Tim Kring Wont Stop the Heroes Bandwagon

Last month we reported our worst nightmare (well, worst after being eaten by a pack of squirrels) that creator Tim Kring was trying to convince NBC to bring Heroes back for another piece of serialized pie in the form of a mini series or movie.

Apparently, he’s still pleading the case.

Now, I have nothing against Kring. He injected a dash of wonder and fantasy into the genre with the first season of Heroes. But the show just didn’t move on from that point. They were always vocal in laudingĀ Heroes ‘quick answer formula’ over the Lost‘s ‘slow boil approach’, yet they used up all of those answers so fast that they didn’t have any intriguing stories left by the time the first season ended!

So my beef with Heroes is not because they tried, but because in the end it had a very limited in scope and lived on the glory of the first season. I also disliked the fact that no-one ever ‘really’ died in that show – especially that wretched cheerleader! Then there’s the time-travel contrivances, and the unbelievable character turns. I could go on but you can see where my problems with the show lie.

The fact that these problems were not ironed-out in the final season gives me little hope that there will be any improvement in a mini-series or, god forbid, a movie. What good can come of such a project? According to Kring, he wants to do it for the fans.

“I strongly believe that theĀ Heroes universe is a very big and very potent brand. It is for the fans that we feel that [Heroes] should continue.”

While I realize that there are fans of the show who would love for it to continue, I think the most important word in the above quote was “brand”. There’s still money left in Heroes – but can it excel creatively in a mini-series or movie? I have my doubts. Kring, however, remains “hopeful” that NBC will see it his way.

Like I’ve always said, I’d love to be proved wrong. If this Heroes rebirth happens and it’s a success, I’ll be the first in line to offer my congratulations. I want serialized shows to succeed, but the space doesn’t need to go backwards, in my view.


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