THE WIRE SEASON 6? Creator David Simon Responds


Creator David Simon responds to calls for a sixth season of The Wire.

Speaking at a drug policy event in Washington last Tuesday, attorney general Eric Holder made a light-hearted appeal to David Simon for another season of The Wire.

Simon’s response? Well, let’s just say that you might have to keep dusting off those old DVDs for a while yet.

In an attempt to resurrect The Wire, attorney general Eric Holder made the following plea to creator David Simon:

“I want to speak directly to [Co-creator Ed] Burns and Mr. Simon: Do another season of The Wire,” [..] I want another season or I want a movie. I have a lot of power Mr. Burns and Mr. Simon.”

This inspired The Wire creator David Simon to respond with the following email:

The Attorney-General’s kind remarks are noted and appreciated. I’ve spoken to Ed Burns and we are prepared to go to work on season six ofThe Wire if the Department of Justice is equally ready to reconsider and address its continuing prosecution of our misguided, destructive and dehumanising drug prohibition.

I think that says what we already knew: chances of The Wire Season 6 are incredibly slim.

The Wire premiered on June 2, 2002 and ended its five season, 60-episode run on March 9, 2008. The Wire is regarded by many to be one of the best serialized television shows of all-time.

Source: Trans Atlantic Wire

Would you want a sixth series of The Wire? How do you think it will fare in today’s seriable TV landscape?

Thanks to Dash for sending this through.

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  1. Jay Martin says

    Please make a sixth series of The wire I watched all 5 series in 3-4 days if you kept making series of the wire. I no id be kept of the streets cause its too interesting to do anything else !

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        • Mr 9310 says

          The have to bring a season 6 at least. That’ll be a bullshit ass ending, Chris gets life, Snoops got whacked by lil homie and marlo skates on a bogus illegal wire tapping charge. Really?

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          • flexxx says

            What ending would you prefer? A ‘happier’ one?!
            It is what it is yo, there’s never gonna be a satisfying ending cause the whole thing was built on reality ain’t it?!? I found it conclusive. On the other hand the game just goes on and on and on…….

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  2. says

    plz plz plz do season 6 make it go out wiv a bang. Let me set u a challenge….. make it bigger better and more fab than all the other seasons if its possible and if u dare!!!!!

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  3. Steve says

    I wish, best show i ever saw, but thats how the buck rolls the never keep the best shows going, it sucks just like the show “playmakers” that was my second favorite series I ever saw and they X’d that series too, thats life I guess, but Game of the Thrones is good too its filling my void but, still doesnt compare to The Wire. RIP wire we miss you

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  4. trustorie says

    The Wire is 1 of the best shows to ever hit tv!! i recently re watched all 60 episodes and i want more!! It mite be hard to keep goin after how the series finale ended but i wish it had more seasons!

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  5. Brenda Garrett says

    I own all five seasons of the wire and they are not bootleg. Please make a sixth season. I will be waiting at the door to buy it when it comes out. If you want to watch a movie about the wire its called ” The Corner ” its an older movie, its real good. Its the wire in a movie. Ill be waiting for season six.

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  6. Adam says

    Hear hear! It’s good to see the creators of the show speaking out against the drug war, which they did such a brilliant job of portraying.

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      • Adam says

        Of course it’s entertainment, but why should that mean it can’t ask questions, or shine a rough light on harsh truths? The creator of the show, at least, certainly doesn’t share your view that it’s “just” entertainment, and nothing more:

        Yes, entertainment is meant to entertain, but entertainment isn’t the opposite of thinking, and it doesn’t mean we should turn our minds off rather than allow art to ask tough questions.

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  7. Miss Clarke says

    Please make another Season of the WIRE. Here’s the story line Michael comes back as a Omar, Dookie is the new Bubbs, Namond becomes a cop, Randy comes back as the new big time street hustler. Michael’s little brother is a well educated procecutor (ponder on this role). Marlo is still running his corners but everyone thinks hes not and is approached by Randy and shot because of the name he put out there of him, and take over the corners.

