The Walking Dead: What Sweet Something Did Jenner Whisper to Rick?

The first season of AMC’s The Walking Dead has come and gone in what seems like a heartbeat. And yet it’s still with us with several unanswered mysteries made to linger until season 2.

One of the most recent and intriguing mysteries came in the finale, “TS-19”, when doctor Jenner whispered something important enough to be whispered in Rick’s ear.

What do you think he told him? Below the jump we throw out some speculations.

My personal (spoiler-free) speculations are as follows:

  • Jenner told Rick the location of a potential cure.
  • Jenner told Rick that Lori is pregnant – he did take their blood tests (which may help explain that otherwise irrelevant process).
  • Jenner told Rick that someone else in the group is about to turn zombie (as above with the blood test), though I find this less likely.
  • Jenner told Rick that he overheard (or oversaw) Lori and Shane’s ‘private moment’.
  • Jenner told Rick that it’s all a dream and he’ll wake up back at the hospital in season 3.

I think the one that would make the most sense and carry the most weight, as far as Rick is concerned, is Lori being preggers. But perhaps there are other possible outcomes I haven’t considered? Feel free to share any of your speculations in the comments or vote in the poll below.

The Walking Dead: What Did Jenner Whisper to Rick?

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  1. Page 48 says

    I digitally enhanced that clip, cranked the volume and then played it backwards through a series of specially designed filters and I know it sounds crazy, but I think I heard Jenner tell Officer Friendly “check out Seriable for an inside look at the Most Christmassy Christmas Special”.

    I have no idea what it could mean, but the filters don’t lie.

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  2. Page 48 says

    I think that whatever he whispered to Friendly had to have something to do with the blood tests. Otherwise, like Amy Pond, the tests made no sense. Why write a detail like that (not only insisting on the tests, but then showing Jenner going over the results) into the script if it’s meaningless?

    I’m not sure he would tell F that his wife was preggers. Wouldn’t he save that news for her? Maybe tradition is out the window in these trying times.

    Did he whisper of a possible cure? Maybe, but wouldn’t he want to be a part of finding a cure? Wouldn’t that be the proper way to honour his wife’s life as well as her work? Was Jenner a cowardly lion?

    Did he warn of a zombie-in-waiting? Maybe, but would that really be a big deal? It would become apparent in due time, and the potential convert wouldn’t pose much of a threat until the symptoms were pretty obvious, like what we saw Jim-Z go through.

    So, I’m not sure what was whispered, but I’m guessing it was about the blood (or not). If we took away nothing else from Buffy’s “The Gift”, we learned that it’s always about the blood.

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    • says

      Love the Amy Pond reference! I agree, the pregnancy angle makes the blood tests make sense from a narrative standpoint.

      The ‘cure’ idea is a worthy second bet, I think. Although like you said, wouldn’t he want to be a part of that mission? Perhaps they could go with the idea that the fragile hope was too much for him to bear? Or maybe he’s just really, REALLY afraid of zombies?

      So yep, I’m still going with the preggers angle, although I kinda hope they pull something less crudely signposted.

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        • Dan McGranaghan says

          She does get pregnant correct! But was not what was whispered, what was said was he wanted to get something and take it somewhere, they’ll know what to do. Sorry i have read comics

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  3. Gary Generic says

    There is also the chance that Shane was telling the truth about not hearing Rick’s heartbeat. Rick could be the first fully-functional, fully-recovered Walker.

    Likely not the case, but a possibility that can’t be dismissed yet.

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    • says

      Gary – very interesting suggestion. I hadn’t considered that possibility. While I agree that it’s probably unlikely given how brief the whisper was, it’s an interesting shout. Thanks for sharing!

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    • thomas says

      I was actually going with this one beause what would be the point of them showing the deputy not hearing the heart beat of rick at the begining and then jenner shows the ts-19 thing and thats when ts-19s heart stops and then reboots so i thought pretty much the same thing as you Gary Generic also at the begining there is a very popular form of AMCs writing it called “foreshadowing” its when they show something at the begining and it refers to something later in the episode so im 40% this 30% his wife is prego in her eggo 30% that he told them about cure/bunker or a safe haven of some sort

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    • kk's mom says

      exactly…. dont you remember how officer friendly RUBS HIS WRISTS SEVERAL times after hitting the jerk on the roof? CANT BELIEVE out of all the many comments I have read (as I want to know too) Gary here is the only dude on the Internet that is found this connection. You a detective or something for a living Gary??? ;0)

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  4. Will says

    I think Jenner told Rick that the virus making everyone into zombies is man made and that the destruction of humanity is well deserved.

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  5. Jonathan says

    Mostly everyone has good guesses on what he whispered. But the only one that is accurate enough is the pregnancy one. This I know has a good chance because the show is in fact based off a comic for those who don’t know.. Now I don’t want to spoil too much but, I’ll just add to the Pregnancy idea.. It could be that he told him that she is Pregnant and it’s shane’s. Which explains the studying of the results matching up there blood types to the babies and gives a deeper reason for the look Rick gives lori at the end.

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    • says

      The pregnancy theory makes no sene for one reason – why would Rick be on the edge of telling Morgan on the walkie-talkie that his wife is pregnant? And if he were going to tell him why would he make a big deal about it and then imagine that it was such serious news that he would decide not to tell him. Listen again to the monologue in the first episode of this season and within the context of rick’s little speech, the pregnancy story makes little sense.

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  6. Matt-ernate says

    Well Roco, I’ve finally made my crossover from FB to Seriable. Huzzah and start the celebration!

    Anyways, I finally got to finish TWD and have to go with Gary on this one. I actually thought that during the conversation with Lori and Shane. Shane could have made a mistake but I feel like there’s something related to all that. I mean, it comes up 3 different times (sort of).

    1st at the beginning with the hospital. Shane clearly thinks that Rick is dead. So much so that he even tells Lori this news. While some could argue that he was in love with her and would say anything to her, thinking Rick was surely a goner in that hospital, I actually believe Shane was being honest. He was risking his own life to save his friend. So I really think Shane thought he was dead.

    2nd – It comes up throughout the episode about people thinking Rick was dead, Shane thinking Rick was dead, Rick essentially being dead. It seemed to be a theme throughout.

    3rd – The blood-work. While it would be a pretty hefty twist to throw into Season 2 of Lori being pregnant (as that’s the only other one that makes sense to me), I don’t think that’s where they’re going. I don’t think they would continuously hint at “Rick’s Death” throughout and then do something out of nowhere with a pregnancy. And if she is preggers, we all know it’s Shanes. Cause…you know…duh. I really hope they don’t go there though.

    Honestly…I think it has to do with the blood, specifically Ricks. It would be the most fascinating to me and ties in with the episode so much better. Perhaps it’s an I Am Legend or the little boy from 28 Weeks Later type deal, where something different was found in Rick’s blood. People who are immune and perhaps it’s Ricks. Maybe he was telling Rick where to go, that his blood may have the key and he they need to go somewhere, to a new facility to start testing it. They are fighting to keep hope alive, and Jenners would want to be a part of that. He is clearly connected with the CDC building though. His wife ran it. She died there during testing. He wouldn’t wanna leave. Emotionally, he probably just couldn’t handle anymore but needed that last sliver of hope and so he sent Rick off. It ties in better with the episode. Instead of just giving us a glimpse into what happened at the hospital, it actually builds upon the story. Not that the pregnancy doesn’t, but that’s the same as the zombie-in-line. Both will be found out eventually. It’s not going to make Rick fight for his family any harder. He’s pushing himself as hard as he can to make sure they’re taken care of. And both scenarios seem to make the intro kind of irrelevant.

