WHITE COLLAR: USA Launch ‘Where Is Elizabeth Burke?’ Interactive Mystery, New Promo Drops


To help promote the January return of White Collar, the USA Network has launched a digital campaign involving fans in the search for Elizabeth Burke, while a new promo has also dropped. 

The interactive mystery takes place on WhereIsElizabethBurke.com (In the summer ender, Neal’s rival Keller kidnapped Elizabeth after Peter learned that Neal and Mozzie were in fact in possession of the treasure), where fans are invited to uncover the mystery and share their own theories on the whereabouts of Elizabeth, with series creator Jeff Eastin chiming in. The site will be updated each day with new hints and clues, including images videos, leading to the White Collar return.

Jesse Redniss, vp of digital at USA Network explains the aim of the campaign:

“The summer season ended on a major cliffhanger and we wanted to work with the writers and Jeff to figure out how we could boost the intrigue to get fans excited again.”

For Collar fans wanting the heads-up on the second clue, which will be released Wednesday, Eastin reveals:

“Keller knew intimate details regarding the Burkes’ conversation. He must have been near Elizabeth during the call, but did he have enough time to travel back to Manhattan and plant the phone in Peter’s car? Keller must have some help, but who is it?”

Source: THR

Watch the latest White Collar promo for the new episode “Checkmate” in the player below:

Collar retuns Jan 17 on USA

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