THE WALKING DEAD Season 3: Lauren Cohan Upped To Series Regular


Lauren Cohan has been boosted to series regular for the third season of AMC’s zombie serial The Walking Dead.

Cohen — who recurred in Season 2 as Hershel’s ‘rebellious’ daughter Maggie — has been rewarded with a series regular spot in the bigger, meaner third season, slated to air this fall.

Maggie was an ‘OK’ character for me last season, though she never struck me as particularly remarkable in her own right. But with (presumably) more screen-time next term, it could be interesting to see how her character develops and what challenges lie ahead for her and Glenn.

One of the appealing aspects of TWD is the ensemble, so hopefully we’ll get to see more of the ‘secondary characters’ come to the fore as the story continues.

Speaking of which, here’s what Walking Dead chief Glen Mazzara had to say recently about expanding the story in Season 3:

I think we’ve told our story about this group. The story about the love triangle of Rick, Shane, and Lori, and about trying to find a safe place, and life on the farm. We’ve given that story more than enough screen time. Moving forward, we want to open this up. To introduce new characters, new stories, new locations, new dynamics. I think next [season] will feel like a radically different show. We’ve improved the pacing drastically. We’ll still have our characters, and still tell stories about people that we care about. I think that everything we’ve done so far has been a warm-up, and I think our best episodes lie ahead.

Source: TV Line

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  1. Kira says

    As expected, since things are going to happen with Maggie and Glenn.
    Good for her!
    I think, Lauren Cohan performs very well Maggie’s quiet and honest nature.
    Done by others shows and actresses generally looks forced.

    Like: Thumb up 0

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