While Victoria Principal grew older, all the speculations of her facial surgery started coming. People mostly actresses get sad when their smooth flawless skin starts to get old and wrinkly. Victoria Principal is one among them.

She certainly doesn’t mind to get a good face at the cost of plastic surgery. She is famous for her role in popular television show Dallas. The surgery done on Victoria has really paid off. She look good now probably about 5 to 8 years younger than what she really is.

Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery

victoria principal plastic surgery

Victoria Principal had managed to keep her skin flawless and smooth for years. Many wondered about her aging and then rumors starting coming the plastic surgery of her face. The popular speculations of her included Botox, facelift, laser treatments and filler injections. Seeing at the photos it is clear that she is been a regular to Botox injections.

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But she has not overdone it which keeps her face look almost real not the plastic type. However, she has denied all the allegations about laser treatments and facelifts.

The before after photos of Victoria are definitely a proof for knowing that she has gone through a plastic surgery. Even after countless denials we can’t rule out the truth of surgery on her face. When actresses are asked about their never aging looks most of them resort to beauty products.

They say it’s the cream or massage that gives them the beautiful looks. This can be true to some extent but no one can beat the aging body unless something surgical is done which is again not cent percent in its results.

The surgical face that Victoria lives with is not certainly a bad one. This could be quoted as one of the ideal plastic surgeries. Fortunately this surgery isn’t like the one that celebrities Mickey Rourke, and Jocelyn Wildenstien had. It just ruined their faces and required them to have numerous surgeries. Victoria Principal now looks professional with subtle changes even after she has aged.

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