The Tomorrow People Cancelled Or Renewed For Season 2?


The Tomorrow People Cancelled Or Renewed for Season 2?

Status: The CW has officially cancelled The Tomorrow People after just one season.

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Stay tuned to this page as we bring you rolling updates on the cancellation/renewal status of the The CW’s superhero series.

Despite giving early pickups to a host of seriables, The CW has yet to either cancel or renew The Tomorrow People for Season 2. The show has been on the bubble for most of the season. Watch this space…


  • May 5 – Klemmer explains the decision not to play it safe with a closure-filled finale and teases the more adult direction and themes of Season 2. He also says the network is supportive of the show but concedes business factors could go against it.
  • April 22 – Actor Jeffrey Pierce has hinted that the show’s first season will end on a cliffhanger, increasing the need for Season 2.
  • March 12The Tomorrow People is moved from Wednesday to its new Monday night slot.

The Tomorrow People Season 1 Ratings

Episode18-49 Key DemoViewers (millions)
1.01 Pilot0.92.32
1.02 "In Too Deep"0.82.15
1.03 "Girl, Interrupted"0.71.92
1.04 "Kill or Be Killed"0.61.72
1.05 "All Tomorrow's Parties"0.61.56
1.06 "Sorry For Your Loss"0.61.65
1.07 "Limbo"0.61.70
1.08 "Thanatos"0.61.74
1.09 "Death's Door"0.51.44
1.10 "The Citadel"0.51.46
1.11 "Rumble"0.51.38
1.12 "Sitting Ducks"0.71.72
1.13 "Things Fall Apart"0.51.39
1.14 "Brother's Keeper"0.51.49
1.15 "Enemy Of My Enemy"0.41.33
1.16 "Superhero"0.41.15
1.17 "Endgame"0.30.80
1.18 "Smoke and Mirrors"0.51.11
1.19 "Modus Vivendi"0.41.05
1.20 "A Sort of Homecoming"0.30.76
1.21 "Kill Switch"0.40.93
1.22 "Son of Man"0.41.01

TV Ratings are ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

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    • edan says

      i know it pisses me off that there is no website too see season 2 or even there isnt season too i hope there will be its bugging me like hell

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 28

  1. jas says

    love the tomorrow people, the next best thing after heroes.
    please have a season 2
    stop ending the best shows & keep the crap ones

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 74

    • edan says

      jas is so freiken right you gotta make season 2 n 3 its crazy to end a show like that its so stupid

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 30

  2. steven says

    pleaseee, dont cancel the show RENEW it! I LOVE this show. Its getting more intrestinhg. It isnt cool to leave the story line a mystery. Us fans want to stay to watch it till the end. To finish the story and to know the characters more. They WILL get more fans/viewers along the way.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 54

  3. Debbie says

    I have started to really enjoy this show. The actors are good.
    It has a decent storyline. We get lots of unexpected twists.
    It will get renewed. The CW people always listen to fans and
    treat us well. Now please listen and keep Supernatural on the air
    also for a few more seasons.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 29

    • qds says

      Supernatural is already renewed for an 10th season, but personally I think that’s enough to stop the show, because 10 seasons is just really alot, and i still like the storyline but the filters (the episodes where its offstory) are so boring and repeatingly, that i skip them all together.

      Like: Thumb up 7

      • says

        you are right i am big fun of supernatural but its boring and i prefer ttp because its more interesting many people dont like first season of ttp but i loved this show from 1 episode cool actors and cool story first season end up like it must be continue

        Well-loved.: Thumb up 13

    • sarah says

      I love the tomorrow show infact after watching 1episode of the tomorrow people i was in-love!! Please make asecond season u can’t just leave people hanging like this!! I really want a season 2 and I am pretty sure everybody who watches the tomorrow people wants to have a season 2 please!!!!!! Dont leave us hanging like this!!…. this is the first t.v show that i am actually in love with its amazing awesome and u know theres going to be a good episode everytime!!

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 13

  4. Mark says

    They better not cancel this show, whats wrong with you Americans this show is a lot better than other ridiculous shows that are on TV.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 33

  5. Louis says

    How can they even consider cancelling this has been the best thing on TV since smallville why start something if your not going to see it through till the end!!

