Does your hotel have strategies in place to accommodate honeymooners? If not, then this piece will come in handy. Most hotel managers tend to focus on creating perfect wedding platforms, but they forget about honeymoons, which are also very important for newlyweds.

Just like weddings, honeymoons happen only once in a lifetime, and they should therefore be made memorable. Couples set aside a good amount of cash for their honeymoon, which means the services they get from hotels should be exemplary. Below are the top tips to attract newlyweds to your hotel.

1. Creating A Romantic Dining Experience


For a newly wedded couple, nothing beats an intimate candlelit dinner in a quiet and private place, besides a pool or even on their bedroom balcony. Your hotel should be able to set up a dining table decorated with a bouquet of rose flowers that symbolize romance, beautiful lanterns or well-lit candles, and beautiful wine glasses to create a loved-up mood.

As the manager of a hotel, you should always be extra. Do something different from the others. You can come up with a DIY floating dock at the hotel’s waterfront where the romantic setup can be made for the couple. It is such uniqueness that will make clients choose your hotel and not your competitor’s.

Don’t forget to accompany the meal with a bottle of sweet wine and some soft love music. The water bottles can be customized according to the couple’s liking, or just surprise them with sweet messages. When the couple is done with their meal, let them enjoy some late-night romantic movie on a big projector.

2. Offering In-Room Services

This is very important for the newlyweds, considering the fact that they will be tired after the wedding. Most honeymooners will prefer staying indoors and enjoying their partner’s company as they also rest after a busy day.

Services like breakfast in bed and creating a perfect ambiance in their room will go a long way. Help them create a romantic mood by using deemed lights, scattering beautiful rose petals on their bed, and placing some chocolates, romantic movies, and champagne beside their bed. Make sure the rooms in the hotel are safe for the couple. The electricity should be in good condition, clean bathroom and no water leakages that may lead to serious injuries to the couple.

The plumbing system of the hotel rooms should be in good working condition for proper drainage and water should be provided throughout. Using the best valves in your piping system will ensure cases like water leakages are minimal. Dombor industrial valves which are certified to withstand pressure and corrosion. Make sure during repairs the valves are fixed by experts to avoid mistakes that may result in leakages and later on fatal injuries to the client.

3. Offering Honeymooners Gifts


The staff in your hotel should be ready to go beyond their normal routine and provide a sensational experience to the newlyweds. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive but simple and functional. If the couple booked the room in advance, you can customize the gifts according to the couple’s liking.

The gifts can be a simple congratulatory card, a bottle of champagne, chocolates, or you can go the extra mile and buy customized watch parts and come up with two special watches for the couple. The gifts may be simple but they pass a good gesture to the clients. They will end up referring other clients to your hotel in the future.

4. Providing Complimentary Services

Your hotel should have premium access to different amenities. The newlyweds should be able to enjoy saunas, pools, bars, spa, and other amenities. All the amenities available in the hotel should be listed on the website. Doing that will allow the honeymooners to plan how they will spend their time in the hotel.

The hotel manager can instruct the person in charge of the amenities to reserve a specific time for the newlyweds to enjoy the whole space alone. Two chairs can be placed on the specific section of the pool for them. Every other thing they may need should be provided while they are at those amenities, for example, towels, drinking water, shower cap, and so on. The amenities should have equipment that is comfortable for them to get a good rest and not pain.

5. Providing Constant And Clear Communication


Communication is often overlooked yet it is very essential and valuable. For you to impress honeymooners in your hotel, you need to have clear and reliable means of communication in your hotel rooms. The best way to do it is by placing functional telephones in those rooms and ensuring there is someone to answer them throughout.

Putting that in place will mean that they can request anything at any time and their complaints can be worked on immediately. The couple can also be given a form with specific questions to fill, plus an additional space to indicate any other issues they need to be addressed. Those forms will help the manager to figure out how best he/she can serve the honeymooners. The couple should also give their feedback regarding the services they got before checking out.


Your hotel does not have to be luxurious for it to attract honeymooners. It is the small details that matter. As a hotel manager, pay attention to issues like providing perfect customer service to the honeymooners. The tips discussed above will help you win over the hearts of honeymooners and leave them with a great impression of your place.