THE WALKING DEAD: Michonne Explains ‘Zombie Pets’ Backstory


Danai Gurira gets to flesh out one of The Walking Dead‘s most iconic characters this fall – though Michonne wasn’t the only one who caught the eye during her introduction at the end of last season. Her two arm and jaw-less walkers (aka “pets”) struck a distinctive image as she sliced and diced her way to rescuing Andrea.

In an interview with EW, Gurira teased the “pets” backstory:

“They’re connected to Michonne’s past and part of her recreation. She’s very creative, resourceful and effective on how to get through.”

Gurira calls Michonne “the quintessential survivor” whose manipulation of the “pets” is a representation of her thinking:

“She cut off their arms, because they can’t grab her that way. She cut off their jaws, because they can’t bite her that way — so she’s made them work for her. [She’s realized that] she’s the higher lifeform, so how do you make the lower lifeform work for you, and that’s what the pets manifest. She has an advantage over them which is a brain, [so] she uses them as pack mules [and] to repel other zombies.”

Michonne is certainly a fascinating character to throw into the post-apocalyptic mix. Her treatment of the “pets” on first inspection seems pretty cruel (walkers or not), though the harsh setting comes into play. It’s going to be interesting to learn more about her and the way she thinks. And wields.

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