THE WALKING DEAD Season 3.5 Poster Eyes Deadly Retribution


The new poster for the midseason return of The Walking Dead stares into the eyes of the two leaders and lays out the ‘eye for an eye’ mentality that looks set to drive the backend of the third chapter.

The Governor’s bandaged right eye, damaged following his brawl with Michonne, makes for a striking visual, but it’s the out of shot partitioning of Rick’s left eye that captures our attention. With his sanity in question and the Governor out for blood, just how clearly is the Ricktator seeing things? We’ll soon find out when the season continues Feb 10 on AMC.

Check it out below, courtesy of TV Line:


>>Michonne about to get more graphic


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  1. Scott Jenkins says

    Is it just me, or is the Governor’s bandage and blood look like it was photoshopped on him much afterwards?

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    • Jim says

      I’m pretty sure it is. It looks a lot like one of the cast photos that were released before the season started.

      Still a pretty sweet poster though!

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