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Singer of hit song “dangerous woman” back in 2018, Ariana Grande has recently been the topic of discussion on the lips of fans as many rumored that she has carried out several plastic surgeries in her lifetime. The singer however has debunked all of this rumors claiming she has never been under the knife or carried out any artificial work on her body throughout her career.

Ariana Grande still claims that her body unlike that of so many actresses and singer in the entertainment industry is free from “plastic” but here are some pictures which has led people to believe she likely has undergone surgeries.

If you are a real fan of the 26 year old singer then you should be able to tell that there have been visible changes in her entire body structure. She has undergone a massive transformation and as a fan, I am sure you would not want to miss out on a story as interesting as this right?


ariana grande plastic surgery

Judging from this picture of Ariana Grande above, it is very easy to tell that there are noticeable facial changes and it is also very noticeable that there are changes in her breast size too. To sum up this picture of Ariana Grande, it is very easy to conclude that the 26 year old might have probably undergone breast implant surgery, rhinoplasty, eyebrow lifts and also lip fillers.

Looking at the lip filler aspect of things and judging from the picture above, one can easily notice how ordinary her lips were looking before it transformed amazingly to something more attractive, juicy and also a lot bigger now. Such change can only be possible through the use of cosmetic fillers and the fact still remains that whether cosmetic fillers were used or not, her lips surely look mesmerizing.

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Back in 2013, fans started accusing Ariana Grande of having undergone breasts implant surgery because her breasts now looked much bigger than the way it used to. Without any hesitation, this prompted fans to believe that the singer had actually done some good work on her breasts but that might not be the real case here as she became popular in the industry at a very early stage so the appearance of much bigger breasts might just be a natural transformation and not through surgery.

ariana grande nose job

Nose Job also known as Rhinoplasty is also a surgical operation which fans believe the 26 year old singer must have carried out on her face as it was easy to tell judging from her old pictures and her new pictures. Older pictures showed a bump on Ariana’s nose but in recent pictures, the bump is suddenly gone and this is the main reason fans believe the singer as done some magic on her nose.

In 2015, the Ariana Grande plastic surgery rumors floated across the internet that she had a bad cosmetic change which led to her canceling her tour without bringing forward any explanation so what do you guys think so far about Ariana Grande plastic surgery talks? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.