UNDER THE DOME: 1.01 Pilot – Questions & Answers

UNDER THE DOME: 1.01 Pilot - Questions & Answers

Each week we observe Under The Dome‘s serial progression by keeping track of the key overarching questions and explanations that are scattered along the way. Here’s how things stand after the Pilot Episode.

Note: the following is 100% spoiler-free, we’re going by the TV show and not the novel.


1. What are the ‘rules’ of the Dome? There’s plenty yet to be discovered about Dome rules, but there’s enough to get us going in the ‘answered’ column:

  • Tremors preceded the Dome’s arrival.
  • It’s transparent.
  • It’s yet to be penetrated from the inside or out: It’s STRONG.
  • It’s soundproof.
  • It produces a static charge, particularly upon first touch.
  • It blocks radio-waves/electricity.
  • It’s *wait for it* dome-shaped.
  • It can spark seizures in certain people.

under the dome peter shumwayunder the dome peter and julia shumway

2. Who did Barbie bury in the woods? Peter Shumway – Julia’s husband. Looks like he might have been shot twice in the chest. (Pilot)

3. Who was flying the plane that crashed into the Dome? Mrs. Sanders – she worked at the bank and sponsored the little league team. (Pilot)

4. How many town residents have died in the wake of the Dome? 12 – possibly 13 depending on Duke’s fate. (Pilot)

5. Why is Junior holding Angie prisoner? Possibly because he’s jealous and unhinged, though he does claim to be the only one who knows what’s going on.. (Pilot)


1. What caused the dome/where did it come from? It’s arrival was inexplicable, sudden and violent. So far the following theories have been suggested (in-show, italicized) while others remain possible:

  • An act of terror
  • An act of God
  • Punishment (could fall into above category)
  • An experiment
  • Aliens did it
  • A natural event / precurser
  • Next phase in evolution
  • It was all a dream 😉
  • They’re all dead/Purgatory 😉 😉

2. Why Dome-shaped? Why is the Dome a dome?

3.  How many Domes? Just the one or could others touch down at some point?

4. Dome timing?: Coincidence that it arrived during parade day thus leaving the town shorn of fire fighters and police officers – or did someone intend for it to happen at this time?

5. Why did various animals (birds and cows) seem to sense that something was coming? Most likely because they’re animals.

cbs under the dome mysteries

6. How tall is the dome exactly? No specifics yet, but it extends high enough to down a plane.

7. Can they escape under the Dome? If they can’t go over, can they go under? Put that shovel to further use, Barbie!

8. Can the Dome be destroyed/damaged; Does it age? How durable is this thing?

9. How permeable is the Dome? Given that light can pass through, and assuming air can too, how about water, gas and other elements? It’s established that sound, radio waves and electricity can’t penetrate the Dome. What are the rules regarding the permeability of the Dome?

10. Can the Dome be turned off?  If it can, the switch is most likely invisible. But seriously, is there a power source – be it remote or inside the Dome itself?

11. Who is Barbie, really? He’s a man of mystery. We know that he was eager to leave Chester’s Mill after burying Peter, and that he’s ex-military.

12. Did Barbie kill Peter? He sure buried him, but whether he was responsible for his death remains to be seen.

13. Who is Smith? Barbie mentioned his name on the phone prior to the Dome coming down. Smith, apparently, broke an agreement. Is Smith Peter’s alias or acquaintance?

14. What’s with the propane stockpiling? Jim has been secretly stockpiling propane for reasons not yet clear. Duke was uneasy about Jim’s highly flammable secret but turned a blind eye to it. Hmm.

the pink stars are falling in lines the pink stars are falling in lines joe

15. What’s with the seizures? Both Norrie and Joe suffer seizures in the wake of the Dome’s arrival. Do certain people have a predisposition to the Dome? So far the only real correlation of note is their age (both teens). And then there’s this….

16. “The pink stars are falling in lines” – what the what?: Both Norrie and Joe said this while suffering seizures, seemingly brought on by the Dome. Is it a message of some kind? A prophecy? A past connection they share? Hmm.


17. Junior and Big Jim? This father and son duo seemed very awkward when hugging and Jim’s face betrayed him – his level of unease with Junior in the pilot is more than it was over the Dome. Perhaps it’s just a phase they’re going through, maybe Jim senses something amiss, or perhaps there’s a lot more to it.

18. Does Junior really know what’s going on? He tells Angie that he’s the only one who really knows what’s going on, which could further contextualize his reasons for abducting her, as well as his relationship with his dad.

19. Why Chester’s Mill? Aside from the fact it contains a bunch of interesting characters that would make for an intriguing parable? It’s a mystery! Well, we do have Duke’s theory that they’re being punished, along with other possibilities mentioned above. But why this town?

20. Is the Dome sentient? Zap once for no, twice for yes.

under the dome duke's pacemaker

21. Duke timing?: The timing of Duke’s pacemaker exploding from his chest is curious given that he was just about to let Linda in on the town’s dirty secrets. Anything shady about this or is it just coincidence? The fact that he kept touching the Dome after suffering pacemaker issues when the Dome first arrived probably didn’t help.

22. What was Duke about to tell Linda? He was about to lift the lid on the town’s dirty secret that could be connected to the Dome. He got as far as saying: “There’s a lot I’ve tried to protect you from, about this place. A little over a year ago I was approached about…”

23. Will Duke live?

24. How long will the Dome last? Assuming it doesn’t get destroyed, how long will it remain?

As it stands – Answers//Mysteries Tracker – 5:24

Episode Rating: 9/10 Seriable Stars

What do you think of Under The Dome’s mysteries/answers? Did we miss any? Feel free to weigh in below.

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  1. RickTerry says

    Being that I have read the book, I could shed some light on some of these questions, but considering you are not going by the book, and according to interviews neither are the showrunners, then that light I could shed might be dimmer than it seems to me at the moment. although having read the book, I am interested in what elements will and won’t be utilized. One thing that seems to be going along the same as the book is the fact that only certain aged (teenaged) people experience the seizures. The pink star thing is an aesthetic prophecy. (We will see pink stars sometime in the future of the show) What the mean in the book, and what they mean in the series might not coincide. (it has to do with the bigger picture).

    Like: Thumb up 1

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