TOUCH: Tim Kring & Kiefer Sutherland Want To Create ‘Positive Energy’ + 24 Movie Update


Teasers and tidbits on FOX‘s Touch fresh from the TCA. We also have the very latest 24 movie filming update.

Here’s a round-up of quotes and comments from Touch creator Tim Kring and stars Kiefer Sutherland and David Mazouz at today’s TCA.

  • Sutherland: “[Touch] was unbelievably appealing because it was so different.”
  • Sutherland: “I could not turn this down because it spoke to me on a really profound level”
  • Episodes will be standalone with “a beginning, a middle, and an end,” with the Martin/Jake A-story continuing.
  • Kring says the Touch script was not written with Kiefer in mind.
  • Sutherland says Martin Bohm is a “vastly different” character from 24’s Jack Bauer.
  • Sutherland: “This show really speaks to how connected we are and there is no right place at the wrong time and things happen for a reason”
  • Kring: I wanted the Jake character in Touch to have a gift that sees how we’re all connected.
  • Sutherland: “The real driving force for my character is simply communicating with my son”
  • Kring: Touch is a chance to continue social benefit storytelling. To create and promote positive energy in the world.
  • Kring: “We’re more connected to each other more than we ever thought or knew”
  • Kring: Martin Bohm has to take a “leap of faith” approach in solving problems.
  • David Mazouz: “I don’t think Jake needs to speak because he does communicate without words”
  • Sutherland on Martin: “I don’t think anybody has a child and doesn’t want the best for that child and for them to be the best they can be”
  • Kring: Some episodes will have bittersweet endings and wont always wrap in overly positive way.

As for the 24 movie, Sutherland confirmed it will start shooting in April or early May of this year.

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  1. WaySeeker says

    If we are all connected, why can’t it be a seriable show?
    No, Tim, you have it backwards. HEROES did not fail because it was seriable, it failed because YOU failed to make it PROPER seriable.
    In other words:
    It is not seriable that failed you … you failed it.
    It will be weird having a 24 movie because it could not be in real time … you can’t have a 24 hour movie, or a 12 hour movie, or a 6 hour movie, and you get in trouble with a 3 or even 3 hour movie! What can they do in 2-3 hours with such a detailed show that doesn’t make the movie just another action movie? Especially with 8 “days” (read seasons) … what else is there that a movie could do?
    P.S. I am re-watching the show on Disc, I didn’t get to watch them all when they aired. I am on Season/Day 4.
    It is amazing how many actors on 24 are on shows we are watching onw! Ther blutboten (aka Big Bad Wolf) side kick on GRIMM was a raping bad guy in Day 1. We also Fuchs the dirty cop leashed on Person of Interest in 2 cameos (Day 1 as a harbor cop, Day 3 as a prison Warden!). Zachary Quinto is also on it, yAy!
    The Evil Queen of Evil is in Day 4!
    Among others …

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