WAREHOUSE 13 & ALPHAS New Season Premiere Dates Revealed


The upcoming seasons of Warehouse 13 and Alphas will team up for a ‘powerful’ summer.

The fourth season of Warehouse 13 will launch Monday, July 23 at 9/8c, leading into the second season premiere of Alphas at 10/9c.

Summer Glau has already confirmed that she’ll be back in some capacity to reprise the role of Skylar  in the second season, while Erin Way joins the series as Kat, described as:

a free-spirited young loner whose Alpha ability allows her to pick up any skill at a glance. The downside to her condition, which has plagued her for her entire life, is that her memories are short-lived and her experiences fade away after a short amount of time. Becoming a member of the team provides a purpose and direction for Kat and working with Dr. Rosen may help her reclaim her lost past.

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