    To me – it makes the most sense that this is about Rick’s blood. There is something about his blood. And, due to my insatiable love for Fringe and Lost (but more so Fringe), I know that episode titles DO have meanings. This title is TS-19. TS-19 was lost in the previous episode. You find out the story, but it’s already gone when this episode starts. So why call it TS-19? Cause you find out it was his wife for 5 minutes of screen time? Come on…there’s gotta be more than that, right? Something about Rick’s blood and Jenner’s wife’s blood is connected.

    I have written to much. You all know where I stand. Cheers!

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    • says

      Good to see you’ve made the jump over, Matt-ernate.

      Very interesting thoughts! I agree that Shane was telling the truth about believing Rick was dead (that flashback certainly verifies his story), and I’m interested to find out the mystery behind that particular detail. It would be cool if tied in with Jenner’s whisper and the bloodwork.

      If we run with this idea, what could the connection be – why is Rick special? Hmm…

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  7. stephen Martinez says

    My 1st thought when seeing that scene was that his hopelessness must be centered around something even more dire than their current perdicament,like: although the virus is spread quickly through bites and scratches it is also IN THE AIR! and contraction of the disease is simply a matter of when not if!!Hows that for a cheery thought!!

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  8. Trina says

    I think Dr. Jenner informed Rick that the virus will soon become airborne. This ties into his earlier experiment when toxic fumes were released and his decision to die and take everyone with him.

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  9. says

    Thanks for keeping this going. I quite like that idea. Personally, I still think the pregnancy idea makes more sense, but the ‘airborne virus’ is a worthy alternative.

    If we run with the airborne idea, it would be interesting to speculate how it would play into next season.

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  10. Presten Tok says

    I think he told Rick that Lori is pregnant, although (and this is speculation) I’m hoping that he told Rick about another safe location, or better yet, someone (who becomes Christ-like figure) out there who is somehow immune to the virus but no one knows where he is.

    Also, as an M.D. myself, I feel the need to point out that factually, it’s kind of unlikely that the doctor found out Lori is pregnant from blood drawn to test for a virus. A test to look for viral bacterial agents (which I assume is what he would have been looking for) specfically looks for the antibody count in one’s blood, while a pregnancy test looks for the chorionic hormone levels in a woman’s blood, which the test taker would have to be specifically looking for and typically wouldn’t look at that if testing for a virus or other foreign agent.

    Anyway, it’s probably a moot point since scientific facts typically don’t apply to fictional drama. Consider that Dr. Jenner said that no one knew what the virus was, or even if it was viral or bacterial. Therefore, a doctor wouldn’t even know what to be testing for.
    Just my 2c.

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    • says

      Presten: I agree that TWD’s fiction doesn’t always hold up to scientific facts (understatement), but it’s good to have a medical perspective nonetheless. Cheers.

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  11. Presten Tok says

    Oh, one more thing, here’s a really pretty version of Dylan’s “Tomorrow is a long time.”

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  12. Bruno Deschenes says

    I think the doctor told Rick that he’s infected but for unknown reason, he’s still himself (like he’s the cure). I say that because his friend told his wife that his was sure that his heart stop beating and he came back to life like the walkers.

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    • says

      I’ll need to look back at Rick’s reaction (not that Andrew Lincoln necessarily knew the answer at this time), but that’s a decent shout.

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  13. Presten Tok says

    Bruno, from a medical perspective that’s a very interesting notion. In the case of every mass epidemic in history (with the exception of HIV, so far as we know to date) there’s always a minute percentage of the population that is, for some reason, naturally immune (i.e., black plague, influenza, small pox, polio, etc.)
    I don’t mean to be disrespectful to AIDS patients. I want to emphasize that SO FAR AS WE KNOW there is no one to date that is naturally immune to it.

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  14. Wiz says

    Rick can’t possibly be infected. Remember? Rick and Lori had sex in the tent, that would have caused Lori to get infected if Rick is indeed a walker.

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  15. TWDFan says

    Seriously folks, read the comic. Rick is not infected. His wife is pregnant. Shane dies early in the storyline, and it isn’t from a zombie.

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    • says

      Not everyone wants to read the comic. Remember, a lot of folks are fans of the TV series, which has already proven it’s ability to detour from the novel. Nothing wrong in speculating.

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  16. Gazeebo says

    If you look at the body language and facial expressions while Jenner is whispering to Rick then it implies that it is indeed something very important.Now,call me old fashioned but wouldn’t Rick’s face and overall feeling be a bit more cheery once he’s heard that his wife is pregnant.Just the way that Jenner is grasping Rick’s shoulder implies that what he is saying is paramount to the groups safety and overall wellbeing.
    If it was to tell him that she was pregnant then something else was added to alter that good news to make it rather worse.
    If indeed Rick is a ‘walking dead’ then perhaps it would be his unborn child who would end up being the cure.Roll on Season 2.

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  17. Zach says

    I remember Shane talking about the Military installation “Fort Benning” in which Rangers are trained.

    I think this could be a possible reaction from Ricks face when Jenner tells Rick the secret.

    Having a Military backgroup on myself, I do have to say that keeping and holding a MILITARY installation like Fort Benning (Which is extreamly well defending, after all it posses as a F.O.B if the U.S Ever got invaded in that particular region.) would be a prime objective of any military. Now, lets flashback to the helicopter that was leaving Atlanta at the biggining of the show. Sure, many think it was just a survivor evacuation, but in reality, lets think. The group that found Rick would have gotten to the helicopter for evacuation before it left and realistically the helicopter was flying to fast if it just lifted off of a rooftop, so it had to have been moving before it got to where Rick heard it and then saw it, so it was not civilians, rather Military survivors from the CDC building. I will also refer to Jenner saying “Plenty lying around, might as well get used to them.” well he was holding a U.S M4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle…

    So in my opinon Jenner told Rick that Ft. Benning was still opperational and was safe and under military control.

    After factoring in the blood and other peoples comments, maybe Jenner also told Rick that his blood was special and there was people who where searching for the cure at Ft. Benning. …

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  18. Jimmy says

    Ok, a few points. 1- I feel, even though mentioned in the previous comment, the helicoptor Rick saw has been massively overlooked. 2 – If there was something special about Rick’s blood or if he is some form of the cure, why would Jenner have have been willing to kill him? and 3 – If it was the fact that Lori is pregnant there are 2 resons why Jenner wouldn’t have stopped rick to tell him a) The groups time at this point is precious and Rick would soon find out about his wife’s pregnancy when she starts showing and weeing every 20 minutes! and b) Jenner never genuinely expected them to get out so why is it now suddenly important for him to tell Rick when 2 minutes it wasn’t?

    Ok, the obstacles I have outlined above (specifically, the one regarding Jenner not expecting them to escape anyway [3b]) make it incredibly difficult to speculate what the Doctor did say to Rick and why. If I’m honest even though Lori is pregnant in the comics, I feel this is least likely to be what the Doctor whispered purely for the fact that with a little research, it would be the logical conclusion and therefore, not as hardhitting when it comes to the next season airing. As far as Rick being special in some way, I can’t see it even though I do really want to. The reason being that I just can’t see why Jenner would kill them all if he had found the cure.

