of time. A better way to use the online world is to gain information, improve your knowledge and skills, and, most importantly, try to start a business.

Becoming a successful “digital entrepreneur” is not easy at all. While you have a bunch of tools that can help you measure results and promote your business, you still need to find a way to become different from others.

Besides, aren’t these benefits available to everyone who has a stable Wi-Fi connection? You are not in a better position compared to others at all. But, you can be if you know how to establish a brand in the business industry you are working in.


So, how exactly to boost your brand awareness and increase sales? One of the options that you have is to run a Shopify website where you can offer the products and services to your target audience. Working with this platform is relatively easy and it requires minimal knowledge of coding. But, as stated above, that is available to everyone. We suggest you move forward and make one additional step!

Using automated & personalized Shopify video apps is one of the options to make your website different from others. While this method certainly won’t be unique as more and more people are using it, the video itself can be different. All you have to do is to research the requirements and expectations of your target audience and understand what exactly they want to see in that video.

Textual content is effective, but people are reading a bunch of information every single day. Just ask yourself how many ads you see during only one day on social media or any other platform. Visualization of your message is a good option, and you are close to understanding why we make such a statement.

Benefits of Using Personalized & Automated Shopify Video App

As stated above, videos are certainly a better option compared to textual content. It allows you to educate your customers or simply provide them with necessary pieces of information about the products or services that you are selling. But, analyzing the benefits requires a prolonged explanation. Because of that, let’s discuss together one by one!

You Will Boost Your SEO


Search Engine Optimization is the best and most demanding friend of every entrepreneur that operates online. Google’s algorithm is changing day by day, while some of the bigger changes usually appear once in a couple of months. If you are not a digital marketing expert, this could be difficult to understand.

But, there is one thing that has never changed, and it probably won’t change in the future. Videos always positively impact the SEO rankings. One of the factors that influence your rank on Google is the time customers spend on your website.

If Google’s algorithm notices they do not simply enter and leave the website, you will get a reward in form of rank improvement. But, textual contents usually do not have the capacity to keep the attention of the visitor for a longer period. That especially counts if the content is full of professional terms, long sentences, and confusing phrases. Because of that, using the Shopify video app to ensure the visualization of your message is a much better choice.

Better In-Store Experience

Interaction in e-commerce shops is much lower compared to brick-and-mortar stores. There will always be an employee to discuss quality, prices, purposes, and give recommendations for every product on the shelves.

On the other hand, things are way more complex when we talk about online stores. As stated above, long textual explanations are usually considered annoying. They certainly won’t be a good promotional tool for the cold leads that are not even sure why they entered your website.

Via videos, you will certainly manage to fulfill the gaps that online stores have. When you directly talk to the customer, he will feel like you are assisting him. That way, the difference between traditional and modern shops will become almost invisible. Logically, that would result in sales increase and better profit, and we are pretty sure that is one of the main goals that you have!

You Will Boost Engagement!


Videos on your Shopify store will boost the engagement of the visitors. Every potential customer will feel nice when seeing a video that describes everything he would like to know. You can potentially convince them to start with additional questions and boost the engagement that way. Comments that people leave on the website are another way to boost the SEO rankings of your online store. Don’t neglect the importance of optimization!

They Are Simple

You probably wonder know how to create a good video when you are not even familiar with video editing and production practices. Don’t worry! Most videos do not require any type of coding and you will easily add the Shopify video app to any page!

Apart from that, who says that you need to take care of everything? There are also websites like kanteneo where you can find people that will create and send videos directly to the customers that subscribe to your website.

Doesn’t this seem like a pretty simple alternative? That way, you won’t just save your time – you will save your money. Plus, you will get all the benefits that we previously mentioned. For example, you will increase brand awareness, engagement of the customers, number of sales, profit, etc.


Generally speaking, videos certainly are one of the ways to split from the mass of other businesses and establish strong brand awareness. When you read all the benefits that can be available for you, we are sure you will change your way of promoting products and services and focus more on the visualization.

Does this mean you should neglect the importance of textual content? Not at all! The textual content also matters, but you need to find a way to make it as simple as possible while keeping the professional tone of the sentences you publish on your website. Make some sort of combinations of these two, and ensure better business functioning!