TRUE BLOOD: Kristin Bauer Teases Pam’s Season 5 Ride


True Blood‘s Kristin Bauer van Straten teases what the fifth season of the blood-thirsty HBO series has in store for Pam.

Moving on to season 5, can you talk generally about the role Pam will play?
Pam is once again thrust into a situation not of her choosing. She has to make a bargain to get something that she really wants. She’s in a situation that creates a lot of conflict, which is really great writing and really fun to watch and really fun to play. It’s quite a ride this year.

Pam is definitely in the doghouse with Eric as the season starts. Can you talk about how their relationship will play out?
In typical True Blood fashion, things may get a little better and then they may get a little worse. It’s a roller coaster. The great thing for me this year was to find out the many layers of that relationship. The way that they wrote it really explains what we know of Pam. You get to see why she is the way she is, why this is the one person for her, why she’s so unsympathetic, and what her life as a human was. It also explains why she’s the least apologetic of the vampires. She and Eric are very happy vampires. They really don’t lament losing their humanity. It was the perfect structure of who she is in a really efficient, dramatic way — and touching. It’s really amazing the back-story they came up with.

Source: EW

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