THE WALKING DEAD: Season 3 Character Portraits Unmasked, New Photos [UPDATED]


New character portraits for The Waking Dead‘s upcoming third season (premieres Oct. 14) have been released into cyberspace.

The 17 portraits — released via Huff Post TV — provide an introspective look at the embattled survivors who are trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic landscape where humans are becoming every bit as dangerous (if not more so) than the shuffling zombies. Certainly that’s a theme the show wants to convey in season 3.

Get a close look at Rick, Michonne, the Governor, Merle and the others, by clocking through the images below:

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UPDATE: AMC has also released two new promotional images — via TV Line — from the season premiere, “Seed”. We know the survivors make it inside the prison, but the photos below add to the feeling that it wont be an easy task with the zombies quite literally fencing them in, while Carl looks set to be a much more prominent figure as he grows into his father’s hat:


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