TWIN PEAKS: Kyle MacLachlan Reflects On Defining Role


It may be 20 or so years since Twin Peaks altered the landscape of television, but Kyle MacLachlan still recalls his defining role with fondness.

MacLachlan, who played Dale Cooper on the groundbreaking David Lynch and Mark Frost serial, told Zap2It:

“It was the first time I’d done TV, and it had tremendous impact and set the tone for future roles — that’s where I made a mark,”

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And to think, TP might not have made it to air but for a very good decision:

“‘Twin Peaks’ was meant to be backdoor two-hour pilot, but ABC — for some reason we’ve not been able to understand why — picked it up.”

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While TP had its flaws (what series doesn’t?) it is remembered and relived with great fondness by many fans of serial TV, for the world and characters it created and the impact it had on the ongoing weekly series. I wonder how popular it would be if it was on the air today?

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