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 29

  6. sami says

    for ur sake it s better have a second season . . . i m gonna explode ur department if not and i m not joking

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 17

  7. Jazhan says

    This is probably my favourite show at the moment. It has heaps of thrilling scenes a lot of twists and the show only just got better. DONT CANCEL IT please

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 22

  8. kelly says


    Well-loved.: Thumb up 23

  9. dennis says

    GREAT creative team and Sci-Fi concept. Renew for an additional season, focus on the younger characters more to appeal to younger demo. Admit that Stephen and John are becoming the the leaders since the actors are clearly not high school age.

    Spin Ultra down or change it to an organization with a differing philosophy perhaps placing Russ in a leadership position in opposition to the others so even the viewer questions who is right and who is wrong.


    YES, sweeping changes need made BUT the series has potential for greatness… and $$$ for the CW in terms of extending and changing the franchise, syndication and tie in novels and other mediums

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  10. claudia says

    soy cubana y tambien veo la serie aqui gusta mucho, les pedimos q por favor le hagan la 2da temporada, no dejen el final tan abierto, esperamos pronto, saludos

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  11. Cindy says

    The Tomorrow People is only getting better and better with each episode. Canceling the series after one season would be really dumb for The CW. I am a huge CW fan, and I can see this show becoming big after it gets on Netflix and people are able to catch up or start the series. The ratings only show the Monday night views, it doesn’t could the thousands of people who are watching it online. I recently caught up on The CW app, such a great show. Don’t cancel, if anything cancel after the second season it if does not improve. Move it to a new night, Mondays are hard.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 17

    • ana rodrigues says

      e uma pena terminarem uma serie desta maneira quando uma serie tao boa como esta agarra a televisao adultos e criancas os meus filhos ficaram desiludidos quando eu disse que a serie tinha sido cancelada espero que quem manda nesta situacao pondere bem o que esta a fazer ou entao os produtores que mudem para outra network espero que a serie volte

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  12. Jerriel says

    I say this to the tommorrow people producers. If CW don’t renew you please go to another network that appreciates talent.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 16

  13. Peter says

    The series has a lot of potential. There are a few things that I miss, though.
    Following is SPOILER:

    The blond chick at first persuades everyone to go to ultra. She said, she would rather trust ultra than
    Roger, thats where they get kill switches in their brains. Than she is blaming Roger again for getting nano bombs in their heads in first place !! And no one brings that up or blames her ??!!! Thats doesnt fit in my opinion……….. .Thats things I hope they will do better in future. If there is a future for this series.

    Like: Thumb up 6

    • mcdohl says

      Well that what i meant by characters keep changing their ideas about each other, as in this situation they tend to forget about what some people did or did not do and focus on blaming the ones that spend all their time to save them including the one that was supposed to be their savior and rather follow a complete stranger who dressed and looks like a angry sexually confused frustrated goth. To be honest this blond chick is totally new in the show, only a few fans might know her name. She showed up like two or three episodes before episode 21, and starting playing the bad ass ” it’s everyone’s fault except ours so why should i/you care??” character cliche, it confused lots of viewers as they were like: ” who the hell is this B@£*!! Why does people listen to her as she is clearly confused and scared and cares only about herself?? Why nobody blamed her while she blames another for her mistakes?? Why do they all blindly following here, does she have some kind of powers to turn people dumb and stupid??” This is perfect example of poor writing and an omen for NEXT season cancellation. Again, well done boy!!!

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  14. mcdohl says

    Well the last three episodes were poorly written, as they hush hushed lots of interesting ideas and tried to cramped them into these three episodes which makes it very difficult to follow as the characters keep changing their feelings for each other, ideas about the whole situation, powers, and even their personality?!!? My guess is that the writers knew that the show will be canceled and wanted to show us some of the cool character development they stored for the future and they had only a few episodes to do so, hence, they just squeezed everything up. Ultimately, destroying all the chemistry between the characters and confusing the viewers with too many plot and character developments and therefore, guarantying that this show will definitely never be renewed, well done boys!!!

    Like: Thumb up 5

  15. maddy says

    I love the Tomorrow people so much. it’s just starting to get really good and I think a second season would really get more people watching. If the CW has any love for their fans they will not cancel this show !! <3

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 12

    • says

      I have been watching The Tomorrow People and it’s really a great show. I really hope there will be a 2nd season because I don’t want to be left hanging. The 2nd season should get more people watching the show too.

