V: Laura Vandervoort On Lisa’s Emotions Taking Her Over

Visitor Lisa is having a hard time of it right now. In between having to convince Mother that she’s emotionless by ripping the souls from humans via the soul-taking machine (WTF?), she has to date Tyler. Seriously, no-one wants to be Lisa right now!

Laura Vandervoort who plays Lisa on ABC’s V recently spoke about her character’s journey in the second season, the Vs true appearance, and hints at big things coming up in the finale.

Head past the jump to read on – contains very mild spoilers.

Is it fun to get to explore some more emotion this season?

VANDERVOORT: Yes. I’m so excited about where Lisa has gone this season, compared to last season. She’s more interesting, you know more about her and I am able to show more emotion. We had to play it very much V-like, which is not showing a lot of emotion. That can be great and that’s a bit of a task, but now, to be able to play both sides of it, I can be with Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) and be crying, and then go to the next scene and just be emotionless and only showing it in my eyes. It’s nice, as an actor, to be able to play both sides.

Will it get more difficult for her to be able to hide that anymore?

VANDERVOORT: I think that when the V’s start to feel emotion, the longer they feel it and the more they feel it, the less easy it is for them to hide. The first season, I was able to hide it because I kind of felt it. But this season, because the audience knows I have full-fledged emotion, when I’m with my mother, I’ll play it a little bit more for the audience, but not so much that she’ll notice. It’s that fine balance, but I am getting into tricky situations because of it.

What did you think the first time you saw what the V’s really look like?

VANDERVOORT: In the first episode this season, they showed our bone structure. That was bizarre because I didn’t quite understand how the human skin over the top and how that worked, so that was neat. And, you do see more of my lizard skin this year, too. Hopefully, you’ll see a lot more of it.

Are there any particular episodes this season that are really strong for your character, that you’re excited about viewers getting to see?

VANDERVOORT: Yeah, I’m excited about most of the episodes, but in particular, the finale. I think people are going to be shocked when they see the finale.


I find Vandervoort’s description of how she portrays Lisa’s emotions when around Mother interesting. I see what she means by ‘play a little bit more to the audience’, in that, for me, she almost overcooks the goose. It’s not a criticism, it’s just something I particularly noticed in Tuesday’s episode, “Laid Bare”, where Lisa has to be convincing for Anna, while also making it interesting enough for the viewers at home.

It’s a risk because her approach somewhat strains the illusion of the show’s world, particularly because it makes Anna look a bit dense for not noticing enough to take more drastic action. I reconcile it by thinking that Anna notices (and to be fair, she does eventually call Lisa on it a couple of occasions, what with the ‘WTF machine’ in Tuesday’s episode), but because she herself is feeling all vulnerable, she still wants to believe that she can mould her daughter. I guess it’s a Mommy Issue thing too, what with Mother Prime lurking downstairs – Anna doesn’t want to believe that Lisa will betray her like she did with Diana 2.0.

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