Victor Garber Would Consider Alias ‘In The Old Folks Home’

Oh Alias. Look at all of these spy shows trying to steal your place in my heart. Don’t they know that no-one does it better than Sydney, Jack and the gang?

While there’s yet to be a TV series that has topped Alias in the spy category, that hasn’t stopped talk of an Alias Movie or reboot. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly the question was posed to Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber – any chance of an Alias return?

Garner and Garber laugh off any chance of them returning for an Alias big screen adventure, with Garner saying, “there’s not going to be a movie.” According to Garber, “everyone asks that question and I always say, it’s not going to happen.”

The pair would sooner invite people to “go back and start at season one.” Garber suggests that they’re ‘too old’ for such antics, while Garner says believes they’ve already told the ‘Alias’ story, so what’s left to tell?

Garber does however offer hope to fans eager for something Alias-related by jokingly admitting that he’d do “Alias in the old folks home.” :)

As for their best Alias memories, they both point to the pilot episode with Garber recounting one particular fond moment with JJ. Abrams:

“And I remember in the car scene, JJ. Abrams directing the pilot, in the back of the car just like screaming at me – ‘say it again, no do it again, say it again!’ – it’s like ‘shut up!..shut up, you’re making me insane!”

Great stuff and a great little video which you can watch over at EW.’

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  1. Page 48 says

    Jen may not want to do “Alias” again, but if I’m the EW reporter in the room, I’m asking her to explain why she’s only taken one dramatic role (“The Kingdom”) since “Alias”.

    “Alias” was a classic example of the product being greater than the sum of its parts. Ron Rifkin withers away in “Brothers & Sisters” year after year. Garber has bounced around from one dreary series to another. Vartan resides in the wasteland of medical drama (“Hawthorne”) and the rest doing guest spots (including the upcoming “Fringe” date for Kevin Weisman) or waiting at home for the call that never comes. Just ask Sarah Michelle Gellar what can happen to a career when a classic TV show fades to black.

    I find that actors often sound as if they don’t really understand the importance of what they were a part of, and that they are slow to come to the realization that their best gig is behind them, not just around the corner. Maybe I read too much into their conversation, but there’s something about the way Jen refers to “this series” and “that story” that makes me wonder if she doesn’t just wish people would stop bringing it up, to which I would say “Jen, when you do something that makes me forget about Sydney Bristow, I’ll stop bringing “Alias” up”. Choosing to do an endless string of forgettable rom-coms will do nothing to accomplish that.

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    • Lin says

      I love Jen but I’m sick of her rom coms. She has wasted away her talents. What was that great after Alias? Loved her in Kingdom! Her role in Juno was also likeable. Catch and release was so-so. Then? Valentine’s Days? Invention of lying? Butter? Arthur? HORRIBLY BORING! Come on Jen! Use this fuc*ing awesome talent of yours! We need you in better movies! I’m such a fan of yours and I really like you. That’s why I am saying that if you can’t pick up a decent movie do us, your fans, a favor and stop being in lame movies… I get so excited and then BOOM! Wtf? Jen next time go and pick up an amazing project. You owe us. We expected to see you in Sabbatical, then Better living through chemistry and all we get is Arthur and Butter? Come on!!!

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      • Page 48 says

        I watched “The Kingdom” (how much do I love Danny Elfman’s “Finale”?) but nothing Jen has done since has come close to tempting me to donate 2 hours of my life. I won’t do that simply out of my loyalty to Sydney, so all I’ve seen of her is a few Neutrogena commercials.

        She had a chance. She was (is?) athletic, young, attractive, and had a sizable following when she left “Alias”. I had hopes for her. I speculated that she could be an “Indiana Jen” if she played her cards right, given her action hero status. Sadly, all she seems to have in mind is unremarkable girlie movies (a remake of “Arthur”???….jeez, Jen).

        She can waste her own time (if we don’t count the gobs of money she no doubt makes), but she’s not wasting mine.

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  2. says

    I also got that inference from Garner’s response. I think it’s understandable in some ways, but as you point out, Alias is iconic and arguably her most memorable work to date. People are going to ask about Alias, especially when Garber is sitting right beside her. :)

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