THE X-FILES Mythology Guide: Fight the Future

The X-Files: Fight the Future
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“He’s but one man. One man alone cannot fight the future”


Not many serialized shows get to enjoy a cinematic outing but The X-Files was one of the few, delivering a mythology-rich two hours with more impressive action than a normal two-parter could offer. The movie slots in between seasons five and six and is focused solely on the Grey Aliens’ plans for colonization and how that changes when the Syndicate learns about the discovery of a new form of Black Oil. Although it doesn’t give answers for every mystery it does clarify the Syndicate’s position with the alien colonists and gives us some more insight into how the colonization is going to take place.

What we learn

The X-Files Mythology Guide: Fight the Future

  • The Black Oil

The inconsistent behavior of the Black Oil and its true nature has been something of a mystery over the course of the series but the movie goes some way to explaining it. It becomes apparent that the Black Oil is the blood of the Grey Aliens who were on Earth in 35,000BC. They are said to have been the first inhabitants of the earth. While the Well-Manicured Man explains that the effects of the Black Oil are that it takes control of its host body (as seen in Season 3’s ‘Piper Maru’ and ‘Apocrypha’) the strain of the oil which has been lying dormant underground has evolved so that it not only controls the body but it uses it as an incubator, gestating into an alien. The only ones who would be immune to the effects of the oil are the alien/human hybrids. However, when stung by the bee carrying the unevolved form of the Black Oil Scully neither becomes host to an alien, nor does she turn into an alien zombie, but collapses in pain. She’s rescued by Mulder before we get to see the full effect of her infection. The Well-Manicured Man’s comments in the car suggest that the vaccine has to be administered within 96 hours of infection to be effective, though what happens after this period is not clear.

  • Colonization

Bees and mutated crops have already been revealed in the series as a means of spreading a virus which would aid colonization, in Season 4’s ‘Herrenvolk’. This time we see transgenic corn crops which have been developed so that when the bees pollinate them they become carriers of an alien virus, a form of the Black Oil. The plan for colonization would involve releasing the aggressive bees when the time comes for the aliens to take over. Under the influence of the regular strain of the Black Oil, humans would just become controlled by the oil. However the concern is that if the mutated variant of the virus spread then the human race would be wiped out completely and replaced with Grey Aliens.

  • The Syndicate

In Season Five we learned that the two alien factions, the Colonists and the Rebels, were at war and that the Syndicate were unsure of who to side with. It’s clarified further that they were only helping the Grey Aliens with their plans for colonization in order to buy time and secretly develop a vaccine that will work against the effects of the Black Oil. The weak vaccine is shown to be successful, healing Scully and causing the Grey Aliens to remove their facility from its hiding place in Antarctica. This suggests that resistance is possible against the colonists though it doesn’t change the Syndicate’s plan. After their testing area, two white domes surrounded by corn fields, is discovered in the desert outside of Dallas it is destroyed and set up again in Tunisia, Africa.

  • The Grey Aliens

The movie might not clear up the exact difference between the Grey Aliens/Colonists and the Alien Rebels but it does at least shine some light on the origins of the Grey Aliens. It becomes clear that the Greys have been on the Earth since at least 35,000 BC. While the aliens in 35,000 BC have Black Oil for blood the alien human/hybrids and shape-shifters seen in the TV show bleed green when they’re shot or they’re necks are pierced. Their appearance is also different in the movie, less cute and more predatory with sharp claws, to what we’ve seen before. We also learn that one of their flying saucers has been lying beneath the ice in Antarctica, a facility that would appear to be home to aliens encased in fluid filled pods.

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    • Mark Jones says

      Thanks, getting to grips with the mythology has been a lot of work but a lot of fun as well. I’m looking forward to see what the comic books bring to the table mythology-wise (I still need to check them out).

      And awesome website and Mytharc Primer, some really good info there, that’s been added to my X-Files bookmark folder :)

      Like: Thumb up 2

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