UNDER THE DOME Season Finale Titles Revealed & The Connection You May Have Missed

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Warning: the following story contains spoilers for the upcoming episodes of Under The Dome that some readers may prefer to avoid – continue reading at your discretion.

Under The Dome executive producer Neal Baer has revealed the titles for the final two episodes of the season and further teased the emergence of a pivotal town resident.

Speaking to Zap2It, Baer confirms that the penultimate episode of the season is titled “Exigent Circumstances,” with the finale called “Curtains.”

As a little primer for where the story could be heading in those final episodes, an “exigent circumstance” is when a structure is entered without the appropriate legal documentation, often in the case of an emergency. Makes you wonder who, or what, could possibly enter the dome before the curtains are drawn on Season 1? Or should we be thinking in terms of who exactly is behind the ‘curtains,’ pulling the strings?

maxine and barbie

As we already know, Natalie Zea enters the fray much sooner as Maxine, a real estate mogul who has a mysterious connection to both Big Jim and Barbie. Baer further informs Zap2It that Maxine’s relationship with Barbie has already been introduced on the show, as far back as the first episode in fact:

“I would say if you go back to the first episode of the season and rewatch it, you may put together the pieces. It’s all there, you just have to look for it.”

As it’s one of our unanswered questions, could she be the person Barbie was speaking to on the phone moments before he got caught inside the dome? Furthermore, could she also be his mysterious boss, to whom Peter Shumway, Julia’s hubby, owed money?

What we do know is that Maxine has been in Chester’s Mill living inside one of the empty houses since the dome came down, “lying in wait, ready to make her move,” as Zea puts it.

Would that rule Maxine out as Junior’s apparently deceased mother?

If you missed it, check out this post for more hints on what’s to come with the mini dome and “monarch will be crowned” affair.

Under The Dome airs Mondays at 10 ET/PT on CBS.

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