Touch: Kiefer Sutherland Returns To TV With FOX Drama Pilot

Before: Kiefer Sutherland mulls TV return with Touch.

It’s official. Kiefer Sutherland is returning to TV in the FOX drama pilot, Touch, from Heroes creator Tim Kring.

Touch, produced by 20th Century Fox TV. Co-produced by Chernin Entertainment, focuses on a father (Sutherland) who discovers that his autistic, mute son can actually predict events before they happen.’

Because of Sutherland’s broadway commitments, production on Touch is expected start in late May-early June. This would leave Touch open for a midseason start.

So, Kiefer Sutherland as the father of an autistic kid who can predict the future? It’s quite a detour from 24, perhaps requiring more emotional range. I’m not particularly excited by the premise, but it should be interesting to see whether Sutherland can make his part convincing.

source: deadline

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  1. ;( says

    I don’t think I can trust Tim Kring again after the shambles that was Heroes. When it comes to anything related to predicting the future, you can bet Kring to screw it up.

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  2. Residents Fan says

    I’m a bit surprised to see Kring returning to TV, to be honest- that novel
    he co-wrote with Dale Peck, “Shift”, * got some fairly good reviews, and suggested he might have a future as a novelist. “Touch”, by contrast, doesn’t
    sound like a promising show, although I’ll wait until I see it to pass judgement.

    * “Shift” features a group running drug experiments that give people special powers. Maybe Bell and Bishop came across the group’s research while
    developing Cortexiphan . 😉

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