THE WIRE Creator David Simon On Fandom Comments


The Wire creator David Simon has explained his recent comments about people who “hack” the show into “pop culture nuggets”.

In an interview with the New York Times, Simon was quoted as having “contempt” for people who weren’t around when The Wire was still on the air struggling for viewers. Since then, he clarified that his comments were not intended as they came across in the interview (see above link).

Now in a new blog post, Simon has explained his point in more depth:

To be clear:  I don’t think the Wire has all the right answers.  It may not even ask the right questions.  It is certainly not some flawless piece of narrative, and as many good arguments about real stuff can be made criticizing the drama as praising it.  But yes, the people who made the Wire did so to stir actual shit.  We thought some prolonged arguments about what kind of country we’ve built might be a good thing, and if such arguments and discussions ever happen, we will feel more vindicated in purpose than if someone makes an argument for why The Wire is the best show in years.  (“Buffy,” by the way, was the correct answer to that particular bracketfest.)

Yes, I do get that if you tell a story, people will acquire it on their own terms.  Yes, I do get that people value what they value and they’re no less entitled than the people who tell the story.  And yes, I do know that some things of lesser import present the opportunity for greater humor.  But when asked a question about the belated interest in The Wire, and about what that interest means to us, are the people who worked on the tale for eight years entitled to our own truths?  Or will everyone have hurt feelings if we say, no, sorry,  whether Omar is the coolest ever isn’t the salient debate for which we labored.

You can read Simon’s full post at | HT Lewis K

What do you make of Simon’s views?

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  1. Jimmy says

    I loved The Wire. Its one of the best shows I have ever seen, but Simon always came off to me as someone who didnt really care about fans and the loyal viewer. Its not just comments like above, but I have read other things in the past he said that just really made me feel he didnt care.

    Now writing a great tv show that a lot of people didnt discover till after it was off the air might make that be your belief. If thats the case then I can understand a little more why he is that way in my opinion.

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    • Rick Terry says

      …Or he could choose the realize it was ahead of its time, and be glad that so many people are buying the DVDs and still talking about his show. But after this and the last comment he made I have decided to pirate the show for free on the internet just to keep the mullah out of his pockets, since he seems like a self important prig.

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