    Actually, the more I type the more my brain is engaged with theories… What if Rick was special in some way? What could Jenner have done about it anyway? Within 2 days of the group arriving, the place ‘decontaminated’ itself and Jenner would have been fully aware of that. He openly admits that the last place he knew to have kept operational was in France so if he let the group go how would they ever get there? Are there any secret cruiseliner captains in the group who can navigate a ship across the north Atlantic ocean? Not that I had noticed. Jenner contemplated suicide (‘maybe tomorrow I’ll blow my brains out’) with what we thought was his own lonliness and frustration but now seems to be the fact he knew his end was near and wanted to decide when his death would come for himself, so whats to stop him deciding for the members of our group that thier efforts were also futile and to save them the trouble of finding it out for themsleves? What made him change his mind? Maybe it was the guilt he couldn’t handle at having killed these people without giving them a fair choice? Probably not. More likely is that Rick spoke of hope and it made Jenner remember his late wife’s committment and dedication to hope to her not-so-dying breath. If this is a correct hypothesis it would then lead me to believe that Jenner felt Rick needed to know something about a member of the group. Maybe he divulged a secret safe location but why not go there with them too? Extremely unlikely. What Jenner whispered had to be something relevant in the chance of escape that wasn’t relevant had they all stayed and died. Lori’s pregnancy? Undoubtedly relevant but also predicatably dull from a narrative standpoint. Rick or a member of the group being special/immune/the cure? Again, it’s relevant and would lead to the fact being a massive narrative tool in the subsequent seasons.

    In this contributors opinion, Dr Jenner told Rick that he, or someone else int the group, is special (in regards to the zombie epidemic) but there will ultimately, as always, be some form of twist.

    All the best and happy anticipation,


    p.s. just to address the above notion of some people being naturally immune to whatever is turning people into Zombie’s, just like all epidemics (except HIV/AIDS, again, mentioned above). This is incredibly unlikely. If Rick is naturally immune then where are all the others? Granted we have come across 3 groups of survivors (4 if you include Jenner) but none have talked about knowing of people with natural immunities. I can only take this as that the people who have survived have done so through perseverance, pulling together, being smart and just plain luck.


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  19. DeadBeat says

    I know what the answer is, but dont wanna spoil the fun for you guyz.
    besides, im too tired to type it

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  20. Carsyn says

    I don’t think natural immunity could be considered unlikely because there isn’t any talk about people surviving due to immunity.
    There could have been many people with natural immunity to zombification that got eaten. Not only can you be infected you can just be killed. I’m sure there wasn’t someone going around taking notes on who was killed by walkers but didn’t turn into one after. They were too busy running away or shooting them in the head.
    So, immunity would be awesome to have but you’d also need the perserverance, smarts, etc. mentioned previously to survive.

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  21. ash says

    well, in order to keep any tv series going, you need lots of twists and turns to keep the audience guessing and interested. if Lori is pregnant, and that what jenners whispered in ricks ear, he might have been sad because he’ll have a child growing up in zombieland. but maybe…maybe jenners said ricks wife was infected but not totally, and that Shaun was part of the cause. perhaps Shaun got bit back at camp, but has somehow managed to keep himself alive. it would explain his irrational behavior right? going biserk, quickly agitated, almost raping Lori. kinda points to him being sick.


    jenners told Rick that the French never made it, and that there rly is no hope. idk. your guess is as good as mine, people. just gotta keep watching to find out.

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  22. Joe says

    I know this sounds really stupid but i dont think it will be as obvious as she being pregnant i think it will be either a cure has been found OR that the goverment or someone has a nuke or a bomb and is going to blow up BECAUSE i forgot his name the guy who was whispered to acted really suprised and i dont think he would have acted like that to pregnancy just my thought 😛 :S

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  23. fan says

    His face was probably from the fact he realised the baby couldn’t be his, he hadn’t been reunited with his wife long enough for the test to be positive, if it takes 10 days to show up?

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  24. Defanair says

    i think he whispered; “the wine you drank was mixed with infected blood” The look comes as it dawns on him that he persuaded his wife to allow their son to try some of the wine.

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  25. Doppleganger says

    There are some really cool ideas here on what he said. I’ve not read the comics, but I would be a little gutted if he told Rick that Lori was preggers as it seems too obvious a plot. I like the idea that he said everyone has the virus and will return when they die, but the first scene with Rick and Shane in the hospital seems to be relevant somehow. Maybe Rick is a returned ‘Walker’ with an active neural bionet in his noggin, I’m no medical expert, but when people are in a coma, is it not because the brain is sometimes trying to protect itself? Could that be why he is infected but still ‘him’?

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    • rick says

      the only prob with that is when he got hit with the shovel and tied up they searched him for bite and scratch marks how did he get it did he just contract it?

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  26. says

    I had never read the comic when I saw it the first time. Two thoughts entered my mind:

    1.) He told Grimes that “decontamination” was about to being on a large scale. It happened at the CDC, so why not entire cities? Jenner works for the government and has a specific mission, and his mission failed. Jenner probably knew what the contingency plan would be if he failed, and it was probably something really bad like dropping nukes.

    2.) Jenner told him that the dead now outnumber the living by some obscene ratio (1,000,000 to one) and that they are hopelessly outnumbered and that every army in the world has been wiped out and every government has fallen.

    Basically I think he told Grimes that it’s all over.

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  27. Lauren says

    I believe that the blookd tests have something to do with the begining of the episode. Rick died (in theory), I think the blood tests showed that Rick is a carrier of the dieses or that he could fight of the infection.

    I doubt its pregnancy, if it is thats pretty boring to tell him that when His life could be blown to nothingness with a giant ass bomb!

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  28. gamerx says

    personally, i hope that they do something that no one has thought of. I would like something unforseen to appear

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  29. Rkg says

    Well here’s what I think……. remember when Grimes thanks the doctor that he is grateful forn the chance he has given them to escape by opening the door? And the doctor replies ‘there may come a day when you are not….’ or words to that effect….. well maybe it is that he means that Grimes will just be heart broken as his wife is carrying his best friend’s child……however I think it could also be that he is whispering to him about the sheer futility of escaping, but Grimes, as he said before, is keeping it quiet so that his wife and child may still hold some hope of survival.
    I think this because the Dr obviously knew about the French labs, or else he wouldn’t have mentioned it. Maybe he also had word from sources that everything is over – everywhere? We’ll see….as long as those fools don’t cancel this series like they did with Flashforward, V and The Event……lol

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    • Viewpoint says

      …Invasion, Odyssey 5, Human Target, Threshold, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Terriers, Firefly, Dead Like Me, Earth 2, Journeyman, Millennium, Deadwood, The Dresden Files, Stargate Universe, Jericho…

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  30. Rkg says

    First of all, great series!
    Well here’s what I think……. remember when Grimes thanks the doctor that he is grateful forn the chance he has given them to escape by opening the door? And the doctor replies ‘there may come a day when you are not….’ or words to that effect….. well maybe it is that he means that Grimes will just be heart broken as his wife is carrying his best friend’s child……however I think it could also be that he is whispering to him about the sheer futility of escaping, but Grimes, as he said before, is keeping it quiet so that his wife and child may still hold some hope of survival.
    I think this because the Dr obviously knew about the French labs, or else he wouldn’t have mentioned it. Maybe he also had word from sources that everything is over – everywhere? We’ll see….as long as those fools don’t cancel this series like they did with Flashforward, V and The Event……lol

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    • Viewpoint says

      …Invasion, Odyssey 5, Human Target, Threshold, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Terriers, Firefly, Dead Like Me, Earth 2, Journeyman, Millennium, Deadwood, The Dresden Files, Stargate Universe, Jericho…

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  31. Chris says

    I know this one for sure. Got it from a reliable source from the cast



    He whispers “You’re all infected”

    I dont know what it does to the entire series, but it does add drama to trying to find the cure. Believe me, this is the truth

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    • Jose Luis Mazzi says

      I really agree with that cuz virus only activates when something kills the carrier, so they are all inected, but when they die, the virus acts and makes the brain work again without the human part.