      Like: Thumb up 6

  16. Mike says

    They better make a second season.i understand the concept of ratings but its hard for a lot of people I know in this economy to have a lot of things like cable.a lot of people I know are working two jobs or living paycheck to paycheck.i myself don’t have cable yet but will get it.i can only watch it on the cw app at the moment but love the show.i have to watch it every is one of the things I look forward to.i hope they make a second season

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 10

  17. edan says

    you know just to tell all of you who commented are all right seriously and to you people who made this show should make another season thats just so stupid not to people r craving to watch it and just that you should know at the last episode of season 1 i cried it was so sad but good and it really depreses me that there isnt another season and i feel sad everyday i cant belive how stupid this is not to make another season its so sad so all of the fans i bet you feel the same way so please whoever made this show up make another season you can even see how we fans need it and if you do well be really thankfull and also youll make more money so please were all begging you to make another season and fast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. says

    I really wish y’all would k d give these new shows a chance. The Tomorrow People is a great show and I don’t want it to be cancelled. I know I’m not the only or eater.

    Like: Thumb up 7

  19. Alex says

    Excellent potentially groundbreaking TV, taking forward a great innovative British 70’s TV show with a modern twist. It had a shaky start but quickly drew loyal viewers in with strong characters and plots.
    This show will gain viewers on a 2nd showing, and already has a loyal early adopter fanbase around the world, for once a US network needs to be brave and just make a 2nd season and schedulers need to give it a more prime slot. To finish now would be a premature end for what could be a great future franchise. I could see a place for the Kyle XY Matt Dallas character to join this show tapping into the fanbase of a similar show that was cancelled way too early leaving viewers frustrated. If the network is shortsighted and cancels, Netflix could have a winner on it’s hands if it could take over the show.

    Like: Thumb up 4

  20. Mac says

    I want a second season only if: Hillary returns, for good. Stephen and Hillary continue their relationship till the end of the show!

    Like: Thumb up 5

      • Jeroen says

        I don’t know that for sure. Cara might actually show a positive change we have been yearning once she starts dating steven. I am however glad to see Our blond hero dating the real hero’s friend!!;)

        Like: Thumb up 4

        • Jeroen says

          But I did like Hillary alot, for sure! I really hated it when she let the bomb go off…..

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  21. says


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  22. Christopher Filis says

    Ohh come on CW… The show has a large number of viewers.. and your main actor is cousine of Arrow.. (justice league will hunt you if you cancel it 😛 ) But seriously we all hope that you maybe change your mind and give this show a chance.. it has a lot of potential.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 10

  23. brittney says

    i pray and hope they make a second season because i love this show and now that it might be cancelled is very sad, its an amazing show ….. please make as season 2

    Like: Thumb up 8

  24. stephen00 says

    ohh come on! ,, The tomorrow people has cancelled.” its official..What the hell?! i can’t believe it..i really love this show and the characters are good too. PLEASE! I AM BEGGING YOU FOR SEASON 2..! IT CAN’T END WITH THIS? a lot of people see it online on the internet every week in europe too…SEASON 2!

    Like: Thumb up 8

  25. OMG says


    Like: Thumb up 7

  26. Joanne Arrindell says

    I get why you didn’t renewed the show. there wasn’t many people watching. but that’s bc the cw is new for us. and it ain’t fair for ALL of us, LOVING the show from ALL over the WORLD. I’m from The Netherlands. I can tell that there are a lot of people loving this show. producers directors actors many more and many more of all kind. Please, I am begging you to let the world see season two. because I KNOW you won’t regret it! I LOVE Y’ALL WITH THE DEEPEST OF MY HEART, MAYBE YOU CAN SHOW ME SOME LOVE TOO. even though it ain’t you heart it will be put in my heart and together we can make people smile EVERY WEEK

    Like: Thumb up 4

    • Jeroen says

      Haha, ik ben net zo goed fan, en ook van Nederland;) SEE GUYS!! Told you, dutch television will definatly crank up your oh so precious ratings!!! Listen to your fans!!

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  27. Claire says

    Love the Tomorrow People also I would definetely like to see a second series…………….It has to be a MUST !!!

