What Happens When DOCTOR WHO Goes To War?

Doctor Who executive producer Steven Moffat has teased the mid-Series 6 finale in the latest issue of the Doctor Who Magazine.

See what he had to say after the jump. (spoiler alert).

Speaking of the mid-season finale – “A Good Man Goes To War” – Moffat said:

“If you take someone like the Doctor and really piss him off, if you set yourself up to go to war with the Doctor, what would happen? Obviously you’d lose, it would be a massive, crushing defeat, but what side of the Doctor does it bring out? He’s actually quite capable of being really unpleasant to people. Of course he is. He’s a man like anyone else. If you treated Amy with extraordinary cruelty, how long would you live after that?”

Moffat also suggested that it’s time to take the Doctor down a peg or two by causing him to lose his fame:

“There’s an ongoing thing that the Doctor has become far more famous than he ever intended to be. Well, you would, if you’d done all those things in one lifetime. My God, people would start to notice you. You would be some incredible legend. We’ve started to play with this idea – which I remember Russell [T Davies] was so keen to avoid in the first series – with Chris Eccleston – of the Doctor being this great and famous hero, even though that’s not what he intended to be. He never wanted to be that. But you can’t avoid it.

“If the Doctor is dealing with life forms that he’s defeated on multiple occasions, it’s not like they haven’t noticed. It’s not like they haven’t written it down. You are going to be able to stand up at Stonehenge and say ‘Who’s first? Look at the score sheet, and take your best shot.’ It’s going to happen. At the same time, he can’t keep doing that. It could be quite damaging for the show. So it’s something that I’m bring to a head, and kind of ending.”

Interesting enough. So, we’re going to see a meaner, more vicious side to the Doctor? Will he still be a ‘good man’ post war? What will losing his ‘fame’ entail, I wonder?

Thanks to Doctor Who TV for the quotes.

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  1. david says

    i dont know whether its just me, but iv always wanted to see the doctor in the time wars, you hear about it in the series alittle and what hes done kinda and iv always wanted them to show that, even in a movie of some sort, i think it would be EPIC lol!!!!!
    also, i hope they show the soldier side of the doctor in this episode, a new face to him and i just think it would be cool to see him mad for once, the on coming storm is here!
    hope every one enjoys it. x

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