Tim Kring: HEROES Would Have ‘Gone Home’ Sooner With Today’s Bubble Show Numbers


Tim Kring believes his 2010-cancelled serial drama Heroes would have “gone home” sooner if it hit the ratings levels of some of this season’s performers.

Commenting on this season’s primetime ratings slump, which has seen low-rated series renewed or still in with a shot at renewal, Kring, who’s new drama Touch has also found itself on the bubble, believes “it’s amazing [ratings are] down as much as [they are] across the board”

Kring implies that his cancelled sci-fi series Heroes may have faced the axe a lot sooner if it drew similar ratings to many of today’s bubble shows:

“You’re having to recalibrate in your mind what these numbers mean each week. If we had hit any of these numbers on Heroes we would have gone home and curled up in the fetal position.”

More so than last season, there seems to be an increasing number of factors that go into deciding the fate of a primetime show, particularly the serialized variety, which often perform well timeshifted. Other factors include — is it a international success? Who produces the show? Can the license fee be reduced? How noisy are the fanbase? How much of its lead-in does it retain? Is it critically acclaimed? Does the network like it? How does the show perform against its competition? And so on.

It wont help Heroes, but today’s ratings landscape may just ‘encourage’ advertisers and networks to look at bit harder at where, when and how¬† audiences are watching their favorite shows.

Source: TV Guide

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