    This is all entertainment thats all people.

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    • MsE says

      That’s an excellent senario, except some kind of redemption for Duk other than just than just being a fiend, life dealt him a crappy hand, it’s tv give him a better deal than that

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  8. Steve Dubya says

    A film wont be enough.

    But then nor would one season.

    Unlikely but never say never.


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  9. Ty says

    I think ur need to bring da wire back season six will b da bomb. The wire is a real reality show that keeps ppl into it and want more. Season six will be just right Omar gne Michael will b da new Omar because he watchn his back frm Marlo. Marlo back in the streets but not like he really wnt to, man im luvn this bring the wire back with all da characters…….

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  10. Dj Bobo says

    I would love to see the wire continue! There was no other show that captured my attention like the wire did for a full hour. Everybody had to be quiet and we were all in. TV version or moving it to TV would be terrible I would hate the commercial interfering with the story line. I am also interested in the kids that we saw starting to grow how they developed. Understandable that this is a life long show but that is how the real hood it and you can feel the real hood when you are watching this. Bring IT Back!

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  11. says

    im us man from nigeria… i jus want the US fan base to know the wire is the number 1 talked about series in nigeria.. it suprising to see the wire; a black community story selling half way around the world in nigeria. the wire is well scripted and acted. it looks low budget but u get a feeling its a true replica of what societies in the US realli are. my younger brother (now 13) says he never wants to go to the US coz he doesnt wanna meet Omar (can u imagine that).. hola the wire. my best character is bubbles. from season 11- 5 the guy has been on point… cheers one luve,.. c u around when season 6 is showing.

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  12. linda W. says

    I am a Wire fan to the tenth power…What a show, brillant, well written and potrayed. The actors were so on point it was scary. Why does the cream of the crop always end way to soon, only to be replaced with some garbage…Was it the fact that it portrayed that side of life, and the polotics that accompanied it, too real. I KNOW Baltimore, and other urban inner cities just like it, and The Wire really bought it home…Another season, I’d be all over it in a N.Y. minute.

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  13. Kev says

    Best show ever. Another season would be great. Surely there is enough support and interest to have another season or 6. Please David give us what we want.

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  14. azorshentz says

    the people are begging for another season it really sucks that the want bring it to us…………………………………

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  15. CHI-TOWN GUY says


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  16. Acappellla says

    Yeah The Wire is way up at the top of the list as far as The Best HBO series or any other series as far as that goes!! Please do a 6th season or at least another show with a few of the same characters in Baltimore showing what happened to them. Like I wold like to see what happened to Marlo, Chris, Micheal, KIMA, McNulty, Naymond, and Howard “Bunny” Colvin of course. I love Wood Harris but I know Avon is locked up so I guess cant see him back in action. But anyway they need to bring it back in some way.

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  17. Ronnie says

    The Wire was a work of art!!!!! There is no series like it. The script, the cast was very on point. I very much want this series back!. I believe there is more stories to write with the Wire like the mob connected, more politics on another angle and show the twist and turns of the drugs/poverty. Show the connection of corrupt cops and drug dealers etc. There is so much more to add to this show. It was once again a work of true art.

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  18. Bronwyn says

    I just finished all 5 seasons of The Wire and loved it! ♥♥♥ Wish they would bring it back, not for just one more season but several. I’d love to see a follow-up as to what happens with those kids, particularly Dukie. So sad how he ended up. He was such a sweet kid.

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  19. Brenda says

    I must say the wire is a must see tv series! With all the hbo series today such as broad walk empire which focus on the old times and true blood focusing on fictional monsters, the wire is more modern and focuses on the struggles of America today! With real topics at hand the wire was one of the most entertaining if not the best series I have ever seen! It left me wondering and wanting more. Another couple of seasons should be considered! :)

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  20. Donte Welch says

    I love the show I still watch it now I love every character. I think Mike Should come back to take omar spot. The little kid that shot Omar and Snitching Randy should become the next drug kingpins. I say randy because towards the end ya’ll made him tuff and he had to gain his name back, and the other kid because he always wanted to be boss. Dookie could be the new bubs keep kema around but bring in new cops change the story up so the courts cant bother you but keep recycling the method of storytelling through each character. I love how each character I cared about in some way. Bottom line I love it I could go on and on its like the man’s soap opera LMAO

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  21. says

    Please bring the wire back, that’s the best show ever, I no it had the best ratings ever, the most watched show, it can’t go wrong for another season, or more. It’s a good money move

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  22. jon says

    Loved this show almost makes me reminisce when my ex fiancee and i used to rush home on sundays after work just to watCH IT.