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  32. D3MAND says

    just as the group left the cdc jenner said ”they got out” with a note of suprise, i think he told rick something that would directly affect the group or the rest of the human population if they got out. He did not go with them because he is a man of science and beleived that the building was impregnable but in reliety i beleive that the baby theory weighs the most and is probally right.

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  33. Steven says

    Why would the good doctor tell Friendly about his wife expecting a child when at the time he believed everyone was about to be evaporated in a few moments. Whatever he told him must have been something to make him give up all hope so they would just quietly sit down and wait for their impending doom. Something to make it all seem futile. A pregnancy test is a separate test altogether. I have some experience with blood testing, and whatever specific thing you are looking for you must run a specific separate test for each thing you hope to discover in the sample, and for multiple samples you must take several vials of blood. In other words the doctor would have needed to actually run a specific test to check for pregnancy, another test to check for lipids, another test to evaluate the number of white blood cell etc. You don’t just drop in the vial and the Star Trek computer makes a general analysis. I guess if they want to go with that story line then reality has already been suspended so what the hell, go for it. It really ruins it for those with more than a comic book education. I truly hope the writers are more clever than to have the big whisper be about pregnancy in a world he already believes is dead. What would be the point?

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  34. Shane says

    Ok. I just now got around to this series and Holy crap, I love it. I can’t wait for the next season. I believe the pregnancy thing seems most likely. However, it would be completely terrible. If the story continues to be awesome, then I believe the pregnancy thing will happen in the next season. However, I don’t think that was what the whisper was about. Remember when Jenner’s little vial of acid combine with TS-19. The Acid went airborne. And it’s very possible the virus could have gone up with it. As that was necrotic flesh. And when the bomb went off, it sprayed the virus out of the facility. Just a thought. As I realized they really liked to keep the camera on the big cloud of smoke at the end. There are many possibilities, some of them very lame, some of them lame and likely (Pregnancy) And some of them making Rick an even cooler hero. Like him being immune. The only reason I find this probable is that he was in that hospital for days, dead. His heart stopped as far as we know. That’s why the undead didn’t try to eat him. I’m gana look tomorrow, but Idk if that bed was still in front of his door, or if it was closed, I can’t recall.

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    • Jace Redwood says

      I think Shane put the bed in front of the door since the almost beginning, im sorry if I just spoiled it for you, I really am, but if you have watched the finale in the beginning it is shown Shane in the beginning waiting by his bed, then the building breaking into havoc

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  35. Cameron Little says

    The fact is there was no heart-beat in Shane’s Flashback, there was a whisper in his ear, there was a scene dedicated to looking at the blood tests and very strong insistence on them being taken. The writers wouldn’t pointlessly foreshadow clues like this. I believe he whispered that Rick must have been infected somehow, But like Will Smith in I AM LEGEND his body is resistant to the infection or is functioning normally with the infection. This type of thing is also seen in the zombie movie 28 weeks later, one of the main characters is infected but still remains a normal human being. This is likely given the foreshadowed events. Preggas is also a good option to believe 😉

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    • Rich says

      I’m reading these comments from bottom to top for some ridiculous reason. I like this theory. My vote is still for the plague being of weaponized alien origin, but absent that, I could live with this idea as well. The pregnant wife angle just makes me yawn.

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  36. Jace Redwood says

    Jenner said that soon they would run out of hope, to me that could mean that in the near future, the government will nuke each city with infectee’s if they dont find a proper cure soon, this is just a comment and speculation

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  37. HEFFR0 says

    He told him that the us goverment is behind the zombie infection and the end of the world as we know it.

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  38. Patamau says

    Ok, trying to analyze from my own point of view…

    If Lori were pregnant, Jenner would have more likely told her not him. However Rick would have had a different reaction to the info, but it didn’t. I’d say no-no, but I don’t deny Lori being pregnant is a possibility for the next season.

    If Jenner were aware of another safe place it would have already headed for it. And if Jenner told a location to Rick, I’d expect Rick to move there instead of roaming about in second season. Again Rick reaction doesn’t match the content of the info. Again, not likely. (France would be an interesting location though).

    If a member of the group is going to be a zombie it must have already turned (according to Jenner timings 8mins to 8hours) or at least being sick for that time, but it didn’t. So this is simply not possible.

    If Jenner witnessed the ‘moment’ between Shane and Lori, again, I’d expected a different reaction in Rick; however I must admit Jenner could access cameras and could have actually seen it happening. I’d bet someone will tell him but probably in the next season, not now and not in this way.

    What’s left?
    Well, first, Jenner never released info about blood samples, so it must be something related to that (that’s why being pregnant / infected are so popular choices).
    Second, according to various sources (SPOILER!) it is most likely that the virus is dormant in all humans and it is simply triggered by death (obviously death caused by extensive brain damage won’t allow zombies to resurrect).
    Third, the group clearly believes the virus is spread with blood contact (bite or scratches), so this piece of information is really important and to be shared only with someone able to handle it.
    Last, it matches Rick reaction: he can’t understand or believe it, he’s just feeling helpless in front of it.
    So I’d say the info is about all humans being infected. Period.

    I must admit, there is also a small chance it was something like: “There is still a bottle of very good wine behind the desk in my office!” 😉

    (apologies for my bad english)

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    • Jose Luis Mazzi says

      Something that doesnt match id that the dead people in the cars on the first episode of the 2 season did not became walkers :S

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  39. Nicki says

    I think she is either pregnant or that one of the group could be immune and it’s shown on the blood tests, but of course this is just speculation.

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  40. Andrew says

    I dont know if anyone agrees, but i think that the crows have something to do with the desease… i dont know but ive noticed during the first season that the crows have some relevant attention. What you guys think. May just symbolize death and decay but I think it has something to do with a possible cure or pandemic or the way how did the pandemic

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  41. Shaun says

    To add to the topic, I think he whispered a new location to go, maybe Birmingham, where they will meet up with the spanish guy and his family or if not maybe somewhere near like Florida which was mentioned before

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  42. Rich says

    The wife being pregnant is far too obvious and boring. Besides, it was an awful long whisper for something so basic.

    If the writers really want to kick things up about a zillion levels, the whisper will be a 2-parter:

    1. the plague appears to be weaponized
    2. the dna sequencing of the plague indicates it’s extraterrestrial in origin

    Now THAT would be cool

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    • Andrew says

      Rich, i think the plague being weaponized is far more obvious than extraterrestrial…we dont want to make this a war of the worlds or a x files…this has to be more obvious. i still defend the theory that the crows have something to do with the desease…about shaun topic, i dont think they have a private airport to go to florida or spain…the story will be all near altanta…guys tell me what you think about the crows theory.

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    • OLA says

      *COMIC SPOILER!!!!!!!*

      In the comic books the disease is weaponized and originates in space, b.c aliens wanted our water. It was a hook thrown in by the comic writers to get approval to make TWD, since the publisher really wanted an alien story and they really wanted to do a zombie story.

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      • pedro says

        I knew it. Since the beginning I was thinking that this show had aliens in it! I knew it! 😀 I think I’m going to start reading the comics

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  43. jack says

    In an add for season 2 on fx rick tells ur man wit da walky talky wat this dude told him which puts lorry being pregnant out of the question and someone in da group being a its 99% chance that its a cure or a safe haven to lay low for a while.

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  44. maustin says

    One other option you could have put is that he knew where the infection started and whispered to him the location.

