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Andrea Mitchell working as a commentator on NBC is alleged for taking Restylane injections to make her skin smoother and tighter. Born in 1946, Andrea is living her 60s and she is still beautiful without wrinkles in her face. This impossible thing could be only possible after having plastic surgery treatments. Since her face is a lot different than other parts of her body, we confirm that Andrea Mitchell’s face is no more a natural one.

Andrea has been in broadcasting career for a very long time. She is noted for her talent and skills as a commentator in the NBC news network. Throughout the career, she has worked as a journalist, anchor and reporter. She is married to Alan Greenspan, who is the Chairman of Federal Reserve. Andrea is popular for her edgy journalistic nature. Unfortunately, the same got her fired from the Khartoum news conference for asking a critical question to President Omar el Bashir.m

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andrea mitchell plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is very common among famous personalities. Facial and body appearance is something that adds up to the public image of a person. Like Lisa Rinna, she also got plastic surgery to improve her appearance while growing old. After all, growing old haunts a person’s face, mainly celebrities who want to appear young forever. From a public eye when Andrea is seen, it is hard to deny that she didn’t have plastic surgery. Appearance of her is drastically changed after she did the face lift.

She might have as well taken Restylane or Botox injections to look good. After comparing the anchors who lived in the early days with her, we notice she looks way younger and flawless. This brings up more speculations and each of them made about the plastic surgery seem to be true. There are many things that have changed about this lady which is clear from the pictures. After getting a cosmetic surgery, she now has a different hairstyle too.

She also uses different cosmetics and photos of her have different illumination in them which is probably done to camouflage the alterations.

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Born on the 30th of October 1946, Andrea Mitchell has a very extensive broadcasting career and this is why the changes made to her face were easy to note. Since 1994, Andrea has been bringing news report to  the United States Of America. She currently works as an NBC commentator and lives in Washington DC.

During her very hardworking career she worked as journalist, anchor and as a reporter and she is also married to Alan Greenspan. Her edgy approach in Journalism is also what has made her quite popular and coupled with the fact that there are rumors and widespread speculations claiming she has had plastic surgery to continue looking young and beautiful.

However, being under the knife isn’t something that is a big deal anymore stars like Lisa Rinna have also been under the knife just to help improve how they look and looking at our society today where growing old isn’t seen as a blessing, plastic surgery would always be the order of the day. se