    Even the reruns on demand are stil awesome.. but for me the show ended when they killed boadie. That was my man!!! He was the realest one on the show…..

    But there is a LOT left to tell i always had a feeling that was like a temporary ending because it ended with so many threads hangng.

    It wont happen.. they will never legalize drugs

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  23. Jonathan Newsome-Bey says

    Please do. This series was the best. Well skip it, look @ the revenue you guy will make. Maybe money will hasten your production.

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  24. KMJ says

    I would love to see a prequel season or movie of The Wire. Show Avon and Stringer when they were still just street hustlers. I thought the few short prequel episodes they had On Demand were brilliant!

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  25. Xerium says

    I loved The Wire however a 6th season should NOT be made. Yes I am sad it is over but to make a 6th season would undermine the entire storyline. The series ends perfectly and the beauty of it all is we get to see everything come full circle so we already know the outcome of the new players. Tell their stories as well would be more of the same and would have a far weaker impact.

    Asking for a 6th season of the wire is like asking Leonardo to retouch the Mona Lisa or Tolkien to write a few more LOTR books. No. They are perfect the way they are.

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    • DarkHour says

      …asking for a 6th season of the wire is like asking Leonardo to retouch the Mona Lisa…

      u said it all man but i would appreciate a movie to round it up

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  26. THE DON says

    Who says the sky’s the limit, when there’s footprints on the moon.. we should have a choice on what we choose to watch as its ok to show porn but not drug related material. Last I checked porn is as additive as any drug. And I. Would like to see season six. I will even get hbo turned back on, on my Tv..

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  27. no name says

    You should have told Eric Holder to eat a !@#$ and shove his power up his @ss but please bring the Wire back anyway. best show ever next to 6 feet under.

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  28. walter sellars says

    the wire is and was the best thing that was on HBO if you bring it back you will see the love i promise

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  29. avi jalan says

    The wire and the dr. house are the most well written tv series of all time. THe rest just are too much fiction. Really the amount of time put into writting the script and so much thought has been given to the characters. Every character is real and has an effect on the story. Every charcter has pros and cons. hats off to the creator writer and director. its awesome. People in india love it.

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  30. jayphayes says

    Yes, IF ANY ONLY IF there’s a solid frame of reference for the season. Drugs, economics, politics, education, and communication were the themes of the first five seasons. Perhaps religion/the church or corruption could be the theme for a sixth season.

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  31. Damo says

    I have just finished watching series five on Showtime in Australia. That was a brilliant Cop show and I say that as a Police Officer myself. The writers and actors got it right every time and I for one could keep watching the characters developing and the new possibilities the final series created. Season 6 and beyond could be re-invented it’s been long enough to freshen up everything. Amazing television!!!!!

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  32. Keisha says

    Yes plz bring the wire back its the best show that ever hit tv. As u left off duk was getting high but no he had it bad all seasons an mike as omar no we no he was raped but not gay. Yes it will be great plz or at least a 3 hour movie we still dnt no wat marlo will do next I don’t think he will

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  33. Dymez says

    the is so afican-american real I loved it. it took me ten years to watch from season 1 to season 5″ im stilling wanting more. more mcnaulty wishing we could get more of OMAR and his lucy damn 6***** to the cast and writers of The Wire.

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  34. Natasha says

    If we can’t get a season 6 can we at least get a movie? I heard some rumor about a prequel??? Maybe we need a petition or to start a letter writing campaign to Mr. Simon and Mr. Burns.

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