Those Who Kill Cancelled Or Renewed For Season 2?


Those Who Kill Cancelled Or Renewed for Season 2?

Status: Those Who Kill cancelled by LMN after one season.

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Keep an eye on this page as we bring you rolling updates on the cancellation/renewal status of the A&E LMN serial killer drama.

Status: LMN has yet to cancel or renew Those Who Kill for Season 2. Stay tuned for ongoing updates below.


  • March 25 – A&E has moved Those Who Kill to sister network Lifetime Movie Network in what is being billed as a relaunch of the series. New episodes will air Sundays 10/9c.
  • March 12Those Who Kill appears to have edged towards the cancellation trapdoor after the network pulls it from the schedule.

Those Who Kill Season 1 Ratings

Episode18-49 Key DemoViewers (millions)
1.01 Pilot0.51.43
1.02 "The Way Home"0.30.83
1.03 "Rocking the Boat"0.34
1.04 "Sunday0.63
1.05 "Souvenirs"0.72
1.06 "Always After"0.76
1.07 "A Safe Place"0.80
1.08 "Insomnia"0.45
1.09 "Untethered"0.75
1.10 "Surrender" (Series Finale)

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  1. Jack says

    Eh…I liked the story but the acting is AWFUL. Chloe Sevigny just doesn’t sell me on anything. She has no range, shows no emotion, and always makes the same face. And the scene where she picks up the dad at the kid’s place (and the scene at her place that follows)? Is that supposed to be sexy? Ugh. I’m not sure what you are going for here but you lost me. I doubt I will keep watching. I do like the idea but can’t get past the lead.

    Like: Thumb up 1

  2. rachel says

    Please don’t cancel this show! I was upset to see that it was bumped and won’t be aired tonight as normal!

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 15

  3. Superman says

    WTF??? A&E is going to air CULT Shi+ like “sister wives”, but they’re going to cancel AWESOME stories like “Those who Kill”? A&E BLOWS WART PENISES…..this is why I watch AMC because STORY MATTERS @ AMC. DON’T CANCEL IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 19

  4. says

    It figures ,everytime I like a new show something goes wrong, after 2 episodes, u kiding me,, put it on another night at 900pm,, Some YOUNG CORPORATE AH, PPULLED THE PLUG GET IT BACK ON,,,

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 11

      • Jamie says

        Bring it back!!!! I was hooked from the first episode. It was about to be my new favorite show. What a huge disappointment A&E! :-(

        Well-loved.: Thumb up 11

        • chris musico says

          I loved this show. you didn’t give the show a chance. awesome ! we loved it! please give it more time.

          Like: Thumb up 4

      • justuz says

        Why would you cancel such a good show..i loved it and the finale had me on the edge of my seat…DEFINITELY SHOULD BRING IT BACK!!

        Like: Thumb up 9

    • Ed says

      My wife and I were disappointed because we were in episode 3. Doesn’t surprise me though because Chloe Sevigny could never remember her lines. I lost count after she blew about 20 takes for the same line.

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  5. jeff gardner says

    Save this show, It’s so much better than all of this reality shit with no story…just the same ole drama with the same ole families…the human race is going brain dead when it comes too entertainment now a days, what a shame..

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 11

  6. Sarah Turner says

    DON’T CANCEL THIS SHOW!!! It is one of the few good shows that are on this season! You show crap over and over again but you want to take this off the schedule? You don’t know when you have a good thing. We aren’t used to getting anything worth watching on A&E so it might take some time to get a steady audience.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 15

  7. Bailey says

    I mean give it at least 5 shows geesh. 2 shows and it’s gone like wtf. What are you doing a&e?? Bates motel and those who kill are the best shows on your network hands down.

    Like: Thumb up 7

    • Darren says

      There were ten episodes, which cancelling that many makes this decision even worse! Dumbass executives

      Like: Thumb up 0

  8. Mel says

    Why can’t the network give this show a chance. It’s only been two episodes. The series has a great cast and will find a following, give it some time. Word of mouth is a powerful thing but it takes time and patience.

    Like: Thumb up 7

  9. chris welsh says


    Like: Thumb up 9

  10. Elva says

    I don’t understand how this series is cancelled and all the reality shows and reruns are still on! Big mistake A&E!! I hope Lifetime picks it up! I’ll be watching out for it!

    Like: Thumb up 5

  11. Hanna Mercer says

    This show is freakin AMAZING. Don’t cancel. Can’t cancel. P.S. don’t know how anyone can accuse this show of bad acting…

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 11

  12. Teresa says

    A&E come on already. Renew this show for season 2 and air it on LMN since you are too stupid to keep it for yourself!!!! Your network is notorious for canceling GREAT shows before the storyline is completed. Examples: Glades and Memphis Beat.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 13

  13. christy says

    PLEASE RENEW TH iS AWESOME SHOW!!! People with brains understand the underlying themes and it is good drama!!! Plus, I happen to like the characters/acting! Stop pulling good shows and dumbing down the country with “reality” (what a joke!) tv!! Just bc it takes people longer to catch on to this type of series than a trailer park resident catching on to WWE does not mean it should be pulled!!! Geez. Season two please!!!!!