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  45. paul says

    Some pple suggested this idea, which I love but I doubt is ture: Jenner told rick that he is a zombie/’reanimated dead’ but (for some reason that hopefully will be explained) he is ‘normal’ after reanimtion (like he was inmune or something). While the idea is nice (specially since the last episode had lots of “back in the hospital, rick seemed very dead” moments + the fact that rick spent alot of time in that bed w/out food or water). But I doub it is true, because Jenner said ‘no surprises’ about the blood and, quite frankly, if I was jenner I would take that as a freaking big surprise!!

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  46. says

    Not sure what it was, but can’t wait to find out. Also he looked, not angry, but devastated at whatever Jenner said, so I don’t think it can be the pregnant thing. I would love the idea if Rick was immune somehow, but I think it is something bad for the whole group, maybe all humanity.


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    • Pr-cauti-Pr says

      did anyone else put any thought into when rick wakes up he was really thirsty? i live in NY and when an animal has rabbies (raccoon) they drink alot of water and they drown! so he is infected!!!! he couldnt have been that thirsty when in fact he had an IV still on him wich was half full.Yeah if you havent had water in a while you wanna refresh your mouth gargle do something.Also everyone has been boiling their water and things like that (shane does bring water from the quarry and says dont forget to boil it) rick just drinks the water from the faucet!????

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      • Andrew says

        good point about the “boiling water” thing. i had the same perception about that and i still think that he is somehow immune to the desease. i still say that the crows have something to do with the desease. you can see that the first images of the walking dead are a couple of crows eating a dead cat on the road during the persue of the bank rob. they sure have something to do, not just a symbol of the dead and rotten.

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      • Zombiekiller says

        I don’t think that rick is infected. remember what morgan said “the fever burns you out” He would have been dead from the fever by now, and I don’t think that he’s had a fever at all so far.

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        • Ant40 says

          I don’t think him being thirsty has anything to do with it. Remember he hasn’t had anything to “drink” for ages and he’s been breathing in air conditioning. We all get a little thirsty when in AC for a long time…Remember the scene from 28 days later when ‘Jim’ finds and drinks a whole can of soda just after he wakes up?

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  47. junior says

    The whisper relates to Jim, who is immune and will go on to become the cure.

    The series is littered with references of this kine, my personal favourite being a broken ankle.

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  48. yrmom724 says

    People need to stop referencing the comic book given that the plot for it is totally different than the TV series. In the comic, they never go to the CDC and Carl kills Shane to protect his father during the confrontation about moving camp. Same thing goes for the first Resident Evil movie. It was NOTHING like the video game, which by the way kind of pissed me off. Also, in the end Rick says to Jenner “I’m grateful.” then Jenner in return says “The day will come when you won’t be.” before he whispers in Rick’s ear. It’s OBVIOUSLY something bad and we should just leave it at that and stop speculating. Although I will add my speculation about the pandemic. It’s a result of a failed military experiment. Possibly stem-cell or nano-bot related. These articles might help.

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  49. Niki says

    It seems like I remember Lori and Rick having a conversation about her being unfaithful in the past. I believe Jenner told Rick that the little boy is not his son. He may have even told him it is Shane’s son.

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  50. Pwnsauce says

    After that intro scene in What Lies Ahead, what reasoning would Rick have to Morgan that Lori is pregnant? It’s got to be something to do with a cure or spreading of the disease.

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  51. OLA says

    My bet is that Jenner told Rick something like “youre all infected.”

    – Jenner didn’t say something like “all clear” at the blood tests, he said “no surprises.” As in “yup, you all have it too.”

    – Think about the hospital scene at the beginning of that episode: they specifically showed soldiers rounding up and killing regular people, then *shooting each of them in the head.* Who would give the Army information to warrant such a procedure? THE CDC!

    He may have also said something about his wife being preggo, or Rick having special immunity (wouldn’t that have given Jenner some hope to not be suicidal? Not necessarily, just speculating).

    I think the main thrust of his secret, and the root of Jenner’s hopelessness, was that everyone is carrying the virus and it activates upon death. Nothing in Season 2 premier was there to counteract that.

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  52. Jay says

    He told him It’s his arch-nemesis, Dr. Zygor, who is doing this only to torment him … just kidding.

    Umm … I believe he told him something concerning the status of the entire world. If you recall, Rick is fairly uneducated after coming out of his coma (if not a bit naiive). He went to Atlanta, believing to find all sorts of solutions to his problems. This obviously wasn’t true, but he is so naiive that he continues his hope. If Dr. Jenner tells him that there is none, he will be quite shocked … and he was, regardless of what he told him. I believe he stated the dire situation that the country (the world, more likely). One of the following is what he told him, if that is the case:
    A) Atlanta was the epicenter of the plague and has been nearly wiped out. Statewide quarantine, blah blah blah, military was the last to hold out, but all of Georgia was under siege. [Horror to a native Georgian.}

    B) The Government has fallen, the epedemic is nationwide, the president is dead, but the military still has operational capacity (hence, the helicopter).

    C) The epedemic is worldwide, there is no more civilization. The military is working with NATO to organize a secret stronghold. Find them, and you will find salvation (helicopter … YAY!).

    D) Chuck Norris is roaming the countryside killing zombies by the score. Make giant signs stating your survivor status, or he will kill you too.

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  53. says

    whatever dr jenner said couldn’t be a good news because rick decided not to tell the guy he speaks with on the walky, he was about to tel him but stopped.

    if it’s lori being pregnant what stopped him from wanting to share it to the walkie then deciding just not to.

    it’s maybe a really bad news that will shutter someones hope of trying to survive, but rick is still trying to survive.

    but if its a safe place to go, wouldn’t he just tell his friend.

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  54. Zombiekiller says

    Kinda getting off subject here, but what is everyone’s favorite zombie killing weapons? Ok I think that Benning is going to be defended, and that’s what jenner told rick. Being from a military family, I can tell you that Benning would probably be one of the last to fall, with almost 100,000 soldiers living there, followed by Knox, and DC. Benning is probably operational. I don’t understand how zombies could have defeated the military. We have tanks, men, bombers, planes, and much more technology. I have a colt M4 carbine (similar to jenner’s), and i think that I could hold off a few hundred if I was in a barricaded posisition with a thousand rounds or so. The average soldier carries 7 mags of all weapons during war, for a beretta m9, that being a total of 105 bullets, an m4 carbine 210, and a mossberg 9 shot at 63. How did the armies fall? We also have m60’s that can fire hundreds, and mini’s that can fire thousands of rounds a minute. not to mention all of the citizens with weapons that would engage, along with the national guard, militia, an local police. Benning is still intact.

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    • Gage_The_Zombie_(i_am_also_a_writer) says

      RUSSIA will live RUSSIA is bost it will pwn anything else zombies no way we would nuke them and also RUSSIANS have NUKES in their closets DUahh

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  55. FLETCH_1996 says

    I think that we can rule out the idea of a cure…because if there was a cure then why would he kill himself……being a genius…..he could replicate the cure.

    i think that its along the lines of its worldwide, not many survivers, safe house ect…..

    cant wait to find out!!!!!!!!

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  56. jordan says

    Hey, focussing on the subject of the whisper, i think that maybe he whispered something about everyone already being infected, and when they finalyy die in what ever way, they will come back as the living dead just with a lot less brain cells of course, or i think that he whispered about Rick’s blood being the cure and if this is the case then *SPOILER* ‘in the last episode when Rick had to give blood to his son’, he is giving the cure to his son and maybe they are both immune or just have the cure and Rick could die and it be up to his son…. My theory anyway :)

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  57. Rob says

    I think he told Rick that he was the source of the epidemic like the monkey in Outbreak. He is a carrier but immune to it’s influence. Somehow the doctors got infected in the hospital doing surgery on Rick, and it all spread from there. Anyone else find it odd such a large military set up in a small town hospital during an epidemic? I think that points to Rick being the outbreak monkey and thus being the cure.

