V Star Believes Season 3 Would Have Been Amazing, Wrap-Up Movie



Joel Gretsch, who played Father Jack on V firmly believes that the show’s creators would have cooked up some v-licious storylines for Season 3. He also weighs in on a possible V wrap-up movie.

Head past the jump to find out his thoughts.

“It’s unfortunate [because] I think we still had some good stories to tell,”[..] “If we got another season, it would have been amazing. I saw [executive producer] Scott Rosenbaum a few weeks before we got canceled, and he told me they were pitching some great ideas to the network and the studio…. Pretty compelling stuff.”

How about a TV-movie to wrap things? Gretsch doesn’t believe that’s likely.

“I kind of doubt it, considering that a lot of the actors are moving on to new stuff, “The longer you wait, the chances of that happening aren’t very good,” Gretsch notes. “But it’s a great idea though, isn’t it?”

I’m not sure it is a great idea. The series ended with that strong final image and I doubt a wrap-up movie would deepen or enrich our understanding of the story. It would have been fun to watch Morena Baccarin (now starring in Showtime’s Homeland) do her thing though.

Source: TV Line


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  1. matt says

    I thought the third season could have been great as well. I was totally stoked for it. It seemed like the story was just getting to the good part.

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    • matt says

      thanks for the info. hopefully Seriable can help get V back. I know a lot of people who liked that show! for those of you who, like me, are facebook free rock out on snail mail and let’s keep serialized tv alive!

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  2. JC18 says

    another great show cut down in its prime. just like firefly.

    what the hell is wrong with tv companies these days? they seem to cancel everything that’s not related to “reality” tv or talk shows.

    V was the only show i found to be worth watching these days. with that cancelled now, there’s no point in having cable anymore.

    abc should be ashamed of themselves. they’ve turned into fox, and like fox, have taken away something that a crap load of people were actually enjoying.

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  3. Frank C. says

    This show didn’t fail it was killed….poor marketing, asinine decision to not allow the videos online for Season 2, I don’t know many tech savvy folks who still watch network TV…why would you…oh and guess who V’s audience is….knuckleheads.

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  4. wesley says

    I like the true concept of the video, and I enjoy watching V.. I cant wait to watch another season of this wonderful movie.

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