TORCHWOOD: Eve Myles & Kai Owen Talk Possible Movie, DOCTOR WHO Crossover


Another small Torchwood update, this time from series stars Eve Myles and Kai Owen. There’s also word on whether Torchwood will be part of Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary celebration.

Speaking to the Independent at the recent London MCM Expo, the pair offered their thoughts on whether Torchwood will return:

Kai Owen: Who knows? It would be different. It might come back as a special.

Eve Myles: I think the next step would be a movie. We change every year. We have to change every year to keep it fresh and different and keep people interested because by the third, fourth, fifth series of ‘Lost’, ‘Sopranos’ however good they are, they’re extraordinary, but you know what you’re going to get. With ‘Torchwood’ we can live up to the name that you never know what you’re going to get.

Myles also said she doesn’t think Torchwood will feature in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special in 2013 — and if it does, she wont be part of it:

I wouldn’t have thought so. We have lots of adult themes running in ‘Torchwood’ and I think it would be inappropriate for us to have anything to do with ‘Doctor Who’ because it’s predominantly a family programme. I think that where ‘Torchwood’ is, it deals with darker subjects and I think inter-mixing them, if they want to do that, then fine but I can tell you that I’m not involved in it – they won’t give me guns or a bazooka.

I can’t see a Torchwood movie, to be honest.

Source: The Independent

We’ll keep you in the loop regarding the future of Torchwood.

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