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With ‘Miracle Day’ concluding its 10-episode arc this past Friday on Starz, would you like to see another BBC/Starz produced Torchwood series continue the story?

There’s no official word yet on whether Torchwood will continue with another Starz/BBC produced series after Miracle Day (much is thought to hinge on ratings and the appetite of creator Russell T. Davies.) But given the way Series 4 turned out — perhaps more specifically, the way it ended — would you like another UK/US Torchwood series?

Feel free to vote in our poll below:

Would You Like Another BBC/Starz Torchwood Series?

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  1. Page 48 says

    I voted “yes” to another Starz/BBC as opposed to no more TW, but I greatly preferred the Starzless series, “Children of Earth”. This latest series didn’t seem to be able to muster the intensity and the focus of COE, perhaps because the story just wasn’t able to sustain that kind of pace over the course of 10 episodes.

    I also missed the whole British vibe of COE. I’m not convinced that I would want to return to the US for the next series, if I had that choice. I love the BBC when it gets things right, as it did with COE.

    Bottom line is that I would prefer to hand TW back to the Beeb, since I believe that, although Starz raised the hype, they failed to raise the bar. I think the guys in marketing over-promised and under-delivered when it came to “Miracle Day”. Of course, there’s no guarantee that a return to the BBC would result in another series equal in quality to COE, and I would hate to lose out on the future adventures of Capt. Jack and Gwen…and Rex, so given the 3 options, “yes” gets my vote.

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  2. Kira says

    I agree with Page 48.

    However I hope they tone down: Gwen’s screaming, ‘fill in’ Rhys and Jack’s rendezvous with men. (No problem with that), but they are limiting the many aspects of Character Jack. And that bothers me.

    More and better Torchwood, please! :)

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  3. Jonny says

    Didnt like coe thought this was a bit better but the CIA chap got too much limelight and didnt earn any of it. Jack was very heavily “Gayed” up – most of his charm was in the fact he’d pretty much jump anything regardless of gender or species – usually with a witty line to follow it up. Would like to see if continue, agree it would be better if less americanised and a tad wittier – but lets have more!!

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  4. g33k says

    I voted maybe.
    I found that for the first time – when they killed off a character I was pissed (even though I expected it) because that character had given a superior performance in the series and I felt like a lot of the other characters were all “wooden” and their stories weren’t “buttoned up”. I wish we could get back to the Torchwood of the previous seasons – it was edgier, and scientific explanations for the problem faced for the whole season weren’t blathered off in 10 seconds that we the audience were expected to be satisfied with.
    It would break my heart if the show ended up continuing a bad slide when I know it can do better. I hope it just needed to find its Starz feet before it gets good again.

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  5. Myra says

    Need more Torchwood but they have to get back to protecting the world from aliens!! Miracle Day was way far away from that!!!

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  6. kaitle14 says

    i loved it every second who cares if jack was “to gayed up” thats just jack (mut id much prefer him with ianto hehehehehe ;D) yeahh you cant just leave us hanging like that was awsome how rex came back cause he had jacks blood in him :) i love it and i want it to continue I LOVE TORCHWOOD!!! and i dont want it to change (except i want the hole team back togeather expecialy IANTO 😀 ) mehh cant blame a girl for trying hehehe

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  7. says

    the thing is, Miracle Day wasn’t an americanized torchwood, it was a premium cable-inized version. further evidence that premium cable is crap. I don’t even get why it was on Starz to begin with. An all BBC torchwood is clearly the only way to go for series 5

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  8. sb says

    If you bring back torchwood. You mest get back to the entire core of torchwood. Jack Harkness cannot die, if you cannot die ou have nothing to fear.

    Torchwood 4 was an absolute disgrace. Torchwood 1 to 3 are absolutley fanatstic and letting Starz “assist” was the worst move ever. Ruseel T Davies should be ashamed of himself, slowing the pace of the show down so that Americans can catch up.

    And as for Rex becoming immortal because of Jacks blood, what a pile of $%&t. Jack cannot die because the doctor said he is a fixed point in time and space. Rex is not.

    Kill Rex off quickly and get back to propoer good quality torchwood not that absolute $h@# that was season 4.

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  9. Lance says

    I voted yes because i rely do see torchwood as becoming a huge success in the future. most fans that were mad at the last season was due to the torchwood team dead and then the show was short and predictable.

    i think if they do another series then i think that captin jack should find torchwood 4 or 5 that was lost supposedly in the us. and have it where there is a new torchwood base and captin jack leading it once again

    . or where the time lock program that tosh made would have saved most of the original torchwood 3 and they all return there and the show returns to the basics.

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