‘The Best Possible TORCHWOOD’: Eve Myles, Kai Owen, Bill Pullman Speak

After Elton were lucky enough to visit the Torchwood Miracle Day set during production. While there they spoke with Eve Myles (Gwen), Kai Owen (Rhys) and Bill Pullman (Oswald) to find out what the miraculous new series holds.

Head past the jump for the quotables (SPOILER ALERT).

Eve Myles

AE: The history of the show has been, in a lot of ways, the history of you and Gwen. The show began through your character’s eyes, and as the show itself has become a global phenomenon, so have you. What’s the ride been like?
Well, first of all, thank you very much – I think that’s very generous of you. But god, it’s been incredible, and it still is. I’ve had my family over here to do the show this year, and I have a 17-month-old child, and my dog, and my partner [Bradley Freegard], and we’ve all had to come over together, and it’s strange, because I feel like it’s just about to begin. It’s been a huge journey in the UK, you know, we’ve worked really hard to get the show to Hollywood, we’ve worked our asses off. We’ve had the gift and the payoff to take it to the hub of the industry that we’re in, and we’re making it the best that Torchwood could possibly be. We’re on a very exciting journey.

AE: And starting from BBC Three and moving up to BBC Two and then BBC One, when you get started, did you ever imagine it would be such a smash?
EM: It’s ridiculous. BBC Three, I mean, I couldn’t have been more excited. And then when we realized it was a smash hit, we moved to BBC Two, and my god, that was incredible. And then to have [Children of Earth] on BBC One was just superb. Then when the Hollywood thing came about? It got absurd. I’m still pinching myself. Literally. It’s only gonna sink in when I go back and I start working on another show, that’s when I’m going to realize, “I’ve been filming for seven months in Hollywood! That was amazing!” What a treat, what a dream come true.

AE: For some who have conjectured about how this saga might end, they’ve entertained the possibility that it could be you standing there with Jack. Is that something you think about?
No, I just pray that every script that comes in, I don’t get [strangled noise]. [laughs] You know, I think whatever happens, happens.

AE: Coming off such a dark story, as we roll into Miracle Day, what’s happening with Gwen?
We find Gwen absolutely bored out of her mind but constantly on alert, constantly looking over her shoulder. She will remain on alert for the rest of her life. She’s exhausted. You find her living, literally, on the edge of a cliff somewhere in the UK, overlooking the most fabulous beach.

They’re self-sufficient – they grow their own food, and they live in this cottage. And for Rhys, it’s wonderful; for Gwen, it’s hell.

Kai Owen

AE: This is your second season as a full-on regular. How do you feel like you’ve meshed with the show?
KO: Yeah, [Rhys is] very much … I mean, obviously, the first season, he’s in the dark about Torchwood, the whole institution; second season, he found out. He still would rather Gwen not be involved in it. I think he just wants that idyllic life of being husband with a wife and the perfect kid. But unfortunately, he kind of knows now that there’s no chance of that; the world needs Gwen Cooper as much as Rhys and their daughter need Gwen Cooper. He kind of accepts that now. He also knows that she’s brilliant at her job, that she’s a superwoman and a super-mother. Together, they’re a wonderful team. He’ll always be involved in the stories and involved in Gwen’s troubles or fights or adventures because he will always look out for Gwen.

He also knows that Jack will look out for her as well, so she’s always got these two big men looking out for her safety. I think Rhys is kind of an extra-secret member of the team now, especially because of his driving skills, and he’s such a normal bloke. He doesn’t look like an undercover CIA agent or anything extra-terrestrial. He’s just a run-of-the-mill guy who loves his food and loves his beer and his family, and he’ll do anything Gwen asks him to. If it means helping her out, and bringing a mission to an end as quickly as possible, he’ll help her out, no problem.

Bill Pullman

AE: You’re playing an interesting character – a murderer and a pedophile, is that correct?
BP: Yes, a double bill. I’ve done bad things when you meet me. I don’t do them in the course of [the show’s] events, but it’s my cross to bear.

AE: Is it on you to make him sympathetic?
BP: No, you know, I think that’s really kind of a wonderful thing that Russell [T. Davies] has created. It’s not really shades of black, you know, there’s a lot of nuances just in the nature of it, because he’s meant to die, and he doesn’t. And it’s around the trigger moment where things have changed and no one dies. And they realize that it’s kind of a miracle and kind of not, because people like me are allowed to run around free – they can’t kill me again.

So in that circumstance, it’s looking to see what the world is and finding opportunities as they present themselves, so it’s neither sympathetic or unsympathetic, I guess in terms of – there’s no need to present him in any kind of false light. He’s not necessarily a likable man, in that he’s been ostracized, he’s got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, because he’s assuming that everyone wants him dead, which is the irony of it all. But he’s got great perspective, and he’s kind of clever – he’s been operating very successfully online for a very long period of time, so he’s got some skills that the others don’t.

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