Tim Kring On Clea’s Touch Future, Where Heroes Story WOULD Have Gone In Season 5


Tim Kring talks about the second season of Touch and the chances of Clea and Avram returning. He also talks about ending of Heroes, where the story would have gone in Season 5, and a Heroes movie would have been viable.

The first season of Touch ended with Jake and Martin escaping the clutches of Aster Corp., with Clea’s (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) future involvement in the main storyline in some doubt, particularly with the introduction of Maria Bello‘s Lucy Robbins.

Speaking to Assignment X about the second season, Kring suggests Clea’s journey might indeed be at an end:

We leave it that she certainly can come back, and it’s certainly open [for her] to come back, but [Martin and Jake’s lives are] now in a very different place with a very different set of circumstances. If you look at Season One as a whole, after seeing the season finale, you’ll realize that really the season is about what’s going to happen to Jake vis-à-vis this board and care facility that he’s in and who is interested. So we start the pilot with, “They’ve taken my son away from me” and we end the season with, “I take my son and run like hell.” That was Season One. And Gugu’s character as the social worker involved in that child custody issue wraps that story up and becomes an integral part of his escape, and so that character has come to an end. That’s not to say that she can’t fold back into the story, but that’s not where we’re heading.”

However, Kring is more committed to the idea of bringing Bohdi Elfman‘s Avram back next season, citing him as more integral to the overarching story:

That’s a different story, because he’s very tied to the mythology and the serialized nature of the show, and we would love to have him back, and if we can make that happen, I have the intention to make that happen.

Kring has promised a more serialized Touch in Season 2 — one way he hopes to achieve this is by making the standalone stories serve more tightly as metaphors for the larger struggle:

This idea of these satellite stories that connect the world, that act as a kind of metaphor each week for the idea that we’re all connected, is something that is very much the heart and soul of the show. And you add to that this sort of underlying tension of, “I’m worried about what’s going to happen to these characters that I love and care for.” I think that’s the recipe for the second season.

[..] I love the continuing story of the two Japanese girls, our Harajuku girls, as we call them. And so I think a lot of what the second season will do is weave some of those satellite stories into the main narrative a bit more consistently.

Kring also spoke about his former NBC series Heroes — he’s happy with the way the story ended (Claire publicly coming out about her powers), and outlines where the story would have gone in Season 5:

[The] truth is, we knew we wanted to end that season with that coming-out, basically, with Claire jumping eighty feet off of that [construction site], duplicating the first scene of the pilot. It was basically a duplication of her scene in the pilot, except now it was public for the world. We felt that if that had to be the ending, that was an interesting bookend. But what we were really looking forward to was the next season. We were going to start a year later and tell the story about what had happened in the previous year now that all of them were out of the closet, which was a very interesting idea and something that I think we could pick up and do whatever.

Kring believes that Heroes was big enough for a wrap up movie, something he feels would have been viable:

I would have gladly done that. I felt that the fans deserved it and I also felt that it was an extremely viable brand [in] the last full year that we were on the air, 2009. That was the last calendar year that we were on the air. That year, we were the Number One most downloaded show in the world, above LOST and above 24. We were the Number Three most-DVRed show on television. We sold 1.7 million units of DVDs worldwide and we were the Number One most streamed show. And then four episodes later, we were canceled, because our ratings were [lower than they had been]. And the truth is, those things are actually related to one another. Our ratings had fallen because we were the Number One most downloaded show in the world.  In other words, there was a very viable audience out there – they just were not watching it on TV. Heroes is probably the only successful superhero brand ever launched outside of the DC and Marvel universe. And somebody like a Comcast or Universal I’m sure would have liked to have one of those.

Source: Assignment X

On the Touch front, I can see why Clea’s character might be phased out given the way the season ended, still, it will be somewhat sad to say goodbye to Clea who, while never quite fulfilling her promise, provided an important link in the story — hope to see Mbatha-Raw on another seriable story in the future.

Touch continues this fall on Fridays at 8pm on FOX

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    Someone’s telling lies here because in the last episode ‘Martin’ said he’d see ‘Clea’, so what exactly happened here? All three actors had wonderful ‘chemistry’, so what went wrong? Any way since Gugu isn’t returning then I’m definitely out as well. It seems like this will turn into a ’24’ type of show, and I’m just not into that right now. I’ll buy Season 1 DVD but leave the rest of this alone, it was good while it lasted.

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