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  58. Joe says

    I think,from my point of view that is,Andrea is infected. Rick was saved by Glen and he met the other survivors. During the time which they must get out of the department store,Rick and Glen had volunteered to walk across the streets and they covered themselves with nasty goos and bloods.Now,Rick said “wear gloves and don’t let a blood touches your skin” . When Amy got bitten and dying, Andrea had her hands full of blood from Amy’s wound. Andrea was seen vomiting when Dale comes into her room. But hey,lets anticipate for the upcoming season yeah!
    Ps All the comments really opened up my mind! Good job guys!

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    • Andrew says

      i dont know but i think the blood she had wasnt infected already? what you think? i think that is human blood

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  59. Bmw104 says

    Okay first of all. If this show has done one things from the beginning its been shock and surprise us. The Pregnancy thing would do neither of those things. Plus he whispered in his ear for a good five or six seconds. Lori’s pregnant takes 2. It seems like the only logical thing he could have said was something about the entire group. E.I where to go, where not to go, Australia wasn’t effected. Idk something along those lines. With TWD you’ve got to think grand. That’s there thing.

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  60. Bmw104 says

    “I think the “Lori’s pregnant” theory is a really good one. I think another option might be that he told rick they are all infected. I read the comics and in the comics whenever anyone dies, from zombies or not, they become a zombie. And when asked how the test went he didn’t say they weren’t infected, just that nothing surprising, as in he knew that everyone is infected anyway. That would also explain his not only suicidal tendencies but his total no hope attitude. If everyone is a ticking zombie time bomb what hope is there. Any thoughts?”

    I found this on another forum but it seemed to make a lot of sense. I like it.

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  61. bell.4 says

    Remember the crazy guy digging those graves? Are you guys with me? He Mentioned about having a dream. He told Carl’s mom not let his son out of her site. It’s his son Carl that’s immune to the desease. If you watch episode two previous you will see Rick running away from everybody with his son. Probably to keep him safe. The wife beeing pregnant is minor stuff. Just saying.

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  62. Annah says

    Well, the whisper certainly was not about Rick’s wife being pregnant. The last episode, aired November 20, 2011, shows Rick’s complete dismay and disgust over Lori because she hid it from him.

    He would not have been this pissed if he already knew before hand. Also, Rick would have said something earlier in the same episode when Lori told Rick, “I am tired of you keeping things from me.” Rick would have said, “you are upset about me keeping things from you?? Look at yourself.”

    So why can take the pregnant theory that Jenner whispered into Rick’s ear and cross that off. Plus the producers of the show stated that Jenner’s whisper will become evident and you will know what the whisper was….the pregnancy issue was not it.

    So it comes to show you that by reading the comics beforehand will not give you the insight you thought you would have.

    I am still thinking that Rick is a carrier. The whole show has too many parallels with 28 days later and 28 weeks later.

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  63. says

    “you are the walking dead.”That is what Jenner whispers,thus explaining that when you die-even if not by direct contact w/ “the infected”-you are reanimated as a “zombie”-although that word is never used bc “in the world of The Walking Dead the works of George A. Romero were never made and zombies do not appear in fiction. ” ~Robert Kirkman( Creator/Writer of the ongoing comic book series “The Walking Dead”). This would explain the difference in story lines between the original comic and AMC’s version,as the CDC is not in the original comic story line.However in the comics Rick figures this statement out on his own,only after he successfully goes out alone to dig up someone who was ONLY shot and died,then buried to finds that the person,is in fact, reanimated in the grave proving his hunch is correct. It’s not that you might become a zombie-but you WILL,unless severe head trauma is your original cause of death.Being bitten only causes an infection-or severe loss of blood- that actually KILLS you-it is the virus EVERYONE has that will reanimate you as what we know to be the proverbial zombie. So Jenner is basically telling him-you won’t thank me,because everyone who dies comes back this way bc EVERYONE is infected with the virus already. It only affects you once you are DEAD.
    For those of you unaware of the comic storyline I HIGHLY recommend you check it out!

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  64. Dean Rind says

    I would yes, Gary is right Rick maybe a walker that haven’t turned evil or maybe like in some other zombie flicks. That a nuclear bomb will end the show to contain the virus.

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  65. s says

    Did no one see Shane get bitten in season 1 during the massive attack in Episode titled “Vatos”. His arm was bitten. Dr. Jenner perhaps found out that he is immune through the blood tests……

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      • says

        ok i think he whispered that that rick is immune to the walker bite thats why he survived in the hospitale all that time without any food or water.i think he did have the venom in him but sense he is immune to it the venom doesnt take over his body and he remains human.Another theory is that the doctor whispered that everybody has the disease and when you die you turn into a walker you dont have to be bitten.

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  66. PowPow says

    I’ve seen quite a few good suggestions on here. I forgot entirely about this from season 1 until season 2 was about half through. The preggo thing wasn’t it. The suggestion that everyone has the virus, and you come back if you die no matter what…..seems decent in theory. But, why then if people get bitten regardless of it being fatal…they turn to walkers? How could a bite from an infected cause you to die by changing to a walker because of a virus you already have? Doesn’t add up to me unless i’m missing something about the virus. Also if Rick is infected but he is immune to the affects, how is Lori not a walker because they had sexual contact? Unless of course it’s spread through blood only? Many questions about the virus itself not yet answered. I have little speculation on exactly what Jenner said. Which what the answer might be is eating my brain. Funny thing is it may be a twist that we NEVER find out, and obviously something Rick is keeping highly quiet despite ALL the information that broke out in season 2. Damn AMC for making me actually watch a TV show because it’s leaps, and bounds ahead of anything that has been on TV for the 23 years of my life so far.

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    • says

      remember when you get bitten you get horrible fever . so it could be that byo get the disease when you die because when you get bitten you turn into a zombie because you die of the fever not the bite.that all supports the theory that the doctor told rick that everyone has the disease not that lorie was pregnent.this may all sond confusing but its true.

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  67. says

    Perhaps he told RIck that the baby Lory is carrying wasn’t his but Shane’s, because, yes, the doctor did some blood test. Anyway, I’m really excited to know what Jenner really told Rick.. They made us think!

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  68. Gage_The_Zombie_(i_am_also_a_writer) says

    heres my idea it is that he said that it was theres a safe place where they still work like the last one and also they shouldn’t do it like the comic book if u read them u are annoyed
    Ricks hand gets cutting off
    Carl get shot in the eye and then gets asmensia
    Lori and her baby (judith) get killed
    (Note i think these is a bit cool) A zombie arena
    Dale get bit and gets attacked by canapals
    many many many many people die
    they find a prison that holds people who kill each ofther
    a Governer of doom (he gots my vote) that cuts off Ricks hand
    Tons of zombies and Tons of people getting killed and Washington DC
    Many other reasons but this is still good show just please please dont have Rick hand cut off and he’s family die also if your going to do this have a champion be the guy who had he’s hand cut off and have him fight he’s brother in the final round when they go kill the governer and end the place and head to Mexico where they see those mexicians (not being racist) who went there than go to DCD and then Maggie and gleen Annoucnes their child who they are going to have a boy named Dale after Dale (he can die but let him live for a bit more and no canapals) also this is free AMC so use this all but one thing let me be a zombie

    theory found when typing it is that he whispered GO to canada theirs no zombies

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    • Scott says

      I hope to God that all the crap that you wrote wasn’t on Wikipedia due to all the spelling errors. Jeez, that was difficult to read! WTF is a canapal?

