Australia – a country of kangaroos and koalas, a country located on the smallest continent of the same name, a country where many cultures intertwine, a country of prosperity and future.


It abounds in many natural beauties, rich architecture, and provides countless types of entertainment. In a word, Australia is a promised land where many want to settle down. Australia includes the island of Tasmania and many other islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The state of Australia consists of six federal states and three territories. The capital is Canberra, and next to it, the major cities are Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane. Three types of climate are represented, and these are temperate, tropical, and subtropical. This is another thing that goes in her favor because we know that ugly and rainy weather contributes to the depression of the population. As it is ranked as the twelfth largest economy in the world, it ranks high in many surveys related to the quality of life, such as health care, education, life expectancy, and the protection of civil rights.

There are two ways you can obtain Australian citizenship, and that is by acquiring citizenship based on origin and acquiring citizenship by granting. When we talk about the right to citizenship based on origin, we mean that a child whose at least one parent is a citizen of this country automatically receives the same at birth.


Is it that simple? Well, we have to say that it is not difficult, but that there are still some conditions that you have to meet to succeed in your intention, and the main one is citizenship.

To become a proud citizen of this country, you must meet certain conditions to be eligible to apply for citizenship. So, you have to meet the following requirements: to have a permanent residence in this country for the last four years, you must not have a criminal record, and you have to prove a connection with this country – whether it is a job, property, child, bank account, etc. Of course, the basics of the English language are taken for granted!

To get citizenship, you need to go through an interview and a test. While many say it’s not hard, you’ll still need to take some time to learn. You will be the first to approach the interview. What you need to prepare are your original personal documents because it is assumed that you have submitted copies earlier. What you can expect at the interview is that you will be asked questions from your application or background. The English language plays a crucial role here because as we said, you need to know at least the basics.


After the interview, it is the turn of a 20-question test, covering three areas – Australia and its people, Australian Democratic belief, rights, and freedom, as well as government and law in Australia. To pass the test you need to answer 15 questions correctly. Luckily, has allowed you to take free online trial tests and thus prepare for the exam. The best thing is that you can access the test several times and you will get different questions each time, so you will have the opportunity to master the material quite well. This will save you a lot of time while learning because you will not have to aimlessly browse books and search the internet in search of questions that might be. You will also approach the exam with more confidence knowing what questions you can expect.

The test is mandatory for all those between the ages of 18-59 after experts verify your identity through an interview and attached documents. The places where the testing takes place are department offices in all bigger cities and some Services offices in regional areas.

What if I fail?


You don’t have to worry too much if you fall, because you can retake the test even the same day if you want. If you still think that it is better to determine your knowledge a little more, wait a few days, and take the test again.

Australian citizenship is desirable for many reasons – young parents want it because they see the future of their children in this country, travelers love it because they can travel freely and without visa over 160 countries with an Australian passport, and most importantly, this country cares for its citizens when it is most needed. it is a state of war if your passport has expired or been stolen, and you are out of the country, as in many other unpredictable situations when you need “force majeure” to solve the problem.

To achieve a goal, it is not enough that you just want it, you must also do everything in your power to reach it. What you can do is work on your speaking skills if needed. Enroll in language classes, engage in a conversation with a supermarket worker. Remember, the more relaxed you are during the interview, the better your chances of successfully going through it. Ignorance is often reflected in the stage fright, and your stage fright in front of the commission may seem like you are hiding something, or you may even mispronounce a word and the conversation will start to go in the opposite direction.


Another thing you can do for yourself is to inquire about the experience of someone who has already gone through the whole process. The more you know, the better prepared you will be, and the less nervous you will be.

When we talk about the citizenship application processing fee, we will say that the price varies depending on the category you belong to, ie whether you are a migrant with a permanent residence permit, partner of an Australian citizen, child of an Australian citizen but born abroad or want to regain Australian citizenship. meanwhile lost. Depending on the case, the price varies from 210-285 Australian dollars.