TOUCH Finds Serialized Way In With Amelia Sequence


Until recently, Touch has been pretty lite on story arc, opting mostly for stand alone number connections of the week. That was until the introduction of the Amelia Sequence, which could offer the overarching depth that many viewers feel the story needs.

Note: the following includes plot details from the first 6-aired episodes of Touch

Arthur Teller (Danny Glover) describes the Amelia sequence as “a road map, the sequence that connects everyone and everything.” He notes that when he first saw the numbers he “was one with everything,” giving us a sense of what Jake (David Mazouz) feels most of the time.

The reveal that the numbers Jake has been collecting are part of a pre-existing sequence (318529632879522975) that connects everything, offers quite a bit of ongoing story potential while also bringing those earlier episodes closer to the main mythology.

The sequence derives from a gifted young girl called Amelia who was under Teller’s watch until she was taken away under mysterious circumstances. This all points to a larger conspiracy involving Jake’s institution (or those further behind the scenes pulling the strings.) and furthers the question of who — or what — rolled the red car from the other side of the door.

While Teller’s death in “Lost and Found” was something of a surprise and seemed a bit unsatisfying given that it was an off-screen demise, the fact that he saw the last three numbers of the Amelia sequence (975), which had previously left him on ‘the threshold’ all those years ago, makes his journey feel more complete and raises the stakes.

There’s now more questions to play with and a stronger sense of overarching purpose ..and threat. Let’s hope the show continues to develop its overarching story as we head towards the finale.

Some notes: Admittedly, I found this episode quite awkward in places, perhaps because of the ‘sudden’ transition to the more serialized story, though I think it was more to do with some of the ‘supernatural’ elements — which I found interesting, but a bit out of left field. I still think the show could use a lot more subtlety in its approach, but another plus is the recent development of Clea as an important character, which is good to see, particularly with the demise of Teller (RIP) who had been our mythos anchor during lean times.

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  1. chrispatt86 says

    I stopped watching Touch on episode 1×05 because i started to find it a bit kind of boring. I’ll give it another try if things start to go like yo say on the article Roco!

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    • says

      Hey chris – yeah, it might be worth giving another go. Bear in mind that Episode 6 is a bit disjointed and jarring in places (imo), but if you can get past that, I think it represents potential for the larger scope of the story. Let us know what you think once you have seen it.

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  2. ramona says

    You’re right, Roco, the storyline could definitely be a little more subtle. So far each episode feels like a “color-by-number” activity — too predictable. What I want is an episode showing the world through Jake’s eyes. Sort of like “The Sound and the Fury.”

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  3. john argentieri says

    I think there was a goof in the latest airing of TOUCH (4/26/12). Near the end of the show, Keifer Southerland writes the sequence 1188 on the blackboard. However, he doesnot preceed this sequence with the #6. The last 5 #’s of the sequence should be 61188.

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    • Eileen says

      I caught that also, but noted the 6 was present on Logan’s blackboard. How did Logan get it, since Teller had just gotten it from Jake just before he was killed?

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  4. BenGincley says

    I would agree. This is most likely an oversight, and really a shame to see happen on a show like Touch. I can’t find any reason why both Logan included the 6 and in Sutherland’s scene it was left out, other than oversight that I’m sure they caught while screening and/or when it aired that they banged their heads on the table for.

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  5. Arjun Kocher says

    6 is not included because in the 9th episode Jake himself will correct the sequence written on Arthur’s Blackboard.

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  6. says

    Martin Bohm didn’t know the missing 6 yet. That’s why.
    But if you look for errors, there’s a bunch of them in the 8th episode “Zone of Exclusion”. I described them in detail at the forums here:
    These errors are really bad and I tried to contact the creators to ask them about it, but with no result. I wish I could know what do they think about these errors and whether they did them that way on purpose or by mistake.

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