Annette Bening Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos


Plastic surgery has been regarded as an alternative for enhancing natural look and in recent years celebrities have used the procedure to enhance their looks and keep them looking younger. However despite the involvement of plastic surgery by celebrities, some have been rumored to have undergone the procedures but didn’t really do so.


annette bening plastic surgery

The rumors of Annette Bening plastic surgery have hit the media and the rumors are spreading very fast in the internet. The rumors are all because her appearance looks refreshing. It is still unbelievable that such a woman will undergo plastic surgery just to look younger.

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And this has lead to several people saying that it is almost impossible for the rumors of her plastic surgery to be true.  And that the actress age is of the same with her appearance only that she is naturally blessed with good looks. Judging from her photo it is true that her appearance is free from aging marks such as wrinkles and those results could only be that of Botox injections.

annette bening facelift

However it is still remain untrue since her appearance still has little signs of wrinkles and her facial expression doesn’t show the use of Botox injections either. It still has that natural facial expression. This rumor has spread very wide and it has resulted to plastic surgeons giving their own opinion. According to Dr Michael, he concluded that her appearance has not been overdone by plastic surgery.

While other experts have said that she may have undergone little plastic surgery to keep her looking younger. Annette has not confirmed any of the rumors regarding her involvement with Botox injections or Facelift. Therefore such speculations hold no solid background. And besides she looks as stunning as she still looks and her photos shows nothing of such rumors that are circulating.

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