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 11

  14. Elizabeth says

    Yes, it started off maybe a little slow and not appealing for some; but the pace picked up and it is actually very interesting. Chloe’s character is supposed to be a little odd…look at the childhood trauma that molded her life. Like all mother’s of abusive husbands/dads, they always have an idea but for some reason it does not seem real to them so they do not confront it head on until it is too late. I think this show is just awesome, and the rating will continue to sky-rocket after that last episode where Howard is in his home holding a gun and Chloe running in after she found out that Howard really did kill her brother and mother. He destroyed an entire family. If she asks the community if they had any sons/brothers/fathers who encountered Howard they would all come forth and shame him into a confession.

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  15. Gini says

    I agree with others comments, it started a little slow but more than made up for it as the season went on. Love this show, please bring it back.

    Like: Thumb up 6

  16. Beckie winchester says

    I loved the show. I love serial killer books, stories not real serial killer stuff, and I thought the show was good. It kept me on my toes. I’ve talked others into watching it…give it a chance…one more season on LMN!!,

    Like: Thumb up 7

  17. Rick says

    I really enjoyed Those Who Kill. Brilliant and captivating crime drama that draws you in and keeps you wondering what will happen next. Chloe’s (Catherine) character is flawed, damaged by an abusive childhood which has resulted in her cutting herself and seeking out sleazy encounters with strangers. She is a tenacious and obsessive homicide investigator, however, and that is what counts. There is Thomas, who risks losing his family and his sanity by helping Catherine and the Pittsburgh PD hunt down sadistic serial killers. The captain, who nearly ends up firing Catherine several times, but knows he really needs her on the job. I’d love to see a second season, but I’m not holding out hope.

    Like: Thumb up 6

  18. joy says

    Please renew Those Who Kill. This show is one of the only shows I watch. Plse plse renew. I hv to know what happens to all the characters. Most shows I could care less.

    Like: Thumb up 4

  19. jean says

    Please PLEASE! Renew another season! All the garbage shows out there and this one rocks and they think they may pull it!!!! I am hooked and can’t wait for another show and season…I will be lost waiting…..the cliff hanger left me speechless…..kudos to the producers, actors etc. You definitely have a fan base out there!

    Like: Thumb up 6

  20. Sherry Bulluck says

    Please don’t cancel this show! One of the best on TV–the Season Finale was stunning–please bring it back!!!!

    Like: Thumb up 4

  21. Lesa Fox says

    are you frikin kidding me??? this series was so well written it sucks you in and keeps you hanging on till mext episode and the damn cliff hanger is so intense that now there is no season 2 frikin sucks!!! there are so many stupid dumb tv shows on and the cancel one of the only great ones on!!!??? un frikin believable

    Like: Thumb up 7

  22. Judy says

    Please do not cancel this show. I loved the 1st season. Glad that LMN was the one to take it over. I loved every episode it has you on your toes. As a LMN watcher it completes the line up of great shows. Please dont leave me hanging air season 2.


    Like: Thumb up 3

  23. DG says

    OH NO! THIS SERIES WAS GREAT! HOW COULD THEY END ON A NOTE LIKE THAT AND NOT RENEW?! I guess the show was too intelligent for the general population. Ugh.

    Like: Thumb up 6

    • says

      One of the best on TV. A& E pulled it and leave on Duck Dynasty? Unfortunately some people don’t like to use their brain when watching TV. Let LMN keep it on.

      Like: Thumb up 4

  24. Daria says

    This show tried too hard to be edgy and cool. It was laughably predictable. A waste of some good talent, but they’ll do better things from now on I’m sure.

    Like: Thumb up 0

    • Diane says

      Your comment sucks wind!! There are more people than you who understand this program. If your having trouble go watch CARTOON NETWORK! !!

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  25. peggy ,s.c says

    Don’t cancel this great show.a&e it’s official i now whatch nothing on yoir crappy tv station. You can keep that sh_t show duck dynasty and storage wars. You call that entertaiment, please listen to the people, we love this show. Bad enough you took the glades off the air, another bad choice.

    Like: Thumb up 2

  26. Shauna says

    Omg..u cant possibly care about the viewers! Why does the BS stay on television and all the good shows get the boot?! Screw A&E.. let another network have the show dammit!! WTF??

    Like: Thumb up 0

  27. Diane says

    Really enjoy watching Those Who Kill. This show was filmed at the Italian Club by my home . Please don’t cancel this show!!!

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  28. Out_o_pocket says

    A & E….The same dick-wads that cancelled Longmire…..Hey Dick-Wads, I hear Honey Boo-Boo is available……

    Like: Thumb up 0

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