Torchwood: Russell T. Davies Talks Series 4 Newbies

Torchwood returns next year with an internationally geared series as the show lands on Starz. Details surrounding the project have been top-secret, although we do already know a few bits and pieces on some of the new characters.

Now in an interview with IGN, executive producer Russell T. Davies revealed a few more insights into the newbies joining the team and what we can expect in general from the revamped series.

Here are a couple of snippets taken from the interview – spoiler alert.

Given that the show is being re-launched on a new network and in a new country, will the new characters (Rex and Ester) be used as a proxy for new viewers? Davies explains that there will be a bit of that, but that the established characters will also be accessible to all:

“I can see already that a slight myth is going to build up of sorts, saying that Rex is our only entry point. When we first see Gwen, you will see what it essentially was in the series [before]. There are no super powers, there’s no credits, no money, no special privileges. You’ll see an ordinary woman whose life is about to take an extraordinary turn. So there will be an awful lot of new viewers where if you’ve never seen Gwen Cooper in your life, you will see a woman with a husband, a baby, thrown into a threat and you’ll latch onto her immediately. Even the way that Captain Jack is introduced is written so that you’ll latch onto that as well.”

As for the dynamic that the new characters will add to the show, Davies says that Rex and Ester will bring their own unique qualities to the fray:

“I don’t want to give away too much. Rex certainly brings dynamism and energy and hostility towards Torchwood. He wants to know who the hell they are and why the hell they’re so important and they can get out of his way… at first. There’s a great, fun, sparky, sexy sort of antagonism to the whole thing. Ester is much calmer, but through the course of the story, she suffers some great, powerful, emotional stories as it goes on. In some ways, she’s a bit of an innocent abroad and soon learns not to be. And that plays off Gwen’s experience with these things. The fact that Gwen still is the most ordinary woman in the world, and Jack’s huge perspective of things, having lived for thousands of years… Just telling Rex that he can’t die is a hilarious scene. There’s a lot of fresh material there that we’ll mine, but again the new story will always move us forward.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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  1. Page 48 says

    But what about Lois Habiba? She would have seemed like the perfect Torchwood recruit. Beats the “filing and dictation” career path that she was on in “Children of Earth”, and I think she was quite popular among viewers, including me. Lois had the right stuff.

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  2. Pat says

    But what about Ianto Jones? He is the perfect one and is extremely popular among viewers.

    I don’t want new characters as they will all die again.
    I just want Ianto Jones…

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