UNDER THE DOME Bosses Reveal ‘Pink Star’ Hints and More Teasing Clues

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Warning: the following story contains spoilers if you’ve yet to watch the Under The Dome pilot episode, as well as spoilery hints for upcoming episodes — continue at your own discretion.

Under The Dome executive producers Brian K. Vaughan and Neal Baer have hinted at some of the dome-drama’s most burning mysteries. Here’s a taste of what they had to share with THR and TV Guide.

On why the Dome fell on Chester’s Mill:

Vaughan: That is one of the big questions for this first season and even beyond. Why did it happen here and not my hometown Cleveland, Ohio, or Studio City in Los Angeles? Is it completely random? Is it safe? Were they selected? Is it, as Sheriff Perkins said, a town being punished for their sins?

On the series-long mystery of the Dome and how it will be resolved in the end:

Vaughan: The Gilligan’s Island model is fair. It might go on for a while, but they get off the island and that’s the end of it. Similarly, that dome is going to be there for at least the duration of however long our series goes, but we do know exactly what the final episode would be and what the final scene of the final episode would be. We have left ourselves some leeway on how we’re going to get there, depending on how long people will stick with us for the journey, but we hope it will be for a long time because each month that they’re under there, I think the show gets more and more interesting as their lives change significantly.


On Junior’s reasons for holding Angie prisoner down in the fallout shelter:

Vaughan: Junior — who’s actually Little Jim Rennie — seems a bit unstable, and the question is, is he really just a mentally unbalanced young man who is obsessed with Angie, or as it suggests at the end of that first episode, does he seem to know what’s actually going on? He tells Angie, “I’m the only person who really knows what’s happening here,” and as we’ll start to learn that he has a very specific reason for keeping Angie in this underground bunker, and it’s not as nefarious as it would seem at first.

On how the Dome’s science will be explained:

Vaughan: In [Episode 2] we’ve got Joe (Colin Ford) and his friend Ben going on a Stand By Me journey to map the dome and go all the way around to find its scope and size and begin asking questions: Is it truly impenetrable? Does it let air through? Does it let water through? What is the science of this dome? So you’ll get lots of answers to those questions. Probably one of the most frequently asked is why the hell isn’t everyone just digging under this thing? And we will find exactly why not come next episode. Everyone’s just like, “Somebody just get a shovel and this TV show is just going to be over,” but it, of course, is not that easy.

On whether Barbie killed Peter Shumway:

Baer: “That’s something that we’ll touch upon throughout the first season. I think what’s interesting is there are many mysteries apart from the dome. We have this opening each week with Rachelle Lefevre narrating it saying, ‘The dome coming down is going to force the community to reveal secrets that they kept for a long time because being trapped together, secrets start to leak out.’ The secrets that many of our characters harbor will come out because of the intense psychological stress that the dome puts on the community. What we love about the show is that it may seem like there’s lots of reasons, but the reason might not be what you think.”


On why the Dome triggered seizures in Norrie and Joe and led them to say: “the pink stars are falling“:

Vaughan: It’s interesting that there are two people having seizures and they seem to be totally unrelated, but yes, they’re both saying, “The pink stars are falling, the pink stars are falling.” We’ll have to wait and see if these seizures will affect more people, where they’re coming from and what their connection to the dome is. This is something that, if you’ve read the book, people say the exact same thing: “The pink stars are falling in lines.” Our payoff will be different, our pink stars might be something different from King’s novel, and something we’re doing only with Uncle Steve’s blessings. You’ll be hearing much more about these seizures in episodes to come.

On whether there’s a way out of the Dome:

Baer: “‘Why don’t they just dig?!'” We’ll respond to that in Episode 2. The upcoming early episodes will get into that. What are the parameters? What does it do? What are the rules? All of that we’ll get into.”

Additional Intel:

  • Dodee and her radio signals are going to be very important as the season develops.
  • Julia doesn’t even know her hubby is dead yet (with Barbie involved to some degree), but the producers have ruled out a romance between her and Barbie.
  • Each episode will represent one day.

You can read more at THR and TV Guide

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  1. brian says

    Hi, I didn’t read the book. but, on the TV show it’s not a dome; it’s a circle. So, that’s why you can’t dig under it, there is no under.

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    • RickTerry says

      I read the book, and it is the same situation. It is however a dome as evidenced by the bisecting of the cow, the slicing off of the lady’s arm, and the way the dome sliced through anything in its path. If it had been a circle it would have just materialized instead of dropped as it did. It does not have a bottom persay, but rather the walls of the dome go down hundreds – thousands of feet. Simply digging a dozen feet down is not going to cut it. you’d need to mine your way to the inner crust of the earth to reach the bottom.

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  2. John says

    I have no interest in the motivationsof the players only the story of the dome itself. So cut the crap and start explaing the dome or i will stop watching.

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