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      • Deleeseious says

        I agree Scott – and why cut off Rick’s hand when we’ve already been there with Merle?

        And if that’s the way this show is going, I totally won’t be watching it, it sounds f’n ridiculous!!

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  69. Ryan says

    Been reading the comics lately and in those it says that everyone is already infected and it’s only when you die from a bite etc that you turn. Just my opinion but he could of told him that the whole group carries the virus?

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  70. Ron69 says

    My first thought was The virus is a man made bio weapon and it was deployed globally.
    My second thought was he was infected but immune, but i chucked that idea after he gave blood to Carl.

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  71. Cory says

    I think jenner told rick that shane and lori did it and shane had herpes or syphilis abs have it to lori… In season 2, rick knew the had intimate relations when lori told him….. Hmmmm lol

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  72. Tara says

    I like the whole ‘his blood is the cure theory.’ The theory that Rick is the first cognizant walker is very clever, but like someone said, if you watch Season 2, Rick’s heart has to beat in order to donate blood.

    Foreshadowing supports this.

    The voted upon guesses, IMO, have too many flaws.

    How would Jenner know, if Lori was pregnant, that the baby could be Shane’s? There were 4 other candidates besides Rick and Shane.

    If there was a cure, why wouldn’t he (Rick) tell at least his wife. When he talked to Herschel (sp?) wouldn’t he have told him that the cure would only work on people who were bitten, but hadn’t died from fever? The barn zombies were already beyond help. The same could be said for ‘his blood is the cure’ scenario.

    How would Jenner know that one would become a walker eventually. Unless he was psychic, he had no way of knowing when someone would be bitten.

    And if he saw the Lori/Shane moment, wouldn’t he be wasting fuel to power up the cameras? Why would Rick tell Morgan that?

    The whole dream or afterlife scenario is too much like Lost and I would think if they went this route, wouldn’t they get blamed for their unoriginality?

    Those are just my thoughts at 4 in the morning, New Year’s Day and after watching a 7 hour Walking Dead marathon.


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  73. David Ward says

    Jenner told rick that the entire group tested positive to the infection. As hinted in the spoilers and comic book history. I beleive they find this out in the next season.

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  74. connor watters says

    Spoiler alert spoiler alert don’t read this if u have not read the comics and want the end of walking dead to be a surprise Dr.Jenner tells rick that everyone turns into a zombie after death weather they get bit or not.

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    • Cassius says

      Connor – I guess that makes sense, since Jenner stated ‘No surprises’ after the bloodtest, rather then ‘Negative’ or ‘All clear’.

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  75. says

    These are great theories and ideas but consider this…if AMC honors the comic book story line then everyone is infected. But I believe that Carl holds the cure in his blood. Imagine a child being the answer to it all. It’s why he was saved. I can’t imagine AMC not changing the story line in respect to the virus already existing within you. Then we all know the ending and what’s the point. I believe big Ganges are coming and I can’t wait.

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  76. Bill says

    Personally I think the Doc told Rick the virus will be able to infect certain animals soon (Just like they move from species in real life.) Just a hunch but it holds the most weight as you remove the unlikely options. As you can see what Jenner said really terrified him in the next show when he was using the walkie-talkie. As if saying it would break his spirit and others, he stopped himself. Also there’s a reference to a Dog like animal with blood on it in the ”Chupacabra” episode and they convienantly dismiss the thought.

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    • Bill says

      I’d also like to add that the virus is not air borne. It’s transferred through bodily fluids. Mainly blood. That’s why bites are lethal but scratches aren’t always. It’s not Lori pregnant. It isn’t a cure in any form, none of them are infected. It can’t possibly be anything other than a new level of ”crap” with the Zombie pandemic. They already knew the majority of the world was hit. So really the only option is, it will start infecting other animals as well. If it’s anything else than a new and worst dynamic to most of humans in the world infected… A lot of people would be alienated by the lack of a solid plot that made sense.

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  77. S says

    Whatever Jenner said was shocking enough for Rick to make that face but not importa t enough for Rick to tell the group. Maybe Jenner told him that Shane is dangerous and he might have to kill him. Jenner might have saw Shane attack Lori. The idea that everyone is already infected sounds good to me too. I dont remember if Jenner ever said if his wife got bit or not. All I remember is him saying she was someone who volunteered to let themselves be tested. But if everyone is already infected why does a bit give them a fever? The whole Rick being a zombie already doesn’t make sense because his heart monitor was active in the flash back. Whatever it was couldn’t have been urgent bc Rick hasn’t told anyone.

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  78. Zombiefan says

    I think that he tells Rick that no matter how anyone dies, they are going to come back as a zombie. In the comics, they find this out later. Jenner would know this already since some of his fellow scientists killed themselves. He probably had to put them down when they came back as zombies.

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  79. manny says

    I think he was told,

    We’re all infected.

    The scientist says.nothing surprising in the blood, meaning theyre all infected. And if you’re into the comics , well they are all infected.

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  80. James says

    It had nothing to do with these because he was going to tell the black guy(sorry i forgot his name) what jenner said but decided not to at the beginning of season 2
    ■Jenner told Rick that Lori is pregnant – he did take their blood tests (which may help explain that otherwise irrelevant process).
    ■Jenner told Rick that someone else in the group is about to turn zombie (as above with the blood test), though I find this less likely.
    ■Jenner told Rick that he overheard (or oversaw) Lori and Shane’s ‘private moment’.
    ■Jenner told Rick that it’s all a dream and he’ll wake up back at the hospital in season 3.

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  81. Kevin says

    I can’t remember if the group told Jenner about ft benning but if they did after seeing episode 8 of the second season, I have to say that jenner told rick that there was no ft benning anymore, and thats why he did not tell anyone what was whisperd to him, so they wont lose hope. It kind of makes sense why he wanted to stay on the farm before he knew his wife was knocked up, and when those “dorks from philly” told him that ft.benning was gone he did not seem as suprised like glen was in E8 SE2.

    On another note why don’t they go somewhere up north where the walkers would freeze in the winter? just a thought i had since i started watching

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  82. Serh says

    It is that Lori is pregnant because in season 2 when Lori tells Rick that she is pregnant Rick Automatically says ” I know” End of story

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  83. Anthony says

    Maybe Jenner whispered multiple things at once to Rick, as in “Lori’s pregnant, you’re all infected, the government manufactured the virus, the whole world is overrun, etc.”

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  84. Lele says

    – I’m 99.9% sure he told Rick he is immune.
    – Jenner made them all take the blood test back at CDC.
    – Rick stayed in the hospital for more than a month, without food, and the machines that kept him alive stopped.
    – He should’ve been dead! There’s no way he would survive.
    – Shane told Lori he couldn’t hear his heartbeat.
    – He probably died and returned to life, the virus helped him with that, even though he is immune.

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  85. Liza Bleu says

    It is that Lori (the whore) is preggo. Although many of the above theories are interesting and would make for good drama I don’t think the writers are clever enough. This show really isn’t as great as the “hype”,which is brought on by the soap opera-ish style in which it is presented. I call it the ” tim lahaye” syndrome. Mindless writing to sell more and more stories ( books ).

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  86. Deleeseious says

    All this makes for fascinating reading…. but I do have to ask:

    If we are going to run with the whole ‘Rick’s blood and the zombie infection’ thing (which is making a lot of sense and I like the theory the best) – how does it bode for Carl since Rick has given him so much blood in transfusions?

    Having said that, does anyone else think that Carl has looked yucky since he has recovered from the bullet shot? Pale, sunken eyes, just weird in general?

    If Rick is indeed immune, why wouldn’t Jenner want to go with him when the CDC is about to blow up, to help develop a vaccine? And if Jenner told Rick about a place that could possibly be able to make a vaccine from his blood, why isn’t Rick pushing to get there? Unless that was why he was heading to Fort Benington (is that what it was called?) – though you would think that perhaps he would try to get to a more sophisticated facility.

    And I don’t think there was a connection between Rick’s blood and Jenner’s wife. Jenner’s wife was clearly infected and died. The sample he had in the lab that got torched, I don’t think that was anything special either, as he said that “fresh samples were hare to come by”, not “I don’t think I’ll ever see this again”.

    To be honest, I don’t like spoilers and usually never go fishing to clues, hints, I won’t even watch “sneak peeks” of future episodes!! But I am interested in the whisper now as a few forums I have joined have thrown out there what the whisper was, and some sounded so confident they were stating it as facts, so I wanted to know who was right!

    BUUUUUUUUUUT – I highly doubt the whisper was about the pregnancy, as I found this if anyone is interested:

    Note the interview was only dated last week, yet we’ve known about the pregnancy since… forever. Now, having said that, perhaps it will come out that the blood test revealed who the father is….. but I think that is a ridiculously lame storyline given the show should be on zombies and survival, not Days of our Lives, who is sleeping with who. So hopefully we find out in the next 3 episodes!!!

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  87. Deleeseious says

    And if it’s true that everyone is carrying the virus already in their blood (another theory running around) – why is it you only turn when you are bitten by a Walker? I mean, Jim only had a bite on his mid-section, obviously not a life-threatening wound, so it can’t just be “you have the virus in your blood and will automatically turn when you die”.

    Otherwise minor wounds inflicted by Walkers shouldn’t make any difference, because some of the wounds are serious enough to kill you in the first place.

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    • Adam says

      It’s not the bite that turns you into a walker, the bite kills you after suffering from the fever. Because everyone is already infected, when that person dies, they become a walker. You don’t need to be bit/scratched to become a walker, you just simply need to die, then the virus reanimates the brain. Shane and Randall were never attacked by a walker, yet they came back as walkers after being murdered.

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  88. Dave says

    He told him that it’s not a virus…he has no idea why the dead are coming back and that anyone who dies is a potential walker.

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  89. Matt says

    Today’s episode left me extremely surprised!


    Dale got killed, but that is irrelavent to the chain. In the sneak peek to the next elisode, Shane comes walking up to someone, presumably Rick, with blood on his face, saying someone had attacked him. There was also a scene showed during a commercial break during “Comic Book Men” of T-Dogg unlocking Randall from the barn. Even though Randall was not actually in the barn, I am predicting Rick and/or Shane found him. Anyway, I believe Rick is going to perform another one of his epic speeches by scolding Randall for whatever else he might have done whilst on the loose. I think Rick will tell Randall exactly what Jenner told him back at the CDC (I am still unsure what exactly that is) in order to frighten him. This would all make sense because Kirkman clearly stated that the “Jenner mystery” will be solved before the end of season 2. There are only 2 remaining episodes of the season. I think in order to have a kick @$$ season finale, The Jenner mystery will be resolved in 1 week exactly. Argue THAT! 😉

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    • Ant40 says

      Mate…You need to leave a bit more space between the words spoiler alert and the words Dale gets killed!

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  90. Mervs hand says

    I think rick died at the start and turned.
    And is in fact patient zero.
    Because the virus was in its early stages they were able to map it and administer a prototype cure for the virus.
    It worked and he turned back but it was too late for the world by then but however there is a potential cure in his blood.

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  91. Ant40 says

    Has anyone EVER seen a zombie movie where the remnants actually survive? (and I don’t count 28 Days Later…They weren’t Zombies-And don’t mention Shaun of the Dead either, it’s a romzomcom). If this series follows all other zombie formulaic movies then Rick and evryone in the group are going to die.

    Maybe that’s what Jenner whispered “Haven’t you ever seen a zombie film? No one ever survives!”

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  92. Josh says

    He didn’t tell him that Lori is pregnant. Remember the premiere of Season 2 when he uses the Walky Talky to talk to Morgan, he is about to tell him something. Morgan never met Rick’s wife, and Rick has no need to tell him about an unknown lady’s pregnancy. Just my two cents anyway

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  93. Mere hand says

    I think rick died and turned in episode one and was cured.
    And that he is subsequently immune to the virus and that a potential cure lies in his blood,
    And now his sons after the transfusions.

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  94. Spoiler says

    What Jenner actually told Rick was that everyone is already infected and are carriers of the virus. Also, if you have the DVD, you can hear the whisper using surround sound and listen closely at the center speaker. You should hear “It’s become airborne…be careful, you’re all infected”

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  95. Adam says

    OMG, I can hear the whisper just like you said, and I do think he says that too. You can clearly hear “It’s become… careful, you’re all…..”

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  96. Jake says

    At the last episode of season 2 Rick tells the group that Jenner told him that evreybody has it. Not enough to kill them but enough to turn them zombie when they die.

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  97. Jay Dignam says

    The doc tells rick that even if they don’t Come in contact with zombies and die of natural courses they will turn anyway ……..there is no way out

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  98. casey says

    Jenner whispers into ricks ear and he says these exact word ( its in in our blood we are all carriers ) you can hear it if u turn up the volume the explains why when rick stabs Shane . Shane turns into a ZOMBIE

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  99. unknown says


    in the season 2 finale…. Rick reveals that Jenner told him that everyone is infected by something in the air. That information explain how people turn into zombies without being bitten once they been killed.

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  100. says

    quem foi que nao esta ligado que o Rick Grimes, esta infectado mais de algunha forma o virus nao, fes efeito algum com ele, no final da 1 temporada o medico fala para ele algunha coisa no ouvido dele, que o sangue dele esta contaminado, e ate o amigo dele fala que o hospital ele havia morrido mais, um zumbi deve ter entrado na sala e mordido ele, e ele voltou a vida mais nao como zumbim mais como uma pessoa normal … foi isso que estou achando

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  101. says

    Who did this not on the Rick Grimes, it infected more than algunha no way the virus, fes no effect with him at the end of a season the doctor tells him algunha something in his ear, that his blood is contaminated, and even his friend tells him that the hospital had died more than a zombie should have entered the room and bit him, and he came back to life not as zumbim more like a normal person … that’s what I’m thinking

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  102. Louise says

    I think that what dr.jenner said to F was that he was the only walker that has recovered, also i’ve heard that his wife his pregnant and her baby has the cure in (its) blood from becoming a walker. Because F recovered from the virus his (unborn) baby has the cure

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  103. V. says

    The world is overrun by walking corpses, a CDC building is about to self destruct and everyone is wide awake.

    The Dr. said, “None of this is real. We’re characters in a silly television show that takes itself way to seriously”.

    Doesn’t mean it can’t be damned amusing, I guess.

    Cheers and Godspeed.

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  104. Bowman says

    The whole Rick is immune thing is highly unlikely, first of all when Rick was about to be taken by Shane he stopped because of the monitoring machine monitoring his heart beat and vitals therefore he was alive. As for the Shane not hearing his heart beat could be that his hearts beat was so low because of the inert state that he was in, there have been cases in which doctors pronounce someone dead when in reality their heart beat was so low that they couldn’t hear it. And to add to the objection Rick was never bitten or scratched he was completely fine even before the outbreak, we forget he was shot not bit also the baby being the cure could also not be the case because how could u analyze the blood of a unborn baby. As for the pregnancy even if he knew Lori was pregnant he wouldn’t have known Shane was the father. Bottom line is we won’t kno the truth til the show reveals it. Gota love this show.

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