UNDER THE DOME OBSERVATIONS: ‘The Monarch Will Be Crowned’

under the dome monarch crowned

The eighth episode of Under The Dome (“Thicker Than Water”) gave us a bit more insight into the mini dome mystery and quite possibly the dome’s larger plans for the residents of Chester’s Mill. Let’s break it down.

the monarch will be crowned

  • After touching the mini dome (with both hands), Julia sees a second Joe who repeats the line “The Monarch Will be Crowned“. The mystifying message comes on the heels of Norrie’s earlier prophetic vision of her mom and the dome’s possible hand in her death and the arrival of Harriet’s child.

So, what could it mean? What is the dome trying to say with this latest cryptic tease?

  • Possibility #1: It’s a message about the outside world. Is a new ruler about to come to power? This seems a bit unlikely as the show rarely focuses on the outside world (perhaps to its detriment at times). And anyway, how would a new king or queen on the outside impact those stuck inside Chester’s Mill?

big jim crowned?

  • Possibility #2: Big Jim, King. Given that the episode sees Big Jim overthrow Ollie, aka ‘The Water Well Prince’, with a little help from Junior, could the dome be prophesizing Jim’s rise to power? While Jim has already been ‘crowned’ with a thwack to the head, would the dome really care unless it was something it was actively involved in?

angie the monarch will be crowned clue

  • Possibility #3: Angie and the Monarchs. The most likely outcome at this stage is that the “Monarch Will Be Crowned” relates to Angie and her Butterfly tattoo, as seen in the above screencap.

monarch butterflies under the dome

  • This idea is further strengthened by the reappearance of a Monarch butterfly (aka the “wanderer”) near the beginning of the episode when Barbie is digging Alice’s grave.

  • It was implied in 1.05 “Blue On Blue” that the butterflies have been drawn (summoned?) to the dome due to the affect it has on the electromagnetic field.

angie's snowglobes

  • And then there’s Angie’s talk of escaping the ‘snow globe’ that is Chester’s Mill, while the fact that the dome uses a vision of Joe to deliver itsĀ  message may also make sense given that he’s Angie’s brother.
  • With all that in mind, it seems possible that for whatever reason the dome sees Angie as the “Monarch” who will be crowned.
  • Crowned as in ascend to power, or be bestowed with abilities, perhaps? Is this the season of Angie’s empowerment, in one way or another? Interesting given her request to be protected from Junior, who it should be remembered, claimed the dome was playing havoc with her mental faculties.
  • A more worrisome thought is that “crowned” could refer to a pregnancy storyline, but let’s not go there. Ever. Please.
  • Of course, if the show wanted to get really interesting, it would turn out that Angie had subconsciously manifested the dome (snow globe) and butterflies (tattoo).

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  1. abe says

    I was thinking along the same line and do think she will be impregnated. By who idk but it seems barbies a candidate. The reason well everyone is thinking junior is crazy but what if his craziness is actually somehow opening his “eyes” or somehow subconsciously letting him do things that are important to the stories plot. Which is another reason why he is has a rivalry/jealousy against barbie. Or it could be that writers of the show is trying to throw us off. But all the hints of snow globs and monarch butterflies really make me believe the writers of the show is cluing us in that angie is a big part of the story.

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  2. Troy Everest says

    I’m really hoping that they will move towards a Supernatural or “mental projection” kind of explanation rather than the one in the book. If you’re not familiar with the book, the dome was placed by Aliens (adolescent aliens) for entertainment purposes. I was actually really let down with Stephen King when I read this as the explanation seeing that he tends to delve into the realm of the unexplained and supernatural.
    I think the “monarch will me crowned” line is symbolic of a Caterpillar turning into a butterfly in a cocoon. The dome is much like a cocoon in that it is transforming the town. And perhaps says that the “Monarch” will be crowned, the dome is explaining that the town will eventually escape, but only after it becomes like a “monarch” butterfly becoming more beautiful.
    There is also the use of the Egg in the smaller dome. An egg acts in a similar way transforming its contents into a living being. So perhaps the egg inside the small dome is a physical representation of the entire town and whatever hatches out of it will be determined by whether or not the town turns evil or good.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 15

  3. chelsea says

    i was thinking she could be pg with juniors kid…… then if her brother gave the message he could die if she gave birth. like it happened with alice.

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  4. matthew says

    If the egg is wat you say it is a cocoon and its going to hatch a beautiful monarch butterfly its a shame that butterfly’s only live for 24 hours,, that would mean only one season of under the dome unless they make that butterfly live for ever witch means they can keep the dome over the city too keep the same purified atmosphere i dont know im just rambling. love the show tho so many twists and turns :)

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  5. Benzona says

    What if Juniors mom was not crazy, she saw this all coming. Or Junior somehow made her kill herself because he was angry with her that night. It would mean that he has some sort of super natural powers. In the very first episode before the dome, Angie told him that she didnt love him, the dome is manufactured by his mind to ensure that Angie doesnt leave him, and will only come down when she is “crowned” his wife.

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  6. tom says

    I thought her being crowned would be a reference to her getting a decent smack across the head, a la the book.

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  7. Rachelle says

    I’m going to take a guess as to what “The Monarch Will Be Crowned” means. Barbie seems to be convinced that Big Jim wants control over the water supply in order to control the entire town. As a result, perhaps a more neutral person will be chosen as the ultimate decision maker instead of allowing Big Jim to continue to have control. His last effort ended up yielding five deaths, which is unacceptable in many people’s eyes. Why would anyone want Big Jim to stay in charge? He’s clearly a loose cannon. Perhaps the town will vote and choose Angie to be “crowned” as the Monarch aka new leader. This is just a wild guess. I really like the possibilities everyone else and the story writer have suggested too. I can’t wait until Monday!!! :) Peace and love to all. <3

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