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Since most of the apartments have small balconies, with many of them where you could hardly place two chairs, it is very important to find a way to design that small space to be comfortable and make it suitable to provide you with a chance to at least enjoy in the morning cup of coffee there. Remodeling this space to be more comfortable and useful requires creativity, and there are many ways to create a nice ambient on the patio.

You can look for various equipment for gardens and home decor in many stores. You should check out the, where you can see the collection of various accessories, supplies, electronics, books, and much other stuff that can improve the ambient and comfortability of your apartment.

If you are interested in redesigning your patio, you have to be aware of the climate in your area and the cost of the equipment, which can be high in some situations. However, even if you don`t want to spend too much on that small area in your apartment, there are still many creative ways to make that area more fitting. Here are the best examples of creative patio ideas on a budget in 2023.

1. Install a Privacy Screen

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One of the best ways to provide your patio is to install a proper privacy screen. Also, if you are interested in budget options, bamboo screens should be your first choice, since they are cheap and can last for a long time. The average price of a bamboo privacy screen is around 150 dollars.

Also, there are ways where you can customize your balcony a little more. For example, you can put some plants or lightning to hang from the screen. Adding a small table and two wooden chairs would make the area perfect for morning coffee or enjoying a glass of wine in privacy during the evening.

2. Mini Garden

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If you want to create an area where you could calmly read a book, like a small oasis inside your apartment, the best option would be to add a lot of various greenery on your balcony, which can significantly affect that ambient, and create a completely new atmosphere.

However, you have to be aware that plants require proper care. Also, since you will have to water them almost every day, avoid providing them with too much water, especially because that extra amount of water could end on the balcony of people who are living on a lower floor, which could create an unpleasant situation with your neighbors.

When it comes to the types of plants that you should place on your patio, our advice is to choose some minimalistic white vases and plants like Begonia, Pansy, Petunia. However, you could also grow tomatoes, zucchini, celery, and many other vegetables and spices, which is especially popular these days.

3. Comfortable Outdoor Room

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If you are living in an area with a lot of sunny days during the year, it would be best to redesign your patio to resemble a small garden, where you can enjoy during all day in the same way like that you are outside in the park, or even more comfortable if you add some garden sofa and table. 

You can buy the same furniture as for the garden, add a few plants around, and you will get an amazing space in your apartment. Moreover, this idea is great for remote workers, since they are working from home, and this ambient would provide them with better comfort.

4. Pallet Furniture

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Making furniture from wooden pallets is very popular, especially because you can get a very nice piece of furniture for a small price. You can find a used pallet for less than 5 dollars, and you will need a woodworker to redesign it to resemble a sofa. 

Also, add a few pillows, and you will get the perfect lounge bed for a minor price. Furthermore, you could also create a garden table from the pallet. A few plants around and some lightning will further improve the ambient.

5. Create a Space for Your Pet

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We all know how hard can it be for us to keep a pet in a small apartment, especially dogs. However, you can use the space on your balcony to create a perfect ambient for your dog. It would be a much healthier environment for a dog to have a proper space on the balcony than being inside all the time.

While cats are less complicated and don’t require so much attention as dogs since you don’t have to take them to walk, you could still use your patio to create a small playground for your little fellow. However, you will have to include some safety measures like a fence and wired walls around the playground, especially if you live on a higher floor.

6. Small Bistro Style

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If you are a person who loves hanging out in some nice bistro, while you are enjoying in some magazine, pasta, and a glass of some quality wine, there is a way where you can create similar ambient on your patio, and it is quite simple and affordable.

There are many online stores where you can buy a proper table and chairs with a style that reminds you of the furniture that we can see in bistros. Add some nice carpet that will fit the color of the furniture, and some plants around, and you will get a unique space where you can enjoy in your free time.

7. Install a Table on a Handrail

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This idea is one of the most creative ones, especially if you have a good viewpoint from your balcony. Also, there are many solutions for creating this type of table. You can add a few bar chairs, and create an ambient where you can enjoy like you are in a bar.  

Also, for people who are willing to invest a little more, adding some minibar besides the table would fit perfectly. Also, there are wide options for design, and our recommendation for the table is to choose wooden one.