WEEDS: Cast Tease Final Season & Who Got Smoked [UPDATED]


A new behind the scenes look at the final season of Weeds has arrived in our garden. Updated with a new teaser.

Weeds Season 8 Behind The Scenes

Jenji Kohan Teases Finale Season – Weeds Comes ‘Full Circle’

Weeds Season 8 – New Teaser

Weeds Season 8 premieres July 1 on Showtime.

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  1. matt says

    I dont know wy I thought of this show but its a shame this show fizzled out the way it did. It should have been amazing every season and they should have rapped it up well at an intended time when they had the chance and before it lost momentum. even just the first three seasons as they were and then an final season of wrapping it up woulda been perfect in my mind. this show was like the iron man (2008 film) of weed in public and since this show started airing weve gone from oh no weed to weed being fully legal in a few and hopefully soona few more plaes in norht america. thanks for that weeds. I think it coulda done more it it kept its momentum and ended on a high.

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