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The media is at it again. And this time it’s the rumored plastic surgery of the pop artiste. Ashlee Simpson is said to have undergone the knife for a proper nose shape. According to the media, her nose no longer appears original as it use to when she was first discovered in the music industry.

Just by looking at her photos of before and after and comparing both together, it is clear that there is a change in the nose. The previous photo portrays that she initially had a huge nose-bump, unlike the present photo in which the nose bump has suddenly disappeared leaving that area thin, attractive and elevating the tip a little bit.

Apart from eliminating the nose bump, people have criticized her decision to take the nose job in the first place. Some sectors of critics arguing that she has completely destroyed her natural nasal appearance and that she needed not to undergo any nose job to improve her look.

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Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery


Her nose job was first brought to light by her father. He gave a full explanation of the new change. Many of her fans are happy that the nose job she underwent didn’t ruin her natural appearance and that it yielded a more refined nose from the original nose that she had. This rumor of the nose job also brought to consent that of a plastic surgeon expert. And according to him, she underwent the procedure and it produced a better nose than her birth on.

The only concern about the singer’s involvement with plastic surgery is that it is hoped that she doesn’t one day become too conversant with plastic surgery and decided to take more procedures. Because this may ruin her natural beauty if such plastic surgery procedure is not done properly or overdone.


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Ashlee Simpson is an American pop singer who made the headlines when fans complained that she looked different as her nose took another shape. Many believed that changing the shape of her nose or how her nose looked like before was done using plastic surgery and the significant difference can be seen when comparing her past and recent photos. She is known for having a big nose which also had a bump on it.

Now, her nose looks nice and slim while the bump has been removed. The tip of her nose also looks slightly elevated and even after doing all of these, the internet is now quizzed with why Ashlee Simpson get plastic surgery to fix her nose. There are some people that claimed she looks better before working on her nose as they think the big hump on her nose is her trademark.

She hasn’t been able to address any of the Ashlee Simpson plastic surgery rumors concerning her but most people believe that she is lucky to still be recognized. This left us thinking a lot so why don’t you tell us what you feel about plastic surgery..