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  28. R. Pach says

    The ratings are so misleading. The Tomorrow People following is such a diverse group. Not just kids watching their favorite show after a mediocre school day. I’m a working stiff that has to sneak in each weekly episode on a 13 hour shift via a WiFi connection or flash drive. Then that file is filtered down to everyone in each department that risks getting into hot water for watching it on their monitor or mobile device. It has been a truly dynamic show that leaves one wondering what will happen next. The characters and their acting skills really have you guessing the fate of all parties in question. Who will survive? Who will prevail? Cancel The 100 instead. The only question there is who is Octavia going to make out with in the next episode. Not worth an entire season. Truly trash TV.

    Like: Thumb up 6

    • Jeroen says

      I concur, I agree I am definitly picking up what he’s putting down. The actors of The Tomorrow People are THAT good, they leave us all wondering who’s the real bad guy, who is the real hero and most of all, what is the real deal with the relationships between them! It’s dynamic and makes you curious. I showed just the first episode to a friend. He liked it, and knowing him that means something;)

      Second season = a good move. Trust me. I know everything. Ok no I don’t but I am an artist, a musician. I have a neck for creativity and this one is good!!

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  29. Sofi says

    Who do u think you are cancelling the tomorrow people.Please I beg you don’t cancel tomorrow people I love that show so much and u don’t understand how much I love it so please please please don’t cancel it please bring more season like go to season five please don’t cancel it I love you so much you’re not going to get more ratings by cancelling it

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  30. Jamie says

    I can’t believe this was canceled loved the show and really started to get good I really hope this is just their way of hyping up the ratings

    Like: Thumb up 4

  31. Zozugirl says

    Hay all the fans want it contenued and since we pay to see it the costimer is always right you have millions of fans and you are letting us all down if you cancle it please reconsider . When the word gets out that it is gonna get renewed you get more viewers then ever. I have seen alot os serieses thes is one of the best . And all of then had it hard the first year so reconsider please you will make millions of people very happy. Thanks IF you read this eventhough you might not read it at all. Because if after you read this you don’t change your mind then you didn’t read it at all . WE ALL LOVE THE TOMORROW PEOPLE . Please keep it going?

    Like: Thumb up 4

  32. Jeroen says

    Oh man… How could they continue The 100 and cancel The Tomorrow People?! TP is so much better, with clever twists and an increasingly better acting cast, as for the 100.. I gave it a shot. I’m sorry, I’ve seen better acting, I’ve seen better settings and I’ve seen and read better stories. I hate to say that as I thought it would’ve been a promising show, but I gave up on it after the first 2 episodes. Perhaps they turned out better after a few episodes and they might deserve that second season, but it is an utterly wrong move cancelling TP, I know that for sure. I’m a fan, couldn’t wait what the next episode had to tell me about the last cliffhanger! So don’t let this be a cliffhanger. Someone please make sure this series continues, it’s a smart move. Get it on dutch TV and you’ll have me hanging in front of it every time they air!

    Like: Thumb up 3

  33. shakur says

    I like the tomorrow people it’s my favorite show to watch I hope they make a second season.

    Like: Thumb up 4

  34. miller says

    im madly in luv wd dz season please dnt cancel it, please do well to continue wd d season 2….plsssss

    Like: Thumb up 4

  35. kelly says

    The tomorrow people is the best show iv ever seen thay should make a season 2. I loved the show that much and couldn’t wait to watch the next episode.

    Like: Thumb up 4

  36. CJ says

    I doubt their methods of determining what shows are most liked or most watched are even accurate – it probably doesn’t include those that record it on DVR and watch it later. They renew garbage and then cancel the good stuff. What a joke. Tomorrow People was the best 1st season show this year.

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  37. Imani says

    I love love this show I really hope they have a season 2 I will die if they don’t. Every time the tomorrow people came on I’d be all in the TV I’m in love with this show. They need to bring it back they crazy if they don’t

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  38. Josephine says

    I can’t let the tomorrow people end!! I REALLY love that show!!! Favorite of all time!!

    Like: Thumb up 5

  39. Lisa says

    Please don’t cancel the tomorrow people it’s a fantasic show it just got really good, you seem to end these shows just when I’m getting right into it.
    The secret circle was cancelled and it really annoyed me so please don’t do it to the tomorrow people please let there be a second series.

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  40. Justin says

    I’m never gonna watch any shows by CW ever again. I have them. They never listen to the fans. I hope they burn in hell.

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  41. marie says

    I have watched this from day one I have never got stuck into a series so quick absolutely love tomorrow people fingers crossed they carry on

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  42. says

    Its amazing how great shows like this one get cancelled after ONE

    1. Heroes (Although I hear its coming back…. thank god!)
    2. No Ordinary Family
    3. Tomorrow People

    WT heck!!??

    Its probably because the age of DVR and TIVO, people
    skip commercials and these shows can’t survive. All
    the special effects are expensive and cost a TON of
    money to invest in these shows.

    They would need TONS of people to buy stuff from the
    advertisers in order for their budget to last.

    It makes sense why these shows only last ONE season.

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  43. Sav says


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  44. marcus says

    So they have cancelled season 2. Apparently the reason is that it isnt internationally beneficial. Why dont these people wake up and realise the world is fed up with buying into american tv only to find out its another 1 season wonder. I enjoyed the tomorrow people but how many times does this happen. American tv… can keep it!

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  45. Kelly says

    You can’t cancel it after the first season because we’ll never know what happens to john? That’s just stupid. You can’t leave a show finish like that. You need at least one more season.

    Like: Thumb up 6

  46. says

    I am upset that there will be no more I know a lot of people who watch the tomorrow people and I love it so do they I am 13 and I know people younger then me who like it they are like 11 and they cried when they found out it was the end I am upset I am crying and I was cry 4 weeks ago when I found out there are more people then u think who watch we would be so upset and I just won’t to say if u end it I won’t watch anymore tv I only watch that coz my sisters have the tv all the time I never get to watch anything that is all I get to watch in a week think of how ur fans will feel if u end the tomorrow people think about it this way if u lost someone in ur family u would be upset and u would do anything for them think of how we would feel the tomorrow people are our family and we love them all and we don’t won’t to loose people who we love take it from me I know how it feels to loose family so don’t make me loose even more I would anything for there to be at least 4 seasons if not then I could cope with 3 or 2 maybe but not 1 u have ended it where people will think there will be another one so u have to keep on going so we no what happens to them I don’t mean to upset anyone but this is how I feel and I am sorry if this upset u but this is how upset I am

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  47. corina says

    In from Italy , the tomorrow peaple is great, why they don’t do a sondage international and ask what they think about the season 1. What u think

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  48. David says

    I am 59 years old and I loved this show! I am so fed up with good shows being cancelled I am going to do like my brother and son, I will no longer watch new shows until they are on for more than one season then watch them on the internet. You have lost another tv watcher. I will think twice about watching any cw shows.

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  49. Mary says

    Just watched the pilot, thought it was great and was hoping to find whole of season 1 on Netflix (I am in the UK), not only do I find that they do not have this, I discover season 2 has been cancelled?? what is wrong with these people, don’t they know a good interesting programme when they see it, or would they rather produce the usual trash that comes out of USA, Friends and all the associated spin offs. Gosh I just don’t believe it ! Well I think the actors should come to the UK and we will make season 2 here – any takers producers out there??? another thing , doesn’t the lead guy look awfully like a young Tom Cruise – another great reason not to cancel it – come on USA networks get your act together please!

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  50. A Taylor says

    There should defiantly be another season, I’ve only started watching it, I’m on episode 12 and I love it. Just because The Tomorrow People didn’t get enough viewings in season 1 doesn’t mean that nobody will watch season 2,3,4….Who says that it wont get millions of viewers by season 3 or whatever season it is. I bet there are plenty of people who would love this show who haven’t even discovered it yet, weather because its not on Netflix yet, if they don’t have the channel it is showed on because its not on DVD yet, it might just be on there list of things to do, who knows?. It should at least be given a chance. After all nobody thought that One Tree Hill would even last a season but somehow made it through 9 seasons and had millions of viewers. I live in the UK and our TV series aren’t half as good as American shows. Just give it a chance!

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  51. Mohammed Ameen says

    we really hope that you guys make a new season on tomorrow people ….cz it was awesome really hope that it comes out soon dying to see what happens next >_<

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  52. Bernie says

    After getting giving us this drug called The Tomorrow People, you just decide to cancel the show.. fans like me in South Africa are disappointed at this moment.. just get us our Season 2, that’s all we want…. #TTP

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  53. Jenny says

    PLEEEAAASSSE don’t cancel Tomorrow People, my teenagers love it, I love it, our friends love it.
    Why would you cancel a show that is so great?
    Not as much international appeal, rubbish!!! So much better than stupid Beauty.

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  54. Marie-Soleil ouellette says

    The tomorrow people is a wonderful show! the actors are amazing….!<3 please we want a season 2!

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  55. Louie says

    This was a great series with a fantastic ending to season 1 and what an opening for season 2. Come on bring it back.

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  56. says

    If they cancel The tomorrow people I will be so annoyed. The first season fished on a huge cliff hanger, this is my favourite show plz don’t cancel it!

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  57. Sim says

    Bring it back I Miss this show. Best show I’ve seen in a while. the suspense was great. It kept me on my toes/

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  58. in the name of the biggest tomorrow people fans says

    It’s not fair ! getting this killer serie over !
    It’s one of the greatest serie I have ever followed just to give you how implicated I was I watched the whole season 1 in just 3 day I just went from one episode to another this is how good I think the serie was and would have been … the producers the directors the actors all of the crew did an amazing job because it’s the first serie I watched on and on without breaking down !!! I think it’s just not fair that the fans don’t get more to eat on … This serie was a buzz kill !!! I just found out about this serie four days ago … I’m french and I may am the biggest fans they have got and they are shutting the program that interest me the most I don’t know what on earth will I do as there is no season 2 I am so disappointed in whatever caused the end of the serie !!! How could we (fans) get a new season ? It mustn’t be so hard right ? If anyone has ideas please report …

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  59. Nikit says

    The show is really fantastic. You guys should have to make second season bcoz we all love to watch it and we are die hard fan of this show..

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  60. Jimmy says

    BOO CW for cancelling this show. The story was fantastic and was getting interesting and developed! I can’t believe you cancelled that over some of the other programs you keep running. Give it a chance go for another season . Was so disappointed today when I found out it was not coming back. Time to check the other channels for better content.

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  61. thomas moulds says

    Please bring bk the tomorrow people really miss watching it. Keep watching season 1 on e4 can’t get enough off it

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  62. The Abyss Dweller says

    It is truly saddening that this show stops at a single season. One of the few reasons to come out of the dark. Especially after all the focus they put on the leading actors. But then again they did a similar ordeal to firefly and the fans pushed on that as well and they a movie was made late on. Just saw that they canceled the tomorrow people, star crossed and, might i say good riddance to the carry diaries. But they’re keeping around two vampire teen soap operas. What a trade off. It would be much better if they could get a real sense of how many people watched this show instead of just a handful of a focus group, maybe an online survey would work better before canceling a show. Leaning towards the cost being the deciding factor with the affects required for the show. I did see a pole though that showed 49% of the people thought that the Tomorrow People was the greatest loss of the three listed above.

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  63. says

    I have to say that I was really disappointed when I heard the news that the series was going to be cancelled. It was one of my favorite shows to watch. It’s really terrible when a show stops at a single season. Thank god there’s so many other series I guess. Just a matter of finding another one what I like. Thanks for the great site. Keep up the good work :)

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  64. Hypababe & Hypahippy says

    We both watch The Tomorrow’s People every week most of our friends also Watch it even my Mum watches it and she’s 75 and Loves it like we all do. There is nothing else quite like it, Please Please Make More We All Love it and am sure the whole of the UK will too.. Thanks for your time.. From the Tomorrow Never Comes Crew, Thanks. ; – )

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  65. Johan says

    Brilliant series, too sad that there isn’t anybody else that can write the storyline further, 3rd time this series is ended at season one,

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  66. Zuleha says

    Don’t cancel the tommorow people plz, its good and fantastic, i luv the characters, especially Robbie Amell, Peyton List.

    Like: Thumb up 4

  67. Bryan says

    Seriously? Cancelled ?

    I’m from the Netherlands and was following the series (No international attention?).

    I guess it’s time to wait for a season 2 before watching any of the tv shows that is released by CW.

    – Bryan

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    • says

      Yep, the message all these stupid TV execs are giving when they cancel great shows like this after first season is for people NOT to watch anything until they prove they are going to invest more into the series. And they wonder why TV ratings suck.

      I may have to refuse to watch anything until it has 5 or more seasons out unless it is a Netflix or Amazon original. I didn’t watch LOST until it was completed and published on Netflix. I can’t tell you how many awesome SciFi shows I have watched one or two seasons of only to be thoroughly disappointed because some egghead bean counter gave it the axe.

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  68. alex says

    To the world and editor of this page,
    I’m watching season 1 on Netflix and I’m not very far episode 5 or so, but this has been one of the better shows I’ve seen. The powers are like the movie Jumper which everyone liked, but as a show so the characters can be developed farther. The story is like Supernatural, them starting out trying to find their dad. Everything is going in a good direction, the bond they have is like that of the Roswell characters. Canceling shows only every leads to utter disappointment. When Chuck was about to be cancel after season 2 i believe it would never have grown into my favorite show, the love Sarah and Chuck have is one of the greatest TV love stories ever. Let The Tomorrow People become one of these great shows. Let Stephen become the hero he’s destined to become. Take a chance that with the first season on Netflix that people will talk and this shows viewer rating will soar. Give them one more chance, don’t make them like Firefly, because when you have a cast like that, that works so perfectly off of each other you can’t cancel the show. When I watch it I don’t feel like I’m in my living room I feel like on of the tomorrow people, I feel like a hero. We can all be heroes just for one day, just as long as this show stays on air . Sincerely, Alex

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  69. says

    Please i want the season 2 of the tomorrow people i just loovveee this show one of the best one till the date, best story line best characters best everything everything was just perfect , want a season 2 of this show pleeaassseee it is just aweesoommee nd the tomorrow people festinated me from the first episode nd make me wanted to see more i follow every repeat of the tomorrow people want a season 2 please ?

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  70. says

    What are these tv execs smoking?!?!? This is an awesome sci-fi fantasy show. I could see it going for multiple seasons easily. I hope the SciFi channel, Netflix or Amazon syndicates this one and CW doesn’t get a single penny of the revenue.

    It did start out a little weak, but it hooked me in the more I watched it on Netflix and I ended up binging on it from episode 1 to the end of season 1 in less than a week’s time.

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  71. Ron says

    Sorry to hear that Tomorrow People is being cancelled. I have been watching season 1 on Netflix and just came up with two new ideas for episodes. I love Sci Fi and have come up with several plots with dialogue.

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  72. D.CRUTCHER says

    i watched the whole episode all 22 in one day i couldnt walk away , big scifi fanatic and it kept me all the way to the end , i think that roger should come back since his brother has his DNA , i hope that john remembers his crew ,i want him and carra to reunite and that stephen falls in love with his best friend. i hope jedikhias baby is born with an ability , i hope they lock jedi in a mental facility where they do experiments on him i want stephens mother joins partners with hhhis dad and they kick ass ,from the ones that are left out from jedi turning them ,and that the lil brother gets powers ,at the end of the season they begin to lose powers one by one and become human

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  73. Snell says

    love this show i watched the whole series in one weekend on netflix so please please do not cancel it, it could be the next teen wolf.

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  74. Amy says

    What about his brother I want to know I was wait for this for ever I watched the hole season in one week was edited and now what do you do go and cancel it thr tomorrow people was my fav show AAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!

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  75. says

    Do you think season two (2015-2016 season) would be pick up by Netflix or Amazon Prime or Xbox Live or Syfy or CBS this year? I mean, look at Baywatch. It came back for a second season (1991-1992 season) by another network. And now NBC is bringing Heroes back this year. So, they should do the same thing with The Tomorrow People.

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  76. dorian says

    Renew it!! Or at very least, give it to another network, or a writer to do some books. Give us some closure to the story!!! I loved Tomorrow people, this is so wrong was cancelled after only one season.

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  77. nicky says

    I hope they make another season because for that was first tv show that I have ever seen that the 1 episode is interesting. hop they make another season.

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  78. aNaea says

    I just finished this show on Metflix and I hope they make a Season 2 o dont understand why Good shows are canceled and Lame ones arent… This is driving me Banananas

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  79. Ashley says

    There needs to be a second season we need to set up a campaign to get the company to do one guys.

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  80. Santana says

    At least u got 2 million views we watched it because we loved it plz have it back
    Thanks for season 1

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  81. says

    This show is by far the best TV show your company has ever produced. Make a second season and I guarantee that your ratings and flow will double by the end of the second season. Make a big release about season two like everyone knows what season one is, and then put up season 1’s episodes free to watch on your site uncomplicated.

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