THE WALKING DEAD: Reedus & McBride Tease Life After Barnageddon, New Return Photos


Additional photos for the midseason return of The Walking Dead have arrived online, while stars Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus discuss life after Barnaggedon for our post-apocalyptic survivors.

Spoilers if you’re yet to see The Walking Dead midseason 2 finale!

First up, McBride and Reedus explained to MTV Splashpage what the loss of Sophia means for Carol and the fractious survivors going forward:

“For my character Carol, she’s got to deal with the grief and how she’s going to move forward.

I think keeping hope alive for her represented, even though all the odds were against finding her alive, you just sort of cling to that hope. [Sophia represented] that unseen thing that’s going to carry you through and to have her come through the barn the way she did, I think it’s really throwing a lot of doubt on faith. What unseen thing is going to help us through this? Is it really out there?”

Reedus adds:

“I think for all of us she was a symbol of hope. If we could hold onto her then [we’d] maybe save a little piece of ourselves as well. Once that went down, all bets are off and everybody’s miserable and homicidal at this point, especially [Carol].”

Source: MTV SplashPage

Meanwhile, two more promotional photos for the midseason premiere, “Nebraska,” have arrived — check them out below, along with the previously-released photos in the gallery:

Poor Dale, I hope he didn’t have to load the truck up by himself, seeing as this is pretty much Shane’s mess.

In case you missed this week’s new sneak peek and teaser, you can catch them both here. The Walking Dead returns Sunday, Feb 12 at 